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With the explosive AJ Dillon seeing more action this season, that could mean more opportunities for Aaron Jones in the passing game.

On today's show, Andy documents the numerous issues with the Packers' offseason and why the decisions that were made could have troubling consequences moving forward. 

Young quarterback's success is Rodgers' ticket out of town.

AJ Dillon is talked about as a candidate for a big year 2 jump. Jordan Love is the topic of many conversations, too. But the biggest year 2 jump from the 2020 rookie class might be Josiah Deguara.

Mike, Gage, and Matt discuss the latest happenings on social media involving the Packers and break down the impact that social media has had on the modern NFL.

On today's show, Jason and Mark review the Davante Adams news and talk positional value as it relates to the Packers.

Veteran players will not want to keep answering question about Rodgers' 2021 season and beyond. 

Packers corner Josh Jackson faces a lot of pressure in what could be his final training camp with Green Bay. 

Andrew Mertig takes a deep dive into two of the Packers' 2021 opponents. Putting the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks under the microscope, he discusses how each team changed over the course of the offseason.

The Milwaukee Bucks are 2021 NBA Champions. The Thursday crew gives you their thoughts on the Bucks winning a title and what that meant to the sport as a whole. After that they talk about their championship memories from watching some of their favorite teams win when they were kids.

Training camp is almost here and that means starting spots are up for grabs and jobs are on the line.

Dusty looks back on the Packers usage of the Stick-Nod concept in 2020

On today's show, Dusty, Steve, and Sarah look ahead to Packers' training camp and review what they are most excited about with camp starting, as well as what they are most dreading.

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

There are tons of questions surrounding the Packers as the start of training camp looms, but here are seven specific ones to keep in mind. 

On today's episode, Jenelle Mackie and Dan Kotnik give us their Packers' 2021 record predictions. Without even knowing for sure who the Packers' quarterback will be, Dan and Jenelle peak at each matchup and give their way too early takes on how the season will end up.

The inconsistent King will likely start at cornerback to begin the season, so buckle up. 

On today's show, Andy gives a complete guide to everything you need to do while attending Packers' training camp. Find out the best spots to hit up around Green Bay, and some tips and tricks for attending practice. Don't miss it!

Both sides will have to swallow pride to make this awkward situation work.