MVP's - Most Valuable Packers - Ranked 1-90

How would you rank the Packers' roster in terms of overall value? Here's the full ranking of all 90 players and how they fit into Green Bay's long-term plans. 

I wanted to take a look at the Packers’ 90 man roster and try to assign an order based on the overall value of the player. What I tried to look at in this scenario was a variety of things, including, but not limited to:

·         Overall Talent

·         Expected Future Production

·         Contract Value

·         Age

·         Recent Draft Status

·         Health

·         Depth of Position

·         Positional Value

·         Positional Versatility

By reviewing all of these things you can begin to assess the overall value of a player. Please note that this is not a ranking of the BEST players on the Packers in order of 1-90, but rather an order of the players who are most valuable to the long term success of the franchise based on the above listed criteria. So without further ado, here is the list:

1.Aaron Rodgers – 33 – 3 years - $62,300,000.00 - $6,650,000.00 guaranteed

  • No hot take here. Rodgers is arguably the best player on the planet and currently he is well underpaid. Here’s a quick reminder that Rodgers is getting paid less than Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, Kirk Cousins, Matt Ryan, Justin Houston, Matthew Stafford and Von Miller this season. His $6,650,000.00 in guarantees is a joke and remains the biggest reason why Rodgers would want to complete a contract extension sooner rather than later.

2.David Bakhtiari – 25 – 4 years - $44,971,000.00 - $13,696,000.00 guaranteed

  • At 25 years old and $11,000,000.00 per year Bakhtiari is a tremendous value. Bakhtiari is a Pro-Bowl caliber left tackle in a league seriously devoid of quality tackles. He is also the most likely player on this list to be a Packer a decade from now.

3.HaHa Clinton-Dix – 24 – 2 years – $8,250,159.00 - $2,653,159.00 guaranteed

  • At only 24 years old, Clinton-Dix is still an ascending player on a team-friendly contract. We’ve seen glimpses of HaHa that are spectacular, specifically when he is playing the single-high safety role that elevates the defense to an entirely new level. HaHa has a bright future in Green Bay.

4.Mike Daniels – 28 – 3 years - $31,200,000.00 - $12,700,000.00 guaranteed

  • Talent wise Daniels may be the second best player on this list. The fact that he’s a few years older than HaHa or Bakhtiari bring him down but Daniels’ best football is still ahead of him. Daniels is the face of Green Bay’s defense; now he just needs to see the field more—especially in big 3rd down situations.

5.Bryan Bulaga – 28 – 3 years - $24,550,000.00 - $4,800,000.00 guaranteed

  • As mentioned with Bakhtiari, good tackles are very hard to find in the NFL. Green Bay has the best bookend tackles in the league and they are set to play together for at least three more seasons.

6.Nick Perry – 27 – 5 years- $59,000,000 - $18,000,000.00 guaranteed

  • Nick Perry received his new massive contract this past offseason and he is now paid like a superstar pass rusher, even if he has yet to show he can be a superstar pass rusher. While I think Perry’s contract is actually a bit over-valued, he has a ton of value as Green Bay’s best pass rusher. If you take Perry away from Green Bay, the pass rush suffers irrevocably.

7.Davante Adams – 24 – 1 year - $1,251,537.00 - $295,164.00 guaranteed

  • Who would have thought a year ago at this time that Adams would be so high on this list? Adams really came into his own in 2016 and is on pace to be Aaron Rodgers’ number one target for the remainder of Rodgers’ career.

8.Kevin King – 22 – 4 years - $3,289,734.00 - $4,676,592.00 guaranteed

  • Number eight may seem high for a player who has never played a down in the NFL. Think of it this way though, there is arguably no player on the remainder of this list that would have fetched the #33 pick in the draft via trade. King is ultra-talented and has the potential to be Green Bay’s number one cornerback for the foreseeable future.

9.Jordy Nelson – 32 – 2 years - $24,100,000.00 - $4,600,000.00 guaranteed

  • Packers’ fans have certainly recognized Nelson’s value to the offense over the course of the past few seasons. Without Nelson on the field the Packers simply haven’t looked the same. We were also able to see that Nelson had plenty left in the tank after coming back from ACL surgery this past year. Even at age 32, Jordy is well deserving of a top ten spot.

