Packers Week Ten Snap Counts Versus The Jaguars


Here is look at the week ten snap counts to see if what the coaches are thinking can be deduced.  The Packers had both starting cornerbacks inactive along with another defensive contributor, safety Will Redmond, whose absence also affected special teams.  The Packers also lost another player who routinely plays a lot of snaps on special teams when Lovett was placed on the injured reserve list earlier this week. 


Inactive Players King, Redmond, Alexander, Shepherd, Garvin, Love, Winn.
Active/DNP Tim Boyle

The offense came out playing sluggishly.  The Packers first three possessions ended in punts.  The Packers proceeded to score seventeen points in the second quarter, including a 78-yard bomb from Rodgers to Valdes-Scantling on the first play of that quarter.  The Packers time of possession in the first half was 20:20 to just 9:40 for Jacksonville.  The Jaquars turned the tables iin the time of possession battle in the second half due in no small measure to a fumble by Davante Adams and an ugly intercepted pass thrown by Aaron Rodgers.


Name Snaps % ST
Bakhtiari 65 100  
Jenkins 65 100 4- 13%
Patrick 65 100 4- 13%
Turner 65 100  
Linsley 65 100  
Wagner     4 - 13%
Runyan     4 - 13%
Nijman     4 - 13%
Rodgers 65 100  
Boyle DNP DNP  
MVS 60 92  
Adams 53 82  
St. Brown 31 48  
Taylor 8 12 19 - 63%
Winfree 7 11 10 - 33%
Tonyan 40 62  
Lewis 26 40  
Sternberger 20 31 5 - 17%
Jones 41 63  
J. Williams 31 48 10 -33
Ervin 8 12 7 - 23%
20 played Off.

The Packers had their preferred starters on the offensive line for every snap.  Rodgers played every snap.  Davante Adams was shaken up for a time and missed a few snaps due to that injury.  For reasons that elude me, Equanimeous St. Brown played a whopping 48% of possible snaps (31 snaps) while Malik Taylor received just 12% (8 snaps) while playing a ton of special teams.  St. Brown, who was not targeted, was activated from the injured reserve list on October 17.  Juwaan Winfree, who the Packers signed to the practice squad on October 1, was elevated to the gameday roster as a Covid replacement player played 7 snaps but he was not targeted.  Tyler Ervin was injured early and did not return.

In what appeared to me to be a better defensive performance than others have suggested, the Packers limited Jacksonville to just 99 net yards in the first half, giving up just three points in addition to a 91-yard touchdown on a punt return allowed by the special teams unit.  Jacksonville's quarterback, Jake Luton, threw for just 38 yards in the first half.  Jacksonville did run for 61 yards at a 6.8 yard clip in the first half, all by RB James Robinson.  The Packers limited Robinson to a 3.69 yard average in the second half.  The Jaquars were 0-4 on third-down conversions in the first half and went 4-9 in the second half with one of those first downs coming by way of penalty.  The pass rush came alive in the second half as ZadariusSmith, Preston Smith, and Rashan Gary each getting one sack.  The Packers had just four hits on the opposing quarterback for the game.  Jacksonville scored a field goal after a 29 yard drive, a touchdown after a 16 yard drive due to a fumble by Adams, and a field goal on a 43 yard drive after an interception gave the Jaguars a short field.  


Name Snaps % STs
Sullivan 64 100 5 - 17%
Amos 64 100 1 - 3%
Savage 61 95 1 - 3%
Jackson 60 94 7 - 23%
Hollman 51 80 11 - 37%
Greene 39 61 8 - 27%
Scott 1 2 10 - 33%
Black DNP   16 - 53%
Samuels DNP   12 - 40%
K. Russel DNP   7 - 23%
Kirksey 64 100 5 - 17%
Z. Smith 53 83 1 - 3%
P. Smith 52 81 1 - 3%
Gary 31 48 6 - 20
Martin 13 20 11 - 37%
Burks 5 8 25 - 83%
Ramsey     25 - 83%
Summers     25 - 83%
Burgess     16 - 53%
Clark 57 89  
Lowry 39 61 8 - 27%
Lancaster 22 34 11 - 43%
Keke 14 23 10 - 33%
M. Adams 14 23 8 - 27%
24 played Def.      

