Packers Snap Counts Vs. The Lions - Week 4 of 2023

The Packers laid an egg against the Lions.  What can the team do to fix this offensive line?


The Packers elevated Krisitan Welch and Corey Ballentine from the practice squad.  The inactives (with Bakhtiari already placed on IR) were Jenkins, Campbell, and Alexander due to injury and Heath, Brenton Cox, Anthony Johnson and Zayne Anderson as healthy scratches.


Player Snaps % STs
Myers 57 100 2-7%
Walker 57 100 2-7%
Newman 57 100 2-7%
Runyan 57 100 1-3%
Tom 57 100 None
Nijman None   9-30%
C. Jones None   1-3%
Rhyan None   1-3%


The offensive line could not run block, again.  For the first time, the line could not pass block, either.  The Packers gained 27 yards on 12 carries for a 2.3 yard average.  The line also allowed 11 quarterback hits, 8 tackles for loss, and 5 sacks.  Jordan Love was consistently under pressure.  No one had a good day.  Walker, Newman, and Runyan seemed to fare particularly poorly, but Myers and Tom had some miscues as well.  Jordan Love completed 6 of 13 pass attempts for 50 yards with one interception in the first half for a 24.5 passer rating.  He was sacked 4 times for 34 yards, leaving just 16 net passing yards in the first half.  Combined with rushing 5 times for just 7 yards resulted in having just 23 net yards in the first half.  The halftime score was 27 to 3, Lions.

The team did seem to play hard for Head Coach LaFleur in the second half.  The running backs rushed 5 more times in the second half and gained 22 yards.  The line allowed 4 quarterback hits in the second half and one sack.  That said, the receivers have not been doing the offensive line any favors.  The receivers seem to have trouble getting open within an acceptable amount of time against the Lions, particularly in the first half,  just like they did issues against the Saints last Sunday.  Still, there were some explosive plays in the second half and the team gained 207 net yards in the half while putting up 17 points.  They looked competent on their two attempts at 2-point conversions, converting one with a pass to Toure and ending up inches shy on a Love run.

Ian Rapoport reported that David Bakhtiari had his knee scoped on Wednesday and that another, more substantial surgery will be performed soon to clean up loose cartilage.  Rapoport indicated that these surgeries mean that Bakhtiari will not play again in 2023.  The Packers could have inserted Yosh Nijman but they apparently thought that would harm Rasheed Walkers' confidence more than the Lions were already destroying it.  They could have inserted Nijman at left tackle, flipped Walker to right tackle and moved Tom to either left guard to replace the flailing Royce Newman or to center just to see how that lineup might work in a real game.  Of course, it might have looked like giving up, especially if it did not improve things.  



Player Snaps % STs
Love 57 100 None
Clifford DNP   None


Love completed 23 of 36 passes (63.89%) for 246 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.  That resulted in a 69.9 passer rating.  The first interception was tipped, though it also looked like it was going to be an overthrown pass to Watson in any case.  Love did miss a deep pass or two.  Yet, Love had no running game and was under pressure, often quick pressure in the first half, consistently.  Love had to throw into tight windows all game.  The Lions finished with 6 passes defensed, with 4 PBUs by CB Jerry Jacobs.  I probably have been less keen on Jordan Love than many fans, but I am giving him something of a pass: I do not think a quarterback can succeed given the conditions that prevailed in the first half.


Player Snaps % STs
Dillon 38 67 None
Jones 20 35 None

Dillon finished with 11 yards on 5 carries for a 2.2-yard average.  His long was 6 yards.  Jones gained 18 yards on 5 carries, a 3.6-yard average, with a long of 9.  Jones caught one of two passes for a negative 4 yards, while Dillon had no receptions on one target.


Player Snaps % STs
Deguara 36 63 18-60%
Musgrave 14 25 5-17%
Kraft 13 23 16-53%
Sims 6 11 7-23%

Deguara caught all 4 of his targets for 34 yards, an 8.5-yard average.  19 of those yards came on two dump offs with less than 34 seconds left in the first half when Green Bay needed big plays just to move into field goal range.  Both receptions probably had negative expected points added values.  Nevertheless, since Deguara enter the game with 2 receptions for 5 yards, this was his best game so far this season.  A good PFF grade would not surprise me.

