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Packers Monday Mock Roundup 3.0

Packers Monday Mock Roundup 3.0

Ross will provide a weekly mock draft using Fanspeak's mock draft simulator, On the Clock.  He will also scour the internet for a few mocks to see who the "experts" have Green Bay taking that week and will provide analysis.

I used DraftTek's board and FanSpeak's team needs for this particular draft.  I've been faced with drafting Corey Davis in these simulations before.  I let it go because I didn't think it was actually realistic.  I'm still not sure but you'd have said the same thing about Myles Jack last year.  Davis, to me, becomes available because he gets jumped by John Ross and it's possible that Williams and Ross are the only two receivers that get taken before 29.  Davis then presents too much of a value as a WR1 to not take him.  Demarcus Walker presents a value in round 2 and many years would be the fringe 1st round guy that you'd take at 29 anyway.  In a draft with 10-12 1st round caliber CBs it's not surprising I was able to get a starter-quality prospect in White in round 3.  Pocic and Brian Hill immediately jump in to competitions at interior OL and running back.  This would be a specifically impressive haul, especially taking a non-need player at 29.

National Mock Roundup

Rob Rang, CBS Sports

Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky- This will happen more than I would like.  It's because TJ Lang isn't on the team any more.  With that said, Ted Thompson isn't going to take a guard in round one.  If you look at the guys that have ended up at guard, Colledge, Lang, Sitton, etc.... they aren't first round picks.  They're early to mid round picks, but not day one.  Also, Ted Thompson just took two offensive linemen last year to help mitigate the losses that he thought might be coming.   Lamp is a good prospect and probably the best IOL in this draft, it just isn't going to be the pick.

Brent Sobleski, Bleacher Report

TJ Watt, Wisconsin- I'm all in on this, and I've explained it in written and audio form on more than one occasion.  Check out the War Room Podcast on

Dan Duggan,

Christian McCaffery, Stanford- GOD NO, STOP PLEASE STOP WHY


Adoree' Jackson- I've said before that I am an Adoree' fan.  I'd be a little more excited about his selection in the second round, but he makes a lot of sense after the loss of Micah Hyde.  Jackson can help out in the defensive backfield, adds speed and adds return ability.  There are certainly some who will take issue with his size and the requirements that Ted Thompson has shown for cornerbacks in the past, but Jackson has the chance to be a special player.  I'd be on board for the Jackson pick, especially if Green Bay adds a veteran cornerback.

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sgunderson17's picture

There's no way Corey Davis falls to 29. He's the best WR in the draft. Then again, there are a lot of dumb NFL GM's out there..... IF, that's a big IF, he falls to the Packers, I would be ecstatic about them drafting him. Dude plays like Tarrell Owens.

dobber's picture

With Cobb and Nelson both up after 2018, there's a bigger need at WR than people seem to recognize. Cobb might not even make it to 2018 as it would save the Packers over $9M if they cut him after 2017. Nelson's cap hit is over $12M in 2018, but I could see him extended and renegotiated prior to that. If I were the Packers and Davis was there at 29, I would be running to the podium.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree. I know Janis was an attempt at a tall strong fast receiver, but we have needed one for years. . Love our WRs but have always felt that was lacking. Why wait, it's a passing league and we are a passing team if there ever was one.

Ryan Graham's picture

I do agree the time to address wideout is coming very quick. I truly believe Cobb will not be on the roster after this year. I'd like to see them address corner or edge first round, the other or O line second and then I guy that jumps off the page for me that no one is talking about is Jalen Robinette out the Air Force. New rule allows him to join the league, big physical leaping dude Huge hands and really stretches the field. Not an ideal system to be coming from, but I'll be damned if he's not smart enough to adjust. Not the quickest guy and needs to work on route running, but he can certainly develop his route running. I could definitely see him being a contributor especially if we can get more involved with play action again. It would really open up the playbook if MM is open to it.

