Grading the Pack - Preseason Week 3

There were plenty of storylines heading into week three including the play of Brett Hundley, the start for Kyle Murphy and the need for an edge rusher to step up and show they could play behind Perry and Matthews. While many interpreted Hundley to have a solid performance against a stout Broncos defense, the tape showed otherwise. His failure to get anything going on the last drive of the game was his biggest downfall, but he also failed to get any sort of intermediate to deep passing game established. Hundley was mostly safe in his throws but he failed to generate any big plays.

Murphy started the game at RT and was a bit inconsistent to begin with. Thankfully he finished the game very strong and ended with one of the teams’ top grades. Meanwhile not only did Fackrell, Elliott and Gilbert not step up this week, Green Bay also saw Perry, Matthews and Elliott all go down with injuries.

To see how the rest of the team graded, enjoy the grades below. As always a full explanation on grading is at the bottom.

Top 5 Offensive Players

Jahri Evans +1.25
Kyle Murphy +1.0
Trevor Davis +0.95
Aaron Jones +0.95
Lane Taylor +0.8

Bottom 5 Offensive Players

Geoff Gray -2.7
Aaron Rodgers -2.7
Jason Spriggs -1.9
Brett Hundley -1.05
Joe Kerridge -1.0

Top 5 Defensive Players

Brian Price +2.1
Mike Daniels +1.75
Damarious Randall +1.25
Kentrell Brice +0.75
Kenny Clark +0.6
Christian Ringo +0.6

Bottom 5 Defensive Players

Lenzy Pipkins -1.15
Kevin King -1.05
Quinten Rollins -0.6
Kyler Fackrell -0.5
Johnathan Calvin -0.5


It may come as a surprise on how low Aaron Rodgers grade is, and I have a feeling some really may not like that Rodgers graded below Jason Spriggs. But Rodgers didn’t have any plays of note, while throwing two passes that should have been picked off. The second of which should have taken points off the board. There wasn’t really any concern in Rodgers play, but it certainly wasn’t one of his standout performances.

B. Hundley -1.05
A. Rodgers -2.7
J. Callahan – DNP
T. Hill – DNP

Running Back

We finally got a glimpse at what some of these younger running backs are capable of. Both Montgomery and Jones looked strong and Mays and Phillips flashed as well. Jamaal Williams has been a bit of a disappointment but to be fair to him he really hasn’t gotten the run blocking to showcase his ability. I still like how Williams runs and think he will be a factor this season.

A. Jones +0.95
T. Montgomery +0.55
K. Phillips +0.5
D. Mays +0.4
J. Williams +0.2
A. Ripkowski +0.1
J. Kerridge -1.0
W. Stanback – DNP

Wide Receiver

Trevor Davis continues to make a case for a roster spot and he’s getting closer to clinching a spot on the team. Davante Adams grade may seem a bit high but his grade was increased significantly by the catch he made on third down—not only bailing out Aaron Rodgers from an interception, but also somehow ripping the ball away from the corner and making a ridiculous catch.

T. Davis +0.95
D. Adams + 0.75
R. Cobb +0.55
M. McCaffrey +0.3
G. Allison +0.2
M. Clark +0.2
M. Dupre +0.2
C. Pearson +0.2
J. Nelson +0.1
J. Janis +0.0
D. Yancey -0.2
M. Crockett – DNP

Tight End

A non-descript game for the tight ends but I liked how Rodgers and Peck looked. Rodgers is clearly the number three tight end while Peck did himself a huge favor as he tries to make the practice squad.

L. Kendricks +0.4
M. Bennett +0.2
R. Rodgers +0.2
A. Peck +0.15
E. Byrd +0.0

Offensive Line

This was a big day for the top four guards as Evans, Taylor, Amichia, and McCray combined for a +2.6 grade. This game really hurt Lucas Patrick’s chances of making the team but he may get bailed out by Barclay’s injury. Jason Spriggs continued to struggle but had 20 plays that graded out in the positive. The issue for him has been consistency and mental lapses. Meanwhile Geoff Gray did not do himself any favors with his performance and his sack allowed on the last play of the game was the final nail in the coffin.

J. Evans +1.25
K. Murphy +1.0
L. Taylor +0.8
C. Linsley +0.5
K. Amichia +0.45
D. Bakhtiari +0.1
J. McCray +0.1
L. Patrick -0.95
J. Spriggs -1.9
G. Gray -2.7
D. Barclay – DNP
B. Bulaga – DNP
T. Evans – DNP
R. Leff – DNP
A. Pankey – DNP

Defensive Line

Green Bay’s defensive line arguably played better than any other unit on the team. Mike Daniels put up a ridiculous grade especially considering he played so few snaps. Brian Price came up with multiple big plays and was a menace in the run game all day. Clark and Ringo continue to put up positive grades and have strong preseason performances.

B. Price +2.1
M. Daniels +1.75
K. Clark +0.6
C. Ringo +0.6
R. Jean Francois +0.4
I. Lunsford +0.0
C. Heurtelou -0.45
M. Adams – DNP
D. Lowry – DNP


It’s not a mistake that Green Bay picked up Ahmad Brooks this week. This unit lacked pressure, creativity and execution. Players were running into each other on stunts and it was painful how long it took the edge rushers to get to the quarterback. The complete lack of big plays off the edge was cause for concern and Green Bay better hope Matthews, Perry and Brooks are healthy and capable of playing a ton of snaps.