Musgrave caught one pass for one yard before leaving the game for good with perhaps 9 minutes left in the second quarter.  He is in concussion protocol.  Kraft caught 2 passes on 2 targets for 5 yards with a long of 6.  It is good to see Kraft starting to outsnap Sims at least, and his increase in special teams snaps is a little encouraging.


Player Snaps % STs
Doubs 50 88 None
Reed 38 67 3-10%
Wicks 33 58 None
Watson 26 46 None
Toure 11 19 None


Doubs caught 9 passes on 13 targets for 95 yards.  He caught 3 of 5 passes for 30 yards in the first half.  Reed caught 3 of 5 passes for 55 yards with a long of 44.  Reed was not even targeted in the first half.  Reed did catch a 2-point conversion.  Watson caught 2 of 4 passes for 25 yards with a long of 24 and a touchdown.  The one yard reception was the touchdown on busted coverage.  Toure caught 1 pass for 35 yards.


Player Snaps % STs
Clark 50 67 7-23%
Slaton 49 65 9-30%
Wyatt 44 59 None
Brooks 31 41 7-23%
Wooden 19 25 None


Clark had 1 assisted tackle.  Slaton had 4 tackles (2 solo).  Wyatt had 4 tackles (3 solo) including 2 tackles for loss, and 1 sack.  Wooden had 4 tackles (2 solo) including a tackle for loss and 1 quarterback hit.  Brooks had 2 solo tackles, 1 sack and he tipped a pass.  The Lions gained 211 rushing yards on 43 carries for a 4.9-yard average including 121 yards on 20 carries (6.1 yard average) in the first half.  It appears that the Packers possessed the ball on offense for just over 10 minutes of the first half.  The big gain was a 40-yard reverse by Kalif Raymond.  In the first half, Detroit's running backs gained just 70 yards on 18 carries, a reasonable 3.89-yard average.  The problem to me was the consistent gains given up.  Detroit also had some short fields.  They started out at the Green Bay 7-yard line after a Jordan Love interception and punched it in for a touchdown.  They also started out at their own 45 on another touchdown drive. 


Player Snaps % STs
Walker 75 100 7-23%
P. Smith 50 67 None
McDuffie 46 61 17-57%
Van Ness 37 49 None
Enagbare 30 40 18-60%
Gary 20 27 None
Hollins 13 17 5-17%
Wilson 10 13 10-71%
Welch     20-67%


Quay Walker came to play.  He finished with 19 tackles (10 solo) including a tackle for loss.  He punished people.  His penalty for taking more than 2 steps while trying to block a field goal gave Detroit a first down, and it turned 3 points into 7 when Detroit subsequently scored a touchdown.  It probably didn't affect the outcome of the game but it greatly reduced the chances of a comeback.  The penalty was called with 8:10 left in the fourth quarter with Detroit up 27-17 and kicking a field goal from the Green Bay 12.  With the penalty, Detroit got a first down at the 6-yard line, but also took another 2:10 off the clock while punching it in for a touchdown.  McDuffie had 7 tackles (3 solo) with a quarterback hit on a blitz.  Eric Wilson had 3 tackles (2 solo).  

Enagbare and Preston Smith each had 5 tackles (4 solo) with Preston adding a QB hit. Justin Hollins had 2 solo tackles but failed to squeeze the "B" gap a few times.  Enagbare was better about defending the run.  Rashan Gary had 1 assisted tackle and 1 QB hit with other pressures.  Two quarterback hits with no sacks from the outside linebackers isn't going to cut it.   