Nick Perry's picture

Totally agree with you on that. WR is a need for the Packers if it takes 2 to 3 years to really learn the position. Nelson could fall off a cliff at any time though I trust he'll be his awesome self this year at least. Cobb I think bounces back but he's not close to a #1 WR and I'm not so sure he makes it to 2018 without a BIG year. I like Adams but again, not a #1 WR. It would really SUCK if 2019 rolls around and the Packers are trying to break in a few rookies or 2nd year guys.

Zay Jones seems to be a name I've read on here a few times. He was ultra productive in College, and had a really nice combine. 6'2" 201 Lbs and 15 reps on the bench....He's the type of player Ted might try an grab in the 2nd or trade down for extra picks and try to get early in the 3rd though I wouldn't count on him making it to day 3.

I don't think Davis at 29 is possible but if it happened yes please!!!

Turophile's picture

I'd be as happy with Zay Jones at #61 as I would with Corey Davis at #29.

OrganLeroy's picture

Ted will not take a WR in the 1st round!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If Davis is there at #29, I'd be running to the podium. I might not pick Davis depending on who else was still on the board, but I'd be sure of getting a solid first round talent.

Moving Nelson to slot and dumping or trading Cobb in 2018 is attractive.

fthisJack's picture

TT damn well better take Davis if he is there. thats called BPA and almost a can't miss prospect at 29! address CB and OLB in 2 and 3.

Turophile's picture

OrganLeroy. If the value is there, don't bet against it.

Fans get too locked into "We MUST get this or that", GMs not so much.

dobber's picture

With the depth in this draft at edge, TT has set himself up to take just about any position in rounds 1 and/or 2. House isn't a panacaea at CB, but he provides enough stability to allow the Packers to let CB fall to them.

The Packers will walk away with an offensive skill player by the end of round 3...I feel pretty confident in that.

Finwiz's picture

There are better wideouts in the draft and the Packers don't need a WR as much as they need Edge, CB and ILB. The Badgers shut Davis down, and pro defenses will to, because he isn't that fast. I see him as a big possession receiver. We already have that in Devonte. Is he better than Adams at this point - I doubt it.

slit's picture

1 TJ Watt Edge
2 Zay Jones WR
3 Rasul Douglas CB
4 Pat Eflein C/G
5 Vince Biegel LB
5 Connor McDermott OT
6 Donnel Pumphrey RB

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Wattage? :)

OrganLeroy's picture

Another really bad draft!

Ryan Graham's picture

Rasul Douglas! Nice prospect. I like him and Quincy Wilson out of Florida. Tall long fast for their size, man coverage corners. Sign me up

EdsLaces's picture

Let's go mountaineers!

stockholder's picture

White is considered a late rd. 1. early 2. (This mock is Not realistic at All. ) Draft Tek hasn't come close in 4 yrs. Rang is just bad. And bletcher report is always wrong.

slit's picture

Davis in the 1st & White in the 3rd will never happen, especially White. Fanspeak is the best mock draft site.

WKUPackFan's picture

Fanspeak may be the most user friendly site, but it's producing some strange results. Yesterday someone posted a Fanspeak mock that inexplicably had Gareon Conley as the Packers second round pick. There's no way Conley falls that far. T. White falling to end of round 3 is equally if not more impossible.

4zone's picture

Fanspeaks team needs are way off. Totally clueless.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Assuming they are done in free agency, They need a lot more defensively that this.

EdsLaces's picture

Adoree Jackson is so overated. I get that he's extremely athletic, but we need a cb not a kick returner. And when it comes to him as a cb well....he's just not that good.

WKUPackFan's picture

Have you actually watched Adoree Jackson play? The guy is electric. He's a Randall Cobb on defense, with more speed. If Jackson is the pick I'm ready for the season to start the day after the draft.

EdsLaces's picture

Yes I have watched him play which is why I said what I said. I don't want a guy that's good at alot of things I want a guy thats great at one thing. And if he's a cb I want that one thing to be coverage.

Turophile's picture

He also gets beaten deep too much. At this point he is a risk at #29. You wan't more production from your first pick. More mistakes are made by picking athletes and size/speed prospects early than almost any other reason.

