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The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

Improved consistency from Josh Myers and the offensive line is part of the Packers turnaround on offense.

Aaron and Bill Schmid recap the Packers win over the Chiefs and look ahead to the matchup with the Giants! Catch Aaron and Bill every Tuesday at Noon central.

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The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.
Jersey Al picks out three thought-provoking plays from the Packers' last game.
Let’s be honest, betting on the Packers can be lots of fun. With the most wins out of any team in the NFL, and the second-highest win/loss record...
What's happening this week and next with the teams in the NFC North. 
On today's show, Andy is joined by Justis Mosqueda to run through the NFL's quarterback list to see where Jordan Love currently ranks. Plus a look at how the Packers can finish the season, and a look ahead to Packers/Giants. Don't miss it!
This team has found its groove and is now a scary team to face. 
Brian Gutekunst's plan for the Packers is coming together nicely.
The 2020 second-round selection had his best performance of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs. 
On today's show, Andy recaps an EPIC Packers' win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football and what it means for this young Packers' team moving forward. Enjoy your victory Monday!!!
Packers announce their arrival by surviving wild finish.
The Packers pull off the upset against the Chiefs to notch another quality win.
Packers stun the nation on Sunday night with a 27-19 victory over the Chiefs
Aaron gives his gut reasctions from the Packers win over the Chiefs 
The Packers are putting together a Cinderella story, but the Chiefs are the evil empire. We'll learn a lot about how the Packers match up against the elite teams of the league tonight. And we may not like all the answers.
These young players should allow Green Bay to finish out the season plus give them some options going forward
Jordan Love meets the Chiefs and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo for the second time on Sunday Night Football.