Player Snaps % STs
Savage 75 100 12-40%
Douglas 75 100 12-40%
Ford 75 100 1-3%
Ballentine 50 67 18-60%
Nixon 48 64 21-70%
Valentine 26 35 7-23%
Owens 2 3 21-70%
Leavitt     28-93%
K. Thomas     11-37%


Rudy Ford had 8 tackles (7 solo) with an interception to set up a field goal.  Savage had 5 tackles (3 solo).  Douglas had 4 solo tackles.  Douglas had tight coverage on Sam LaPorta who outfought him for the ball, allowing a 35-yard gain.  On the next play Douglas drove forward hard but slipped and watched WR St. Brown run by him for an easy 24-yard touchdown pass to make it 7-3.  Still, Douglas brings a physicality that the Packers need.  Nixon had 2 tackles (1 solo) and Valentine had an assisted tackle.  Sam Laporta was a problem in the first half, catching 4 passes for 56 yards.  LaPorta had no receptions in the second half.  LaPorta had no targets in the second half, though Goff only threw 8 passes in the second half after attempted 20 in the first half.

Goff completed 67.86% of his passes while gaining 7.5 yards per attempt.  Goff finished with an 86.9 passer rating and a 61 QBR.  Jordan Love finished with a 69 passer rating and a QBR of 7.  That's the difference between having generally clean pockets and time to throw and having the get the ball out in a hurry to receivers who have had some difficulty acquiring separation.


The Lions had 7 possessions in the first half but they only punted once.  The Lions only converted 5 of 9 third down conversion attempts (55%) in the first half, a normal percentage.  One of Detroit's possessions ended due to a Goff interception that was returned to the Detroit 23.  The offense gained zero yards, so the Packers kicked a field goal for their only points in the first half.  The defense got two stops to open the second half to give some hope.  Detroit only scored 3 (ahem) 7 points in the second half.

Some of the statistics do not look as bad as they might.  What looks terrible is Detroit's 15 first downs in the first half to just 3 for the Packers.  Detroit had 284 total yards in the first half while the Packers mustered just 23 net yards.  Detroit finished with 401 total yards to 230 for the Packers.  



Whelan punted 5 times for a 51.8-yard gross average and a 46.4-yard net.  The Packers did allow a 20-yard and a 17-yard punt return.  Carlson made all of his field goals and point afters.  Nixon had a 34-yard punt return.  Nixon returned 5 kickoffs (several from deep in the end zone) for a 23.6-yard average.  I don't think he got any of them past the 25-yard line.  That said, his kickoff returns might have been as good of an offensive opportunity as the Packers had in the first half.

WR:  2.77

TE:  1.21

RB: 1.02


DL:  2.57 (a fairly high number)

ILB: 1.75

OLB: 2.00

DB:  4.68


Photo courtesy of Adam Wesley of USA Today Sports




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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

September 29, 2023 at 08:09 am

I chose to use a photograph of Adam Stenavich because this offensive line needs to improve. It seems necessary to me for OC Stenavich to get hands-on with these linemen because improvement is imperative. I don't care about titles - all hands to their best stations. Walker improved, apparently, but Newman and Runyan have not and Myers not nearly enough. Credit to OL position coach might be given for Walker (despite his rough outing against the Lions) but not so much for Tom simply because Tom arrived in Green Bay with great feet and balance, and very good technique. Nijman apparently has stalled out or plateaued in his development as well.

LaFleur can work with the QB, of course, but he might want to help out with the wide receivers. I do see talent in the WR room. I was concerned when I didn't see them get much separation against the Saints last week. True, Lattimore is good, but CB Alontae Taylor currently sports a 46 PFF grade and GB made him seem like Revis. And Taylor played more snaps than Isaac Yiadom, who played 63 snaps - we all know how good/bad Yiadom is.