I don't hate Adoree, I just don't think he is best value at #29. It may all be academic anyway, since he is 5'10" which may put him off Ted's board.

dobber's picture

This may seem counter-intuitive based on some of picks TT has made in round 1 in recent years, but I think he's looking for "safe" picks at that point. In a sense, he's not drafting a player's ceiling, he's drafting their floor. I think HHCD and Kenny Clark were high floor picks. Randall was someone who I think fit that category, too, but didn't show it last season...keeping in mind that coming off any kind of surgery in-season is hard. I don't see Adoree Jackson as a high-floor pick (T-Buck is back!). With that in mind, T.J. Watt is also a ceiling pick more than a floor pick.

Finwiz's picture

They need pass rush more than CB. College CB's are covering college WR's.
Pro's are an entirely different animal. If he's falling to 29, he's likely not a difference maker. With no pass rush, almost ANY pro WR will eventually torch an above average DB.

WKUPackFan's picture

I apologize Ed, my reply was unduly snarky. However, we violently disagree regarding Jackson. He shut down Bama's best receiver in that unfortunate USC debacle to start the year. I'd have to check to see how he did against John Ross.

EdsLaces's picture

To me he's like the dude from Michigan. Jack of all trades master of none. Just my opinion though.

stockholder's picture

I think thats because your draft crush is TJ Watt. (Like Many) He's good and I understand. But reality says the secondary needs help first. So As electric as Jackson is. He did win the Thorpe award as a junior. He also was a finalist for the Hornung award. He also was a WR like Woodson. He also I believe shut down Ross. He also ran track. which means he knows how to prepare to run. Unlike several in this draft. Guys may look fantastic on tape and some blah. But he is what the Packers need. And he will locate the ball in the air, unlike several other top rated CBs. He's also projected on some mocks to go as high as #26. Personally I would rather have a athletic S or cb first.

UmpireMark's picture

I'm in the camp that's lobbying for a T.J. Watt pick in the first. Add Barwin (if the gods allow) and we should have now shored up the edge rush. I, for one, am tired of watching CMIII dancing with tackles. Watt has CM's motor from 2009 and 10. A great pass rush can hide deficiencies in the secondary, for a while.

Ted (his M.O.) will take 50 corner backs in undrafted free agents after the draft.

IMHO ... unless a miracle occurs in year three, the Randle, Rollins experiment of a former basketball flunky and former safety as cover corners is pretty much over.

Get some "D" help, Teddy!

UmpireMark's picture

Oops. Sorry for the double post.

akeemthedream's picture

Check out Justis Mosequeda on twitter.

Lamp, McCaffrey, Watt, Hill are all real possibilities.

Jackson - nope.
Walker - nope.

Razer's picture

Looks like a recycled article. Gets us chirping about Ted, our diminished defense and hopes for the future.

Coming into next season, i am looking for:
- another real good pass rusher
- a starting DB
- a solid OL guard
- a solid DL rotational guy
- another RB

Not asking for too much...

the real russ letlow's picture

regarding the secondary: move Randall to Hyde's do everything position and go find a corner who can cover outside - F/A , draft or UDFA, whatever it takes.

Handsback's picture

In regards to your draft, I love Davis and White. Don't see either being there when Green Bay picks. I don't like Walker but I could live with everyone else. Why only 6 picks?
In regards to Rang having the Packers pick a guard....he should stick to the college teams. I do like Jackson, seem to be in the minority, but his speed and quickness are hard to come by.
McCafferty is picked by a lot of guys. Sigh! He may be the pick, since a lot of people have him going in the first round, but I just don't see it.

Ross Uglem's picture

gotta draft what's on the board.

slit's picture

Gotta find a more accurate board.

WKUPackFan's picture

Not defending Rob Rang, but your assessment of Forest Lamp is slightly off. Lamp was a four year starter at LT for the WKU Hilltoppers. He then received favorable reviews playing OG at the Senior Bowl. Subsequently, Lamp tied with two other OL's at the combine for the most bench reps (34) and ran a 5.0 40.

I don't think TT will draft an OL first round, but Lamp is the kind of guy TT likes, college LT converted to the interior.

