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Sarah Kelliher recaps the Packers’ week nine loss against the Chiefs.

Five things to watch as the Green Bay Packers take on the Washington Football Team at Lambeau Field.

Sarah Kelliher recaps the Packers’ week three win against the 49ers.    

One of these guys needs to be wearing green and gold in the Fall.

The regular season is over.  Since ESPN does not include playoffs, the results are now final.  The winner with 171 correct picks is Big Mel 75. 

CHTV Weekly Pick Em Update: Week Eight

The Packers win a defensive struggle in the season opener. 

Closed Practice Brief: September 1, 2019

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A Thursday night preseason game in Canada on a field that was missing 20 yards presented a unique challenge for the Packers  

In what was quite a lackluster game Thursday night, the Packers fell to the Ravens 26-13 in week two of their 2019 preseason campaign.

Today we take an early look around the NFL and offer up some predictions for the 2019-2020 season.  

Ian Rapoport has reported that the NFL salary cap will rise to $188.2 million for the 2019 season.  Many pundits had expected it to rise to $190...

David Michalski wraps up the Green Bay Packers disappointing 6-9-1 season and gives some thoughts about how the organization can pick up the pieces and move forward towards the future.   

David Michalski breaks down Sunday's season finale against the Lions and provides a Packers only flavor to the final installment of key matchups.  

David Michalski vents following another tough Packers loss in which they squandered yet another chance at a signature victory on the road.  

David Michalski breaks down some key matchups to look for in tonight's prime-time battle against the Seattle Seahawks.  

David Michalski talks about the positives and negatives from Sunday Afternoon's win over the Dolphins and looks ahead to Thursday Night's quick turn around against the Seattle Seahawks.