The Two Best and Most True Tweets About the 2014 NFL Draft

We're almost there and things have gotten a little wierd. Here are a couple of tweets Andrew Garda feels captures the mood.

If the following two tweets don't encapsulate this year's NFL draft perfectly, I'm not sure what will.

Here's the first:


Now some have responded to this by saying Brandt was just commenting on the size of their hands.  And to some extent, that's right.

However—look at how those two tweets read. The Bridgewater tweet is written in a very negative manner. Sure, maybe he's just registering shock, but it sounds like he's saying it's a bad thing.

Meanwhile with Garoppolo it sounds casual, incidental. All is well.

Context, tone and narrative. The first tweet becomes part of the narrative of Bridgewater falling and how he's nowhere near as good as people thought.

And again, somehow the hand size isn't an issue for Garoppolo. He's fine, despite having a much weaker pedigree and resume and more questions.

Why is this representative of this year's draft? Inconsistency.

We've had too much flip flopping based on rumors and bizarre double-standards like the one above. Again, if you think Brandt was just commenting on his surprise, read the tone in both again and see if you see a difference.

Our second selection speaks to the divide we are seeing between what draft twitter thinks and what the NFL thinks (or so we are told):


I added this when I responded to Mr. Bloom.


I'm on that boat with Sig, as are a lot of people both on and off twitter. Like Sig, I'm fine with that. Even if Bridgewater goes first overall (HAH), I won't pat myself on the back since it could be three years before we really know for sure.

Even if he goes 35th but has a fantastic first year, I won't pat myself on the back. It's too soon.

You'll see a lot of that regardless of where Bridgewater goes.

Back to the subject at hand though, I don't think we've ever seen a divide in analysis compared to alleged NFL interest like this. It's a fulcrum in many ways and a few years from now, we may see a change in how we do things on either end.

This year has seen more smoke and BS than in year's past (thanks for nothing "extra two weeks") and it's really hard to know who to trust (answer: nobody).

So do we believe Bridgewater is falling or Manziel isn't going to be a Brown or Raider (though there was a not-so-veiled shot apparently on air from Glazer at ESPN so who knows) or Tom Savage is a borderline first round pick?

And do we believe our eyes or our ears? Maybe neither?

We're just a day away from the 2014 NFL draft.

It seems like an eternity.

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Evan's picture

May 07, 2014 at 09:52 am

I don't watch college football, but all I know is that at the end of the college season, the debate was Clowney/Bridgewater at #1.

Now after a bad pro day, Bridgewater might fall into the 2nd? And some people have him 3rd or 4th rounder? I think draft analysts over-think this stuff (not breaking news) and this extra two weeks has only amplified that.

I'm liking the Browns to take maybe Watkins or Evans or even Mack (if he falls to them) at #4 and then grab Bridgewater at #26. That would be a nice haul.

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coreyb's picture

May 07, 2014 at 10:51 am

Nice post

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