Nick Perry's picture

He's the best Guard available in this years draft too from what little I've read. I'm sure others have opinions on who's best but this kid projects well. O-Linemen aren't sexy picks but Aaron Rodgers having a D-Lineman or OLB falling on him breaking his collar bones isn't "sexy" either.

Ryan Graham's picture

As much as I'm on board with the need and how good Forrest Lamp is and can transition I just don't see him being available. I see him going to the Giants or Texans, maybe he'll fall to the Seahawks. If he does somehow fall to GB watch for Ted to snatch him up quick as a value pick.

WKUPackFan's picture

Hi Nick! Ryan, I think you are correct. Lamp probably won't make it past the Seahawks. A lot of updated mocks have him higher.

GB's pick just feels like it's going to be a CB, there are a lot of good ones that could be available: Jackson, Tabor, Conley, White, King from Washington, plus a few more.

Ryan Graham's picture

Certainly. My thought is cornerback is so deep, pick up an edge first round and then a guy like Quincy Wilson or as I stated before Rasul Douglas will fall in your lap round 2. I guess the edge position is fairly deep too, I just trust the talent level of the cornerback position to last in this draft more than I do edge rushers.

Nick Perry's picture

Hey WKU!! I'm with you in thinking Lamp won't make it past Seattle. I see so many mock drafts where they have Seatle taking a CB but they didn't do much in FA so I can't imagine how they don't go with Lamp if he's there.

YES the Packers need a CB and OLB and if you look at the actual depth at each position it's hard not to go in full panic mode. But if Lamp is somehow there at 29 it's hard not to take him. He's probably one of the safest picks in this draft.

OrganLeroy's picture

What a TERRIBLE draft, could end up being the worst in Teds tenure!

Mags's picture

I would of liked to see two years of good play out of Watt at LB instead of the one. Don't get me wrong he had a good year but a lot of fans are enamored with him because of his name and being a Badger.

EdsLaces's picture

Two years gets him picked before we get to draft..

GBPack's picture

I would also imagine fans are now enamored with the fact he tested out in the 94th percentile at the combine. He's raw, but he absolutely has the physical tools to succeed and was very productive for being new to the position. I wouldn't mind the pick. His arrow is pointing up.

Finwiz's picture

DPF - I agree regarding Watt. If he's there, I don't see how they pass him up.
Tremendous upside. They will coach him up, and he appears to be the type of person that will take coaching with enthusiasm and overachieve his already significant talent.

UmpireMark's picture

1) He's a Watt.

2) He doesn't have to produce day 1.

With Perry, Fackerell (sp), Matthew's and (God willing) someone like Barwin, Watt can learn on the go without the pressures of being a first round, day 1 starter.

Allan Murphy's picture

No way they take WR with first pic ..........

sonomaca's picture

Might be a good year to trade back.

Everyone complained about Sitton release, but the Pack knee Taylor was able. Could be the same this year. Do they know something about Patrick or Murphy that we don't?

fthisJack's picture

i liked what i saw from Patrick in the preseason. hope he can make the jump this year.

NitschkeFan's picture

Waiting until the 3rd round to address the biggest weakness on the team? God I hope not.

And taking a WR in the first round with all of these other holes in the lineup. I guess you like the TT way of playing for the future and not for this year.

Only if they use the remaining salary cap dollars to pick up a couple of studs on defense would I consider this a possibility. Maybe Barwin ($7 mill) Hightower ($8 mill) Lacey ($3 mill) Goode($1 mill) Draft class ($4 mill) just about finishes the spending.

akeemthedream's picture

I want Budda Baker.
Ball hawk? Check.
Explosive blitzer off the edge? Check.
Cover the slot? Check.
Play the deep middle? Check.
Come up and put a lick on someone? Check.

Imagine a player who can do everything Hyde did but do it 100 mph better.

Plus he's a leader.

The entire defense would change.

CAG123's picture

He's a safety though and we've already tried converting a smallish college safety to play corner. A good pick if Burnett was on the decline but he's still only 27.

sonomaca's picture

Jones might take two years to return to full form. I think he could drop to round 5.

mrtundra's picture

Takk McKinley is going to have shoulder surgery and will be out about 4 months. Sidney Jones just tore his Achilles and was carted off the field at a Washington Pro day event. I doubt if TT will want to pick either knowing their situations.

