The Packers Use Four Void Years On Reed's Contract

Jarran Reed's cap number for 2022 is under $2 million.


Bill Huber provided details on Jarran Reed's one year, $3.25M contract with $1.492M dead in 2023.  


YR Base SB GA/WO Cap Dead Cash
'22 $1.035M $373K $350K $1.758M   $3.25M
'23 Void $373K     $1.492M  
'24 Void $373K        
'25 Void $373K        
'26 Void $373K        

Reed received a signing bonus of $1.865M, which is the only guaranteed money.  Mr. Huber indicated that the workout and game active bonuses totaled 350K but did not specify an amount for each category.  Workout bonuses are essentially guaranteed money in the first year. 

The deal pushes $1.492M in dead money into 2023.  Tonyan's deal pushed $.5M into 2023.  The Packers have now pushed between $14.933M to $17.72M in dead cap into 2023 with the higher number being more likely since it depends on whether Aaron Jones is retained in 2023.   

I am not as enamored of his acquisition as many other are, but he should help the defense be better and the cap number is a good one for the Packers.  He does not have a good Pass Win rate (see Zach Kruse's article) but he seems to know what to do when he does win.  

Including Reed's deal, the Packers have about $15.2M in cap space.  They will need around $5M to sign their draft picks, $3M for the practice squad, $1.5M for the 52nd and 53rd players and $5M as a piggy bank to operate during the 2022 season.  



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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

March 26, 2022 at 05:50 am

The Packers seem to be using void years on their one year deals but not on their deals for multiple years, like the ones with Douglas and Campbell.

I am still waiting to see if GB will use void years on Lazard and Lewis.

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