10.Josh Jones – 22 – 4 years - $4,233,413.00 - $1,218,846.00 guaranteed

  • No player has generated more buzz this offseason than Josh Jones. It’s way too early to tell if that will translate into a productive NFL career but the early returns are promising. Jones’s ability to play a hybrid safety/linebacker role is exactly what Green Bay needs and he could be a huge piece in the nickel and dime defense.

11.Kenny Clark – 21 – 3 years - $7,659,529.00 - $5,932,941.00 guaranteed

  • Watching Clark towards the end of last season gave Packers’ fans a lot to be hopeful for. At 21 years of age and with team control for the next four seasons, Clark has the ability to put together a really nice career in Green Bay.

12.Ty Montgomery – 24 – 2 years - $1,668,773.00 - $303,273.00 guaranteed

  • Had Montgomery stayed as a WR/KR he wouldn’t be anywhere near as high on this list. Not only does Montgomery enter the season as Green Bay’s number one running back, he enters the season as the only running back on the team with an NFL carry on his resume. Montgomery showed flashes of excellence in his brief stint as a running back. If a full season of work at his position improves his technique—look out.

13.Martellus Bennett – 30 – 3 years - $21,000,000.00 - $6,300,000.00 guaranteed

  • Bennett quickly projects as one of the biggest weapons in Green Bay’s offense. Bennett has the ability to be a mismatch as a receiver while being one of the better blocking tight ends in the league. Bennett does enter Green Bay over the age of 30 and with a fairly sizable contract, but his value to this offense could be immeasurable.

14.Corey Linsley – 25 – 1 year - $1,843,250.00 - $46,250.00 guaranteed

  • With Josh Sitton, TJ Lang and JC Tretter all leaving within the past calendar year, Linsley is left to keep things steady as the anchor of the offensive line. It’s tough to put a center who’s had recent injury issues this high on the list, especially with only one year remaining on his deal. That said Linsley will more than likely be around past this season.

15.Clay Matthews – 31 – 2 years - $26,475,000.00 - $4,1000,000.00 guaranteed

  • Matthews’ value to Green Bay over the course of his career has been monumental. His versatility, his playmaking and his energy have been instrumental in Green Bay’s success bringing home a Lombardi Trophy. Going forward Matthews needs to show he can get to the quarterback with any sort of regularity. His age, injury history and recent production bring him down on this list. It’s arguable that he is one of the Packers’ most overpaid players for this upcoming season.

16.Morgan Burnett – 28 – 1 year - $6,981,250.00 - $1,650,000.00 guaranteed

  • Burnett would be higher on this list if it weren’t for the depth at the safety position and the one-year remaining on his contract. The Packers will have a tough decision to make when he becomes a free agent next offseason. His play at linebacker will make him one of the most valuable and versatile players on the roster.

17.Randall Cobb – 26 – 2 years - $25,406,250.00 - $6,500,000.00 guaranteed

  • While Cobb has not proved that he can be a standout number one wide receiver, his value in this offense is still very high. He may never live up to the size of his contract, but he’s an integral part of the Packers’ offense and continues to make big plays year after year.

18.Jason Spriggs – 23 – 3 years - $4,094,422.00 - $2,057,083 guaranteed

  • Spriggs played only sparingly in his first year in the NFL and when he did he certainly didn’t look like a starting tackle. That being said he was a high second round pick a season ago and it almost always takes young offensive tackles a year or two to get used to playing in an NFL offense. Spriggs has all the talent in the world to be a dominant tackle in this league. While he hasn’t reached that potential yet, he still holds a great deal of long-term value for this organization.

19.Kentrell Brice – 22 – 2 years - $1,171,334.00 - $1,334.00 guaranteed

  • Brice was an incredibly pleasant surprise this past season as an undrafted free agent. He only needs more playing time to shine in Dom Capers’ defense. Brice can be a playmaker for Green Bay and will be an intimidator to receivers who dare cross his path.

20.Kyler Fackrell – 25 – 3 years - $2,510,816.00 - $520,536.00 guaranteed

  • The Packers need a really big year out of Fackrell. He flashed some pass rush ability last year and will now need to become a complete outside linebacker.

21.Jamaal Williams – 22 – 4 years - $2,965,992.00 - $565,992.00 guaranteed

  • The Packers rookie fourth round pick should get a nice opportunity to be a contributor right away. Williams has the ability to be the Packers’ power back and will compliment Montgomery well in 2017-2018.