Ross Uglem's picture

Doesn't need to play corner. Could play Burnett at linebacker and budda and HHCD could form one of the top safety tandems in the league.

GBPack's picture

Wouldn't mind that pick at all. Like you said, basically a souped up version of Hyde. Can play slot and jump in at safety in a pinch. He's a beast in the box. Anyone with Honey Badger comparisons is ok by me. Just needs to work on his ball skills.

CAG123's picture

Well since Sidney Jones got hurt my dream 2 round scenario of TJ Watt in the first and Kevin King in the 2nd is dead. Kings stock shot waaaay up after that.

Turophile's picture

Interesting draft. I have done plenty of Fanspeak drafts and I write down the results for later referral. I did a draft yesterday with the same board and team-needs choices, and picked the identical 3/4/5 picks (White, Pocic, Hill) because I thought them best value (as you did).

Bracketing those picks were DE Jonathan Allen and WR Cooper Kupp in rounds 1&2, and in the comp 5th , 6th and 7th, I snagged TE Everett, CB Moreau and CB Myrick (the CB who ran a 4.28 40). No way most of these make it to where I drafted them, but fun to do the mock. I actually wrote down that mock as my ultimate draft, despite the lack of linebackers drafted.

One thing this does highlight, is how much to trust various big boards. After the draft I did above, I no longer trust the Draft Tek board to be accurate. The board I trust the most is the one where I find the most difficulty making a pick each round, the board where it is hardest to find bargains (Draft Countdown board seems to fit the bill at the moment).

Another thing the Fanspeak mock highlights is how certain positions go early, while others have bargains in the mid to later rounds. For example, centers (Elflein, Pocic) seem to hang around quite a while across many big board/team need choices. Mid level wide receivers also seem fairly plentiful later, while linebackers and DTs are snapped up pretty quickly.

I will be interested in the real draft to see how well the reality meets Fanspeak fantasy, because there might be a lot of information to get from this resource, predicting certain draft patterns.

mrtundra's picture

I think GB's draft strategy will all depend on what else TT does in FA. Is Lacy coming back?

the REAL Packman's picture

1. TJ Watt - wont last for Packers at 63
2. Fabian Moreau- dropping because of injury
3. Pat Ellflien G/C
4. Bucky Hodges Grooming behind Bennett and Kendricks. The other logical choice is WR Cooper Kupp
5. Corey Clement RB Could be a steal
5. Jaleel Johnson DT Iowa
6. Damontae Kazee CB
7. Ben Braden OG

James Flattery's picture

Walker will be on the Board long after White is Picked. Don't think Davis nor White will be on the Board at 29.

Finwiz's picture

Corey Davis will not happen with the Packers 1st pick.
First of all I'm not sure he's a first round talent given where he played, and the Badgers practically shut him down. 2nd of all, they got a receiver named Davis that was basically red shirted last season. 3rd of all, they don't need a possession receiver - they need an impact player. 4th of all - they have 2-3 more significant needs, all on defense , before we even get to talking about the offense. Where does this stuff come from? I'd bet you $500 CD won't be the pick.

Llocks's picture

I agree with the Packers positions of need. My first five selections are:

1st McKinley OLB
2nd Johnson G
3rd Sutton CB
4th Foreman RB
5th Gedeon ILB

mrtundra's picture

We've spent several drafts drafting for defense. Lets pick one defensive player, either a pass rusher or a CB, and go offense the rest of this draft. We need RBs who pound the ball. We need speedy WRs. We need OL back ups.

Packer Fan's picture

Here is my suggestion:
- Pick Watt in rd 1
- Trade Hundley for Cleveland Rd 2 pick @ 33. Take CB King from Washington. Fast change of direction.

Packers don't need Hundley if Rodgers plays till he's 40. Keep Calahan and if need be, bring back Matt Flynn if needed. Flynn was somewhat serviceable when Rodges broke his collerbone.

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