With both starting cornerbacks inactive due to injuries, the Packers relied on Sullivan, Josh Jackson and Hollman.  Two cornerbacks, Stanford Samuels and KeiVarai Russell, were elevated from the practice squad and saw a lot of action on special teams but did not play any defensive snaps.  Safety Henry Black was a covid replacement (probably because he has been elevated before from the practice squad and Covid replacements do not count against the limitation on how many times a team can elevate a player before having to sign him the the 53-man roster) managed to get on th field for one snap while also playing his normal percentage of special teams snaps. All things considered, the passing defense was fine.  Rookie quarterback Jake Luton threw for just 38 yards in the first half and completed just 6 passes on 13 attempts for a 2.92 yard per attempt average.  Luton completed 12 passes on 23 attempts for 131 yards for a 5.7 yard per target average.  Overall, Luton for the game was limited to a 62 passer rating.  Amos intercepted a pass and Hollman and Greene had pass breakups.  Savage broke up two passes and was in on a tackle for loss.  

Kirksey returned from the injured reserve list and played every snap. Kamal Martin returned from the Covid list but played just 13 snaps while Burks managed just 8 snaps.  Martin missed week nine as he was placed on the Covid list on November 3 because he was deemed high risk due to contact with someone who tested positive.  Martin was activated six days later and he played 42 snaps in week eight, so getting just 13 snaps surprises me.  Indeed, inside linebackers not named Kirksey played just 18 snaps or about 28 percent of possible snaps.  Summers and Burgess did not play any defensive snaps but saw extensive action on special teams.  The Packers played just 2.1 outside linebackers on average per play and only the big three, Gary, Preson Smith and Zadarius Smith got any snaps.  It appears that Gary and/or Zadarius Smith moved inside on eight snaps or so.

Clark played a lot of snaps and Lowry, again for reasons that elude me, reclaimed the second spot for most snaps.  Clark had 5 tackles while Lancaster chipped in 2 tackles and Adams mustered one tackle.  Keke and Lowry had no tackles though Lowry batted down a pass (which as it happens appears likely to have been good for a long gain had it been completed). No lineman had a tackle for loss or a quarterback hit.  Winn was inactive. I confess I do not understand the rationale behind the rotation of the defensive linemen.  The Packers played 2.28 true defensive linemen on average per play.

Name Snaps % ST
Scott     14 - 47%
Bradley     9 - 30%
Crosby     4 - 13%

Crosby had a routine day, making a 39-yard field goal and all three of his extra point attempts.  Tyler Ervin muffed a kickoff but recovered it and managed to gain 5 yards.  Malik Taylor added an 8 yard kickoff return, so the Packers ended up averaging 6.5 yards per kickoff return.  J.K. Scott had a rough day.  His first punt was a 48 yard effort that was returned 18 yards.  Scott's second punt was a 37-yarder which was downed at the five yard line.  His third punt of 41 yards was returned 8 yards, but a penalty on Jacksonville pushed the Jaquars back.  Scott's next punt, a 59-yarder, was returned 91 yards for a touchdown.  Scott shanked his fifth punt out of bounds after it travelled 30 yards.  Scott finished with a 43 yard gross average and just a 20.4 yard net average.  Josh Jackson returned one punt for 7 yards.





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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

November 16, 2020 at 11:56 am

I used a photo of Christian Kirksey since from a snap count perspective he reclaimed his old status of the every snap ILB. I am not sure it is merited. Barnes was out due to Covid. It doesn't sound like Martin, who also was placed on the covid list because he had a high risk potential, actually had Covid or was symptomatic because he was on the list for just six days. But maybe he was on a snap count. Burks just can't beat anyone out. Summers is down well at the end of the bench.

I again don't understand why M. Adams, after Clark perhaps GB's best run defender, hardly plays even though the opposing team has a 6th round rookie making just his second NFL start trying to play quarterback in a gale. The Jaguars are far more likely to hurt the Packers with their rushing attack than via passing. I do like Lancaster better than some, at least when he plays strictly nose tackle. I watched Lowry get turned and pushed back too often to understand the playing time he gets, especially in a game like this.

Loved that our young DBs got some more experience. Sullivan had the PI and allowed a TD, but overall I have no real complaints other than he's not Jaire. I thought Hollman, who had a PD and 4 solo tackles, and Jackson held up pretty well.

* Sorry for the delay. NFL Gamebook did not provide snap counts until much later than usual. In my haste, I see that I did not credit them as the source. I also got some info from ESPN's box score and play-by-play.

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NitschkeFan's picture

November 16, 2020 at 04:38 pm

@TGR, Thanks for the work you do and getting that info to us.

Some of the Jags poor passing stats were due to missed /poor throws and dropped receptions. At least 2-3 balls were thrown about a yard off and made for impossible catches even though the WR had separation. Similarly there were 2-3 open WR who just dropped balls they should have caught.

