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On today's show, Ross and Jake finish up our season in review series and talk about the 2019 draft class, how they fared their rookie year, and what expectations for year two could look like.

Rodgers supports the Wounded Warriors project.

Andy Herman is joined by Journal Sentinel journalist and beat writer, Jim Owczarski, to discuss Matt LaFleur's performance in 2019.

Mike Wendlandt and Tyler Grzegorek take on the Packers' Special Teams units in the continued 2019 season review.

Decisions, decisions...Could the Packers actually part ways with some of their best offensive lineman to save money? 

On today's show, Paul Bretl and Jason Perone talk all safeties all the time, including the safeties' performance from 2019, an award for Darnell Savage, and LeRoy Butler's Hall of Fame nomination.

The NFL owners aren’t going to back down. That is apparent.

On today's show, Andrew Mertig and Kyle Fellows review the Packers' 2019 cornerback position and discuss potential moves Green Bay could make this offseason to improve the position.

Planning on watching the XFL? See where your favorite former Packers have landed. 

The NFL free agency period isn't too far off, so let's take a look at some projected contracts for notable free agents at positions of need for the Green Bay Packers.

On today's show, Dusty, Steve, and Sarah breakdown the play of the inside linebackers from 2019 as well as give their thoughts from the Chiefs Super Bowl win over the 49ers.

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

It's time to officially wrap up the 2019 season. Read some stats from the season-ending dope sheet before we put this season behind us and get ready for 2020. 

On today's show, Matt & Jenelle breakdown the play of the Packers' defensive line in 2019 and review where this position group may head as we transition to 2020.

The NFC was a downright meat grinder this year. And unfortuntely for NFC teams, it's not getting any easier.

On today's show, Andy Herman is joined by Brandon Thorn to breakdown the play of the Packers' offensive line during the 2019 season. Plus a Super Bowl review!

On today's show, Jacob & Jason discuss the Pro Football Hall of Fame's decision to exclude LeRoy Butler from their 2020 class. Plus a Super Bowl preview to get you all set for the big game.

On today's episode, Jason & Mark review the Packers' tight end position. Will Jimmy Graham be back in 2020 and is Jace Sternberger ready to be the future at the position?

On today's show, Andrew Mertig and Kyle Fellows review the Packers' 2019 wide receiver group and discuss which changes may be on the horizon. Enjoy!

The Packers have some roster holes to work on in 2020, so here are a few players Green Bay might take a look at in free agency.

On today's show, Sarah, Dusty, and Steve discuss the play of the running backs in 2019, plus give their ultimate Super Bowl menus.

Although Tramon Williams will be turning 37-years-old before the upcoming season, there is still plenty of value that the can provide to the Green Bay Packers in 2020. 

Since most of us do not have much of a rooting interest in this game, I wanted to look at a few aspects that could get us as Packer fans, somewhat...

On today's episode, Jacob, Maggie, and Nick discuss the play of Aaron Rodgers from this past season and dive into what they expect to see from him in 2020. Plus they give their Super Bowl thoughts and predictions. Enjoy!

It's the final That's What Cheese Said of the 2019 season. Brian Gutekunst and Matt LaFleur spoke to the media to put a bow on the season before looking forward to 2020. 

On today's show, Jake and Ross kick-off the Packers' 2019 season-in-review with a look at the front office, and the job that Brian Gutekunst and company were able to do with turning the team around.