22.Aaron Ripkowski – 24 – 2 years - $1,373,198.00 - $53,198.00 guaranteed

  • Already one of the best fullbacks in football, Ripkowski should be a Packer for the foreseeable future.

23.Montravius Adams – 21 – 4 years - Unknown

  • The Packers 3rd round pick will compete for playing time right away. The Packers need more depth and a better rotation along their defensive line and Adams has the ability to be a penetrator on the inside—something Green Bay has needed more of.

24.Damarious Randall – 24 – 2 years - $4,677,479.00 - $3,587,097.00 guaranteed

  • While Randall struggled this past year, he still has the talent and desire to be a solid contributor on the defensive side of the ball. Randall is going to get a chance in the slot and needs to take advantage of the opportunity.

25.Quinten Rollins – 25 – 2 years - $2,211,517.00 - $490,932.00 guaranteed

  • Rollins, like Randall, struggled in 2016 and will need a bounce back year to get back on the field and earn more playing time.

26.Dean Lowry – 23 – 3 years - $2,177,545.00 - $287,545.00 guaranteed

  • At only 23 years of age, Lowry looks to be a player who makes a big second year jump. He’s going to get the first chance to win a starting spot on the defensive line and earn major playing time.

27.Jake Ryan – 25 –2 years - $1,548,338.00 - $228,338.00 guaranteed

  • Ryan is young, cheap and talented. He really started to come into his own at the end of 2017. The question is how much playing time will be available to him if Burnett and Jones see more time as linebackers in the nickel and dime packages.

28.Mason Crosby -32 – 3 years - $13,700,000.00 - $4,800,000.00 guaranteed

  • While one of the more consistent kickers in the league, Crosby has never been able to reach that upper echelon of players at his position. If you don’t have a solid kicker it can bite you in a hurry but Crosby will need to prove he’s worth the $3.6 million he’s set to make this season.

29.Vince Biegel – 24 – 4 years - $3,093,743.00 - $693,743.00 guaranteed

  • The Packers invested a high day three pick in the former outside linebacker from Wisconsin. His offseason has been cut short so far with injuries but Biegel has the talent and energy to be a disruptor form the edge position.

30.Davon House – 28 – 1 year - $2,800,000.00 - $850,000.00 guaranteed

  • This may seem a bit low for the Packers’ projected number one cornerback but House isn’t a guarantee to upgrade the Packers’ pass defense. House struggled in Jacksonville and may not provide a major upgrade over King/Gunter/Rollins/Randall. If he performs similarly to last season and the younger corners step up, he could find himself without a spot on the roster.

31.Brett Hundley – 24 – 2 years - $1,431,816.00 - $111,816.00 guaranteed

  • Just how good can Brett Hundley be? We should get a much better look during the preseason.

32.Lane Taylor – 27 – 1 year - $3,100,000 - $300,000 guaranteed

  • Taylor did an impressive job of replacing Josh Sitton in 2016 and will be expected to remain a steady starter in 2017. His $3.1 million salary is a bit on the high side but he will be worth the money if he can keep his play as well as he did a season ago.

33.LaDarius Gunter – 25 – 1 year - $616,668.00 - $1,668.00 guaranteed

  • While Gunter is arguably the better player than either Rollins or Randall right now, he also has the least upside of the three. The competition at the cornerback position this offseason will be really fun to watch.

34.Lance Kendricks – 29 – 2 years - $4,000,000.00 - $1,200,000.00 guaranteed

  • Based on the contract that Kendricks received, the Packers absolutely expect him to make the team and contribute this season. The battle between Kendricks and Rodgers for playing time will be one to keep an eye on.

35.Jahri Evans – 33 – 1 year - $2,240,000.00 - $200,000.00 guaranteed

  • The veteran guard remained steady in New Orleans a season ago and seemingly has a starting guard spot all but wrapped up. Assuming there’re no signs of decline during training camp Evans should fill in adequately for TJ Lang.

36.Jayrone Elliott – 25 – 1 year - $1,600,000.00 - $350,000.00 guaranteed

  • Elliott looks to be in a much better position as an edge rusher this season. He will compete with Kyler Fackrell and Vince Biegel for the majority of the snaps behind Perry and Matthews. Regardless it would seem that all five players will get minutes as part of the OLB rotation.