Not trying to steal credit away from the D but that is what I saw. Multiple times I found myself thinking that if the QB or WR on the Jags were a bit better, we would have been in deep trouble.

As I mentioned on another thread, those last 4 snaps on D were pure gold (rewind and watch them, they are Defense lovers porn). A disrupted short pass and then 3 plays watching the QB getting heavy pressure.

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Lphill's picture

November 16, 2020 at 01:07 pm

The D line should be more Adams and Wynn to play the run, K Martin 13 snaps? I guess Pettine missed the play where he destroyed the blocker in the backfield,
Why is Pettine still here?

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jannes bjornson's picture

November 16, 2020 at 02:58 pm

Martin is too physical for Pettine. Winn again, inactive. This guy has cost this team a chance at the Big Game.

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tobinrote's picture

November 16, 2020 at 01:09 pm

i greatly appreciate your taking the time to give us this info with commentary. Thanks.

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LayingTheLawe's picture

November 16, 2020 at 01:37 pm

4 hits on the qb an three of em in the final drive? Maybe they were doing something wrong the rest of the game.

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Bure9620's picture

November 16, 2020 at 02:18 pm

I was surprised to see such a low snap count for Kamal Martin particularly against a run heavy Jax gameplan....Pettine loves Dime, plays more Dime than anyone.....I thought we would see Martin more on early downs....when he gets opportunities he pops and brings a physicality....give me more

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jannes bjornson's picture

November 16, 2020 at 02:59 pm

He covers better than Kirksey. This is about playing guys they pay and trying to save face with his guy.

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flackcatcher's picture

November 16, 2020 at 02:38 pm

Thanks TGR. A small caveat. We do not know what the coaches see in their video breakdowns and cut ups. So while we can and will question playing time, there is a reason players like Lowry and Kirksey are in the starting lineup or core groups. Two comments: No FB yesterday in MLF scheme. Took away a good third of what MLF wanted to do in his play book. Wonder if MLF underestimated what the Jags could do in their defensive scheme. The Packers defense played in their base 3-5 with very few sub packages. Raven Green ruled the weakside like a boss. I don't known why, but this defense is different when he is in the lineup. Pettine's defense had a good day.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

November 17, 2020 at 03:38 am

One upvote from me. Now, there has to be a reason, and one of the purposes of the comment section is to explore what those reasons might be. You mention Kirksey and Lowry, but I also wonder about Montravius Adams and Martin's snap counts, not to mention playing Turner over Wagner at RT.

I only mention Wagner/Turner because for the most part GB has been on a roll with Turner at RT, but I think Wagner was better. Apparently the coaches disagree.

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JohnnyLogan's picture

November 16, 2020 at 02:43 pm

Defense looks good on paper but not on film. Lowry was a ragdoll. Gary and P. Smith for some reason crash inside regularly and runners simply run around them. They're both terrible at stopping the run. Why does Z. Smith line up over the center! It never works. And until the last four plays, the pass rush was awful. Four QB hits!! Gary is a bust and all the excitement every time he gets within sniffing distance of a QB is unwarranted. We were again lucky to be playing against a no-name QB because, if you didn't notice, this was a close game. This team keeps winning because there is a lot of top-tier talent on the roster; a HOF QB, the best WR in football, the best LT in football, an All-Pro RB, an All-Pro CB, a pro-bowl pass-rusher in Z. Smith, and a decent offensive line. That's a lot to like. But why Gute couldn't fix even slightly a DL and a LB corps that would let any HS runner rush for 100 yards, is baffling. Add in the weird defenses that Pettine employs (3 man rush that never gets home, CB's playing zone and so far back they're practically in the stands), and you see why when we get beat it's usually a blowout. Get a run stopper! And fire Pettine!

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Coldworld's picture

November 16, 2020 at 03:56 pm

I too do not understand the usage of the Dline personnel. To me this is both the root of the inability run and the reason for the decrease in pressure and this turnovers. We are wasting talent and compromising what we are good yet getting little to no advantage in the run game. It’s continuation suggests Pettine has run out of ideas. I think there is more available with better use of our existing personnel. I no longer think Pettine can change course. Perhaps someone else can.

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Dzehren's picture

November 16, 2020 at 04:19 pm

GB needs Rashan Gary on the field more than 32 snaps. Gary can stop the run. Get him on the field WITH the Smith brothers in a new defensive package.

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stockholder's picture

November 17, 2020 at 07:37 am

Lowrey is the problem. Why keep giving him the snap counts. Kirksey isn't the answer. Snap counts shouldn't decide who should start.

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