I will be interested to learn whether Detroit played a lot of man against GB. It looked like most of the more positive plays came against zone and those were in the second half for the most part. Cam Sutton (all 57 snaps) is a good #2 CB, almost as good as Rasul. Jerry Jacobs (who played all 57 snaps) had a 47.9 PFF grade. Melifonwu played due to injury. Branch is pretty solid, particularly for a rookie. Branch played 40 of 57 snaps and some of those were after he returned from injury. Will Harris played 14 snaps because Detroit needed a body. He is a little up and down but mostly down. Detroit only used 5 DBs, one as sparingly as possible. Detroit's preferred starting safeties (Kerby Joseph and Tracey Walker) were both out, as was Emmanuel Moseley, a good CB who has been injured. Detroit gave him a one year, $6M deal that included a $1M game active bonus, none of which he has earned so far. GB needs to take advantage of short-handed teams.

Some of the stats were unexpected. 5 successful out of 9 third down attempts isn't terrible. No fourth down attempts. 1 of 2 in the red zone. Other than Raymond's 40-yard scamper, just 3.8 yards per carry in the first half for Detroit's RBs. Yet 27 fat points in the first half.

3 points
LLCHESTY's picture

September 29, 2023 at 07:09 pm

I find it a little hard to believe that with Jenkins out Nijman isn't one of the 5 best OL they have. They have a few extra days to look at all options. I think that has to include Tom or Jenkins(when he returns) at C and Rhyan and even Yosh at G.

I was hoping they used TC to explore all options and that included Myers at G in case he lost the starting C job. It just makes sense. Myers does better blocking what's right in front of him while Tom has the athleticism to get to the 2nd level. Maybe it's not ideal for Tom's career trajectory but keeping Love upright is kind of important too.

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HarryHodag's picture

September 29, 2023 at 09:34 am

It's clear to me the Packers need to draft a new left tackle, center and guard and remake the line. This crew simply is not top-tier. Yes, there's injuries, however, the offense isn't going to do much unless someone gets blocked.
The defensive line also can get knocked away fairly easily. While the future is good, MLF and staff need to look now at rebuilding the lines again. They can't compete.

One caveat: we all should have been on notice when the Lions beat the Super Bowl champs opening night.

2 points
13TimeChamps's picture

September 29, 2023 at 09:56 am

Activating Aaron Jones and then barely playing him seems really perplexing to me. Why risk tweaking his hammy if you're only going to give him 5 rushing attempts and 2 targets in the passing game? It seems like it would have made more sense to keep him inactive if you're not going to really use him anyway and take advantage of the mini bye coming up to let his hammy fully heal and come back at 100%.

6 points
CanPackFan's picture

September 30, 2023 at 02:34 pm

It seemed like MLF was not prepared to call reasonable plays given that he had some offensive weapons back? It makes sense the GB players looked unprepared and over matched as well.

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croatpackfan's picture

September 30, 2023 at 06:09 am

Thanks TGR!

I believe it is interesting that they are playing with OL that can not block for run and not block for pass. When you know that everything is starting at QB, you must find a way to protect him. It happened that from 5 O liners 3 can be in off day for many reasons. But in that case you replace immediately those with bad day with guys on the bench.

1st half was bad. OK. We already use to see some early stales with O. In the preseason we saw Packers were 3 and out in all 3 preseason games on 1st possesion. After that they started to move the sticks. Same, just longer is situation in first 4 weeks. What is worrisome is that it looks like to become worse. First at end of 1st Q was stale (Bears), than all 1st Q was stale, than first 2 Q staled (Atlanta), then 3 Q staled (Saints) and now all game. Yes, Packers put 20 points, but that was not consequently scored points.

I know that Lions has very good OL, but I do not believe the answer is there. The only D improvement can come when Packers fire Joe Barry (at least just him). We changed our D a lot and the result is the same - remmember fish smells from head!

1 points
CanPackFan's picture

September 30, 2023 at 02:28 pm

Come on! We keep seeing the same results and the same, empty promises from MLF week after week. This team is generally soft. I say generally because there are just a couple of guys that aren't. If we continue to lose either line of scrimmage or both, we're going to lose. That's Football 101. This team is soft because MLF is soft. Why should the players be any different? Would u call Detroit soft? Would you say Dan Campbell is soft? My point exactly. MLF - all talk, no action, zero toughness. Great formula for our HC. Can't wait to hear the verbal diarrhea he's going to sell us this week!

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