37.Ricky Jean-Francois – 30 – 1 year - $2,000,000.00 - $250,000.00 guaranteed

  • Francois was a solid offseason acquisition for Green Bay. He has been a very nice rotational player across the defensive line throughout his career and I expect him to take over the Letroy Guion role this upcoming season.

38.Kofi Amichia – 22 – 4 years - $2,531,463.00 - $131,463.00 guaranteed

  • I came away really impressed when watching Kofi Amichia’s college tape. He reminded me of a young Josh Sitton. The Packers found themselves another talented developmental guard who should start for them in 2-3 years.

39.Kyle Murphy – 23 – 3 years - $1,984,606.00 - $94,606.00 guaranteed

  • How much improvement can Murphy show in his second year? He will have every opportunity to earn not only a roster spot but one of the top backup spots on game days.

40.Blake Martinez – 23 – 3 years - $2,177,545.00 - $287,545.00 guaranteed

  • Martinez finds himself in a bit of a difficult position on the roster. Jake Ryan and Joe Thomas both seem to be ahead of him as full-time linebackers and now Morgan Burnett and Josh Jones look to be taking playing time at his position as well. Martinez will need to make his impact on special teams.

41.Geronimo Allison – 23 – 1 year - $508,235.00 – no guarantees

  • Allison will be suspended for the first game of the season but would seem to have a leg up on the number four receiver spot.

42.Richard Rodgers – 25 – 1 year - $1,923.504.00 - $126,504.00 guaranteed

  • Richard Rodgers may find himself at the tail end of a tight end position that got much better throughout the offseason. The addition of Bennett and Kendricks puts Rodgers’ playing time in serious jeopardy.

43.Malachi Dupre – 21 – 4 years - $2,466,636.00 - $66,636.00 guaranteed

  • Reports out of rookie and mini camps seem to indicate that Dupre has been the standout amongst the young receivers. He will need to continue that trend in training camp as he is unlikely to provide much value on special teams.

44.DeAngelo Yancey – 22 – 4 years - $2,623,900.00 - $223,900.00 guaranteed

  • Yancey’s value is counterfeit a bit by the depth the Packers have at wide receiver. Yancey will have to compete with Trevor Davis, Jeff Janis, Malachi Dupree and Geronimo Allison for a roster spot and playing time.

45.Joe Thomas – 26 – 1 year - $615,000.00 – No guarantees

  • Thomas has quietly found himself a really nice role on the Packers’ defense over the past two seasons. Will that role continue with Burnett and Jones getting more playing time at linebacker?

46.Aaron Jones – 22 – 4 years - $2,601,937.00 - $201,937.00 guaranteed

  • One of the Packers late round rookie running backs – Jones will compete with Mays, Phillips and Stanback for the Packers’ 3rd running back spot.

47.Trevor Davis – 24 – 3 years - $2,060,382.00 - $170,382.00 guaranteed

  • After Davis lost playing time to Geronimo Allison a season ago, Davis watched as Green Bay spent late round picks on Yancey and Dupre. With Janis having a leg up on Davis in special teams, Davis is going to have a tough time making the roster.

48.Jeff Janis – 26 – 1 year $702,848.00 - $12,848.00 guaranteed

  • As mentioned with Yancey, the Packers young receivers are about to have one hell of a training camp competition. If Janis has a leg up it will be due to his stellar special teams coverage.

49.Joe Callahan – 24 – 1 year - $540,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Callahan reminds me of a young Mark Brunell. He has the talent worthy of an NFL roster spot.

50.Devante Mays – 23 – 4 years - $2,475,036.00 - $75,036.00 guaranteed

  • Another young, talented back who will compete with Jones, Phillips and Stanback.

51.Josh Hawkins – 24 – 2 years - $1,173,334.00 - $3,334.00 guaranteed

  • Due to injuries, Hawkins received some very valuable and meaningful playing time this past season. His stellar play in preseason didn’t carry over into the regular season but Hawkins is still young and talented and could easily make this year’s team.

52.Herb Waters – 24 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Joe Whitt made quite a buzz about Herb Waters when he compared Waters to a young Tramon Williams. Waters has a lot of corners ahead of him that he will need to beat out but apparently the talent is there.

53.Marwin Evans – 24 – 2 years – $1,170,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Evans didn’t get a ton of playing time this past year but when he did he didn’t look out of place. This will come down to roster math and injuries because Brice, HaHa, Burnett and Jones are locks to make the team.

