Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 2042 - What the Packers Must Learn from 2023

On today's show, Andy reviews 10 lessons from the Packers' 2023 season that everyone can learn from in 2024. Don't miss it!

On today's show, Andy reviews 10 lessons from the Packers' 2023 season that everyone can learn from in 2024. Don't miss it!





Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and is an Editor for Packer Report. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder - follow him on Twitter @AndyHermanNFL!


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Coldworld's picture

February 27, 2024 at 07:25 am

I like that we are hopefully adding talent among coaches. It gives us options if someone is poached or simply doesn’t improve. We have been thin in terms of our coaching pipeline for the last few years.

I disagree with you on Dillon’s potential to be a fullback and ability to block, however, he’s not going to convert so it’s somewhat of a chimeric issue. We need to find a FB who can run the hard yards or a physical break tackle type as a 3rd down option. The bulk of our snaps we need players as close to Jones as we can find on this O.

Jones isn’t going to play every snap and unless our IOL and blocking philosophy changes dramatically, we need to not lose the options when he’s not in the play. That’s in addition to the potential to replace him down the line. Then LaFleur has to get comfortable with them in pass pro or make sure camp gets them there not sit them for seasons.

Not with you at all on the OL substitution. Runyon got healthy apparently, we still don’t know what we have in Rhyan with Runyon likely gone and no current depth behind Rhyan. Walker just got more snaps under his belt if more slowly. You don’t need in game substitution to make players feel that they can be replaced if they play poorly. I hope that’s an idea consigned to the dustbin.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

February 27, 2024 at 04:15 pm

I agree on Bakh. I agree on Jones. I agree that Dillon is a good #3 RB. I also agree that he catches the ball well, but I think his route running is rudimentary.

It is true that Walker and Runyan got better after they had to split snaps with Runyan and Rhyan (competition) but correlation is not causation. Nijman provided some competition but Runyan solidly outperformed Rhyan the whole time. I also think that while Rhyan got better, he was not close to being an average starter. Maybe Andy is correct, but I can't assert it as fact.

I do think that learning you don't have to acquire a veteran is a dangerous lesson to learn. In terms of first year impact, the 2023 draft looks like the best one for at least the last 22 seasons, and arguably longer. GB drafted a good slot WR, a good #3 WR, a decent starting CB, a pretty fair TE between Musgrave and Kraft, while getting a nice contribution from Karl Brooks, a decent contribution from Van Ness, and an okay contribution from Wooden. They also got a nice contribution from Bo Melton, though he was in the NFL the year before. I had to go to the 2000 draft to find its equal, at least arguably. GB took Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher, who both played well and quite a lot. They took Bubba Franks, who while he only had 363 yards receiving (705 for Musgrave and Kraft), was a better blocker right out of the gate. They got a nice contribution from Na'il Diggs (but it was about half as many tackles. etc., as he would churn out in the later years. GB also took KGB, but he played very little.

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