CHTV Pick Em Update


Over seventy people joined the CHTV Pick Em.  There were a lot of new names, but also some familiar ones as well.  Now that most teams have played four games out of the 16 game season, it seems like a good time to report on the results in our league.


First Place:  Jerry 4049 is leading the group with 44 correct picks.  Congratulations!


Second Place:  Latvian Cilveks, Shooter McGavin, and Butros are tied for second place with 43 correct picks.  Congratulations to them!


Fifth Place:  MikeD, yours truly (TGR), and Jkmpb are tied for fifth place with 42 correct picks.  Congratulations!


On a personal note, my son is currently tied for second place.  My first reaction was "attaboy," but on the other hand I am not dead yet.  I am just one correct pick behind him, so if he wants to beat me he is going to have to earn it.  [Yes, I remember writing some drivel about how this league was just for fun, but I am dealing here with a teenage son who is in the habit of freely expressing his opinions on a wide variety of topics even if they are contrary to my own known positions.]


Remember to make your selections each week.  You can use the autofill function for future weeks in case life gets in the way and you forget to make your picks on time.  You can always log in to change your selections each week.


There is a long way to go.  Past results do not guarantee future performance!


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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

October 02, 2019 at 11:20 pm

This is my first article since the new format was introduced. It looks like I am going to have to find a new photo: the software automatically imported the photo I use in the comments (and my username instead of my real name). This photo shows "Bubba the Cat" on my lap in his usual position of sitting between me and my laptop with his paws on the keys and the touchpad. Two years ago I let Bubba make a pick in the pick em league I was in. For the record, Bubba is 1-0; I finished fourth.

I noticed that in week one no less than thirteen people selected 13 correct picks to be in first place for the week. Week 2 the top score was 13 again, but just one person got 13 right. Six people got 12 correct. In week three, just four people got 12 correct, and about 9 got eleven correct. Week 4 was a tough week: only one person got 10 picks right, and nine people got 9. [Granted, there were only 15 games because of byes.] One might expect better results as more information is available about how good some of these teams really are, but that was not the case. [There are studies about overconfidence as more information is obtained about draft prospects.]

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shmelbs's picture

October 03, 2019 at 08:18 am

I did well in week one, and OK in week two. Weeks 3-4 I completely forgot to make picks, and now I'm so far behind in the standings that I'll never catch up--that's 32 points I left on the field. Sucks to be me. I do love the idea of a CHTV Pick Em every year, though, and many thanks to thegreatreynoldo for setting it up!

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Big_Mel_75's picture

October 03, 2019 at 10:11 am

I love this pick em league... Last week was rough to me... Only got 6 right... But i'm still on the first page... I think I am 29th.... :)

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