54.Lucas Patrick – 23 –1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Arguably the least talked about Packer who has a legit chance to make the team this season. Patrick has a chance to make a big jump this season.

55.Justin Vogel – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Vogel is currently the most likely undrafted free agent to make the Packers this offseason as he currently has no competition in camp.

56.Jermaine Whitehead – 24 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Whitehead finds himself in the same spot as Marwin Evans but as of now I would give the advantage to Evans in their battle for a potential 5th safety position.

57.Don Barclay – 28 – 1 year - $1,025,000.00 - $150,000.00 guaranteed

  • Barclay has not played well enough to warrant an NFL roster spot but he knows Green Bay’s system in and out and provides tremendous position flexibility. It’s safe to say that every Packer fan holds their breath when they see Barclay come into the game.

58.Letroy Guion – 30 – 2 years - $7,133,334.00 - $333,334.00 guaranteed

  • I cannot see how the Packers keep Guion at over $3 million this season with his off field issues. There is plenty of depth along the defensive line and Green Bay can afford to finally cut bait on Guion.

59.Christian Ringo – 25 – 1 year - $540,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Ringo faces a pivotal offseason but he could benefit from Guion’s off field troubles.

60.Lenzy Pipkins – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • The best of Green Bay’s undrafted free agents, Pipkins will do everything in his power to try to vault past players like Waters and Hawkins to try to earn a roster spot.

61.Cody Heiman – 23 – 3 years - $1,670,000.00 – $5,000 guaranteed

  • Heiman had some really impressive tape from college and doesn’t face a ton of elite competition at his position. Arguably the only true linebackers ahead of him on the depth chart are Ryan, Martinez and Thomas. Any injury at linebacker opens up a huge opportunity for Heiman.

62.Derek Hart – 54 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Like Vogel, Hart is the only player at his position in camp but Brett Goode lurks in the shadows. Hart will have to snap well in camp to keep his job.

63.Geoff Gray – 22 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Gray and Evans are both talented guards who should at minimum make the practice squad in 2017. I give a slight edge to Gray.

64.Thomas Evans – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • See Geoff Gray, above.

65.Izaah Lunsford – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • If Lunsford can beat out Ringo he will have a legitimate shot at making the roster. That’s not a huge ask and Lusnford flashed on tape.

66.Aaron Taylor – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Taylor’s tape brings easy comparisons to Atari Bigby. He isn’t afraid to lay people out and is quick to the football. Unfortunately for Taylor he finds himself at a very crowded and skilled safety position.

67.Michael Clark – 21 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Clark is a HUGE wide receiver that should provide the quarterbacks with a massive target, especially in the red zone. He’s an intriguing prospect.

68.Beau Sandland – 24 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Sandland was drafted by Carolina in 2016 and made his way to the Packers practice squad to end the season. Sandland opens camp as the teams number four tight end and has a real chance to unseat Richard Rodgers for the number three spot.

69.Demetri Goodson – 28 – 1 year - $715,788.00 - $25,788.00 guaranteed

  • There is too much young talent on the team for Goodson to make the roster again this season. He’s a major longshot at this point.

70.Aaron Peck – 22 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guaranteed

  • Peck is learning a new position but he really has a great opportunity to at least earn a practice squad spot. There are only five tight ends on the roster and Green Bay has been known to keep four or five tight ends during the season.

71.David Talley – 22 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Talley has some pass rush skills as an edge rusher but will be best served as a practice squad candidate who uses the next year to fine tune his craft and bulk up.

72.Max McCaffery – 23 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guaranteed

  • After spending time on the practice squad a season ago and ending the year on the active roster, McCaffrey has his work cut out for him to try to make the Packers this coming year. When Green Bay drafted Yancey and Dupre it likely sealed McCaffery’s fate.

73.Brian Price – 23 – 1 year - $540,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Price just hasn’t flashed enough in his short time in Green Bay. Based on talent alone I’d take Ringo and Lunsford ahead of Price if the season started today.

74.Johnathan Calvin – 23 – 3 years - $1,670,000.00 – $5,000 guaranteed

  • Calvin had a pretty solid resume coming out of the SEC but his talent and athleticism just don’t jump off the tape. He could be another Jaryone Elliott type player. 

75.Taysom Hill – 26 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • If Hill were 21-22 I’d put him above Callahan on this list. He has a live arm, escapability and a high football IQ. His injuries and age are going to limit his development ability and likely leave him without a roster or practice squad spot come the end of training camp.

