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Adrian Amos hasn't missed a start since joining the Packers in 2019. His presence will continue to be important in 2022.

On today's show, Dusty, Steve, and Sarah are joined by Packers beat writer Matt Schneidman to break down everything you need to know before the start of training camp. Make sure to check out Matt's incredible work over on The Athletic.

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

Green Bay will have bigger roles for many promising players

On today's show, Jake and Ross look at the right side of the offensive line and highlight some key training camp battles that they are looking forward to watching unfold. Enjoy!

Kirk Cousins is 33-29-1 as a Vikings quarterback and has only notched one double digit win season in his pro career. 

For all of the question marks that face the Green Bay Packers wide receiver unit, this is a fairly crowded room.

Are the 2022 Packers a Super Bowl contending team? To try and find out Andy takes a look at how the 2022 roster compares to the team that last brought the Lombardi home to Green Bay - the 2010 Packers. Check it out!

Do they really help teams get ready for the season?

Seven Packers who could challenge for silverware at the 'NFL Honors' ceremony for the 2022 season.

On today's show, Jimmy & Nick review which player they would pick from every division in the NFL to add to the Packers. It's a fun discussion as we inch closer and closer to the start of training camp. Enjoy!

Iconic institutions like Mile High Stadium now have corporate sponsors like Empower glued on to them. Acrisure? Lumen Field? TIAA Bank Field? Lambeau Field will never sell out for a corporate name - here's why.

Matt and Jenelle discuss which player has the highest upside or ceiling, who is most likely to disappoint in 2022 and which player they have no clue how to evaluate. Enjoy!

The wideout that racked up over 1,600 career receiving yards at a run-first school is about to surprise plenty of people. 

On today's show, Maggie Loney and Kyle Fellows conclude their 2022 opponent preview series with an in-depth look at the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and Miami Dolphins. Enjoy!

The story behind the controversial second round trade.

On today's show, Jason & Mark rank the Packers' offensive and defensive positions one week ahead of the start of training camp. Enjoy!

Dusty takes a look at how the Packers fared with the Dagger concept in 2021

On today's show, Dusty & Steve discuss who will be the Packers' most impactful rookie and answer your fan questions. Enjoy!

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

Aaron Jones and Allen Lazard were the primary options when Adams didn't play

On today's show, Jacob compiles his All-NFC North team, defense edition. Don't miss it!

With a Deshaun Watson suspension looming, the Packers could find a trade partner for Jordan Love. 

The Packers went from being the best in the red zone in 2020 to ranking 19th in 2021. They will hope to regain some of that lost efficiency in 2022.

On today's show, Andy, Perri, and Alex play a game of Keep or Cut as they look at the potential roster battles that could ultimately decide the back end of the 53-man roster. Check it out!

Packers hope his decision to stay home pays off.

The Packers should expect to rack up more sacks in 2022.

On today's show, Nick, Jimmy, & Gage get together to rank the top 5 coaches they would start a franchise with. Enjoy!