76.Justin McCray – 25 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • A camp body who doesn’t have the upside of Evans or Gray.

77.Kalif Phillips – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Phillips and Stanback are going to be in a similar position and face the daunting task of trying to beat out players at the same position that the Packers used draft picks on. In all likelihood, the winner of the Phillips/Stanback battle will compete with the loser of the Jones/Mays battle for a spot on the practice squad.

78.William Stanback – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • See Kalif Phillips above.

79.Joe Kerridge – 24 – 1 year - $540,000.00 – no guarantees

  • The lowest rated player on this list who saw the active roster a season ago. Fullback is a dying position and Green Bay simply can’t keep two on the active roster. Kerridge needs a Ripkowski injury to make the team.

80.Reggie Gilbert – 24 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Gilbert is spending his second straight training camp in Green Bay. He will have an opportunity to show his knowledge of the playbook and try to beat out some more talented rookies for a spot on the roster or practice squad.

81.Raysean Pringle – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Pringle faces the very tough task of trying to learn a new position while also trying to win playing time at a very crowded cornerback position.

82.Josh Letuilgasenoa – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • A camp body who has some versatility at linebacker. He doesn’t have the quickness to make it on an NFL roster this season.

83.Derrick Mathews -24 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Another camp body who will need to flash in preseason to have a chance.

84.Jordy Tripp – 26 – 1 year - $690,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Tripp is a good special teams player but doesn’t bring much to the table as a full-time linebacker. The Packers would be better off developing a younger, more talented player like Heiman.

85.Colby Pearson -22 – 1 year - $465,000.00 0 no guarantees

  • A late undrafted free agent signing – Pearson stood out during the OTA’s according to Aaron Nagler.

86.Montay Crockett – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • Crockett can absolutely fly, clocking in with a 4.29-40 yard dash. A developmental player who could start out by shining on special teams – especially in the return game.

87.Donatello Brown – 26 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • I liked the tape I saw on Brown, but at 26 he’s going to have a tough time making the roster as a developmental player. There’s just too much competition at his position.

88.Daquan Holmes – N/A – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • A late add to camp, Holmes is another corner who faces extreme odds to make the roster.

89.Adam Pankey – 23 – 3 years - $1,665,000.00 – no guarantees

  • I watched about four games of Pankey and came away incredibly unimpressed. He’s not going to make it past the first round of cuts.

90.Robert Leff – 23 – 1 year - $465,000.00 – no guarantees

  • See Pankey, Adam.


*Contract information courtesy of Spotrac


Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and is an Editor for Packer Report. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder - follow him on Twitter @AndyHermanNFL!

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Gianich's picture

July 28, 2017 at 05:11 pm

I thought for sure somebody would be on here whining about Nelson being behind Adams by now.... Anyway, I like the breakdowns and salary figures. Nice work and thanks for the info!

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HarlanHuckleby's picture

July 28, 2017 at 05:48 pm

Reggie Gilbert is at no. 80 and he's more of a 78. Better throw out the list and start over.

0 points
AndyHerman's picture

July 29, 2017 at 01:17 am

Well played sir.

0 points
pooch's picture

July 28, 2017 at 06:25 pm

Hendricks getting high praise on the fan today

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LayingTheLawe's picture

July 28, 2017 at 07:14 pm

I am excited by the possibilities of someone like Josh Jones and what seems to be the new style of inside player in the NFL. Inside linebackers are becoming a liability with spread em out high volume passing offenses and you need someone who can support at the line and cover as well. But to put him or any other rookie that high is just being hopeful rather than what his actual value is at this time.

0 points
AndyHerman's picture

July 29, 2017 at 01:23 am

Don't think of this just for this season, think long term. Jones is an ultra talented 2nd round pick on an insanely team-friendly contract. Jones will make less in his next 4 years combined than Burnett will this season alone. From a projection standpoint Jones projects to play at a higher level than Burnett over that same time period. If Ted had to choose between cutting Burnett and Jones today there's not even a choice, he'd have to cut Burnett. If you also think of it from a trade standpoint Ted is going to get more in a trade from another team for Jones than he would for Burnett.

0 points
LayingTheLawe's picture

July 29, 2017 at 11:01 am

That's looking at value like in a dollars and cents way and yes I guess we are all looking at in a who will contribute to wins this season way. We certainly hope Jones is that piece he is projected to be but there is nothing to back up that hope but college stats right now.

0 points
jeremyjjbrown's picture

July 28, 2017 at 08:40 pm

Not a bad take. I'm dubious on Josh Jones higher than House and Burnett, but I wouldn't mind if it turned out to be true..

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AndyHerman's picture

July 29, 2017 at 01:25 am

Jeremy, see my response above on Jones vs. Burnett. As far as Jones vs. House it's not close. Ted could get a 2nd rnd pick for Jones without trying right now and he'd have a tough time getting a 7th for House. House is a stopgap, replacement level cornerback who likely won't be around in 2018. Jones will be here for at least 4 more years and likely more.

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

July 29, 2017 at 08:10 am

House is a good press man corner if you use him correctly. If you ask him to play zones and traps the results aren't going to be as good. Jones hasn't showed he can play at all at the NFL level, yet. And based on just historical probably he has less than a 50% chance of ever even being a starter.

That said I am excited about Jones too.

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July 28, 2017 at 10:36 pm

Do not agree! Ha Ha, Bulaga, Adams, Rookies ahead of vets, that haven't played a down. Try looking through TTs eyes. Not your fantasy guide.

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July 29, 2017 at 01:29 am

Stock... I'm not sure who you are replying to here but assuming you're replying to the article I actually am writing it as if it were through a GMs eyes. My "fantasy guide" is going to tell me Cobb, Matthews and Burnett have more value than Jones, King and Clark this year. I'm looking at this long-term and with that comes a level of projection. As I mentioned in my replies above, think of it as which players would fetch most in a trade to another team. The young, talented, cheap guys are simply going to
have more value long term. Thanks for the response and thanks for reading. This type of stuff always makes for good conjecture!

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July 29, 2017 at 04:04 am

How the defence comes together this uear will be crucial. I like the projections for rookies and second year players, hope they are realistic.

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July 29, 2017 at 08:47 am

WTF why Guion even listed on this list. Get rid of this bum and give someone else a shot.

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Spock's picture

July 29, 2017 at 09:54 am

Interesting list. Can't say I agree with rookies w/o game experience rated ahead of proven vets, but I get your 'future value' idea. One thing though, you said, "He’s not going to make it past the first round of cuts." Um, this year there's only one round of cuts due to the new rules change, right?

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July 29, 2017 at 10:34 am

Good point. Forgot about that. Thanks!

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July 29, 2017 at 01:46 pm

You've got so many criteria that it is hard to reconcile them so as to place them in order. You've used a lot of surplus value arguments coupled with projecting how well just a ton of guys who have little to no NFL track record are going to play not just in 2017 but in later years.

Taylor: Your take on Taylor is incomprehensible, at least to me. 1st, the $3.1M cap hit you cite is due to the incredibly team friendly contract he signed with the prove-it first year. He is the 20th highest paid LG and 40th out of all guards by AAV. By % guaranteed, he is 63rd highest. He is being paid less than average starter money, which is a little low to about right. If he has another yr. like last year, I guarantee that he more than doubles his AAV next yr.

Crosby: You're using cap numbers. Good and bad things about that. The most Crosby can make is $9.95M over the next 3 years. By AAV, he is the 3rd highest paid kicker despite not being anywhere near the 3rd best.

Amichia: really like him but he probably needs a redshirt year. Not sure how much value he has for this season.

Guion/Price: They are the only NTs on the roster. Lining someone up directly over the center doesn't mean they can play NT. There is a reason GB is putting up with Guion's problems off the field.

Montay Crockett: I've written that I like him as much as any of the last 3 WRs on the roster. He's probably in the same boat as Amichia and needs a year on the PS. Has little value for this year.

Goodson: He won't even be able to pass a physical by Sept. He is a PUP candidate at best who perhaps comes back as a gunner.

Heiman: He isn't ready for the NFL. Has no chance of being on the 53 this year. He won't be the answer this season even if we lose an ILB to injury.

Waters: I believe far more of what Whitt says than the other coaches.

Biegel: Guess I'm not a homer despite being an alumnus. I like his energy, but he is limited in terms of talent, and he looks like a walking poster boy for full employment for surgeons. Well, except that he can't walk. Fackrell has lots more talent. Biegle might be an ILB. He was a need pick.

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