N. Perry +0.2
R. Gilbert +0.0
J. Letuligasenoa -0.2
C. Matthews -0.3
J. Elliott -0.3
J. Calvin -0.5
K. Fackrell -0.5
V. Biegel - DNP


Jake Ryan quietly put up his third consecutive positively graded game while Cody Heiman continued to struggle. This is another position where there’s simply been a lack of big plays and somebody needs to go out and claim their stake as the number one linebacker on this team.

J. Ryan +0.3
J. Thomas +0.3
D. Mathews +0.0
D. Talley -0.1
B. Martinez -0.2
C. Heiman -0.4
J. Tripp – DNP


The Damarious Randall comeback tour is in full swing and he looked up to every challenge this week. He was not only solid in coverage but physical in the run game and showed some blitzing ability as well. Lenzy Pipkins was fine except for one drive in which he gave up back to back catches while King continues to struggle with consistency.

D. Randall +1.25
L. Gunter +0.35
D. Brown +0.1
J. Hawkins +0.1
D. Holmes +0.1
R. Pringle +0.0
Q. Rollins -0.6
K. King -1.05
L. Pipkins -1.15
D. Goodson – DNP
D. House – DNP


Kentrell Brice had the biggest play of the day when he returned an interception to the two yard line and Marwin Evans continues to have a breakout preseason. Burnett, Clinton-Dix, Brice and Evans all look like starting caliber safeties today and Josh Jones shows all the talent in the world to be one soon. Jones would have had his first positive grade if it weren’t for a dumb taunting penalty that cost Green Bay 15 yards. Aaron Taylor continues to make a case for the practice squad.

K. Brice +0.75
M. Evans +0.55
A. Taylor +0.1
M. Burnett -0.35
J. Jones -0.35
Clinton-Dix – DNP
J. Whitehead – DNP

Here you can find a running list of how all players have graded throughout the entirety of the preseason:

Finally, here is a breakdown of the order that each player entered the game, by position:

How I Grade

  • Each player starts by getting a zero or neutral grade on a play. If they performed as expected on a play, their grade stays at zero.
  • For a slightly above or below average play, the player gets graded -0.1 or +0.1. The vast majority of grades on the vast majority of plays are graded -0.1, 0, or +0.1.
  • The highest and lowest grades on an individual play are +2.0 and -2.0 respectively. These would be large, game-changing plays.
  • I won’t grade a play negatively if I cannot tell which player was at fault.
  • Most of the time it’s impossible to tell the play, so I’m not grading on the execution of the play call as an NFL coach would.
  • The goal of this exercise is to grade every snap over the course of the season to get a long-term view of which performers are performing well and which are not meeting expectations. This is very similar to what Pro Football Focus tries to achieve. Is it perfect? No. But what you are getting is a consistent grader who is watching specifically Packer games and putting multiple hours into every week to breakdown film and assign grades.
  • Grades are for offense and defense only (including two point conversions). Special teams does not factor in.
  • Preseason does not have All-22 film which makes this exercise even more challenging than usual
  • Bigger plays in the game such as a 4th and 1 or a two-point conversion are weighted higher than say a normal 1st and 10 play to start the game.
  • Lastly, the grades do not necessarily reflect who the best players are on an overall basis. As an example, Morgan Burnett may grade almost two full points below Jermaine Whitehead. Does this mean that Whitehead is the superior player to Burnett? No. It means that given the opportunities each player was given, Whitehead performed at a higher level for this individual game.

Please feel free to ask questions or comment below!


Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and is an Editor for Packer Report. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder - follow him on Twitter @AndyHermanNFL!

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Klincker's picture

August 31, 2017 at 03:17 pm

Were there any positives for Geoff Gray? The mistakes he made, were certainly bad, but I thought that he had some/a few good moments?

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AndyHerman's picture

August 31, 2017 at 03:35 pm


Gray had 5 positive plays, 7 negative plays and quite a few neutral plays. Unfortunately for Gray he had 2 really egregious plays and 2 more that let's just say he'd like to have back. He had two positive plays that he looked really good on but mostly in this game the bad outweighed the good. He just needs to find consistency and a year on the practice squad would do him wonders.

0 points
Klincker's picture

August 31, 2017 at 10:41 pm

Thanks Andrew.

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Mojo's picture

August 31, 2017 at 03:28 pm

Fackrell seems to get caught up in the pitty-patty hand stuff too much and needs to create a spin, rip or club-move to get their hands off him and around all that.

On his few sacks and a number of pressures, I've noticed how quick he can be. Looks majestic. But that's far and few between.

Watching the Daniels vid above, I'm amazed how he or his cohorts make it through a game, much less a season with the constant stain on his lower body, back and well just about everything. Plus, these massive 300lb bodies flying and falling every which way in tight spots sometimes landing onto planted legs. Not too many wimps in the trenches.

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RobinsonDavis's picture

August 31, 2017 at 09:27 pm

Agree on both points. We NEED Fackrell to find another gear now.

0 points
cheesehead1's picture

August 31, 2017 at 04:32 pm

Hope we see some good performances from the rookies etc, big night for them. Kind of hoping we keep McCaffery, seems sure handed and reliable for sure. GB will be favored to win the NFC North, but watch out for MIN, they were devastated by injuries last season. Should be interesting tonight and hopefully injuries at a minimum.

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SteveCheez's picture

August 31, 2017 at 06:12 pm

That's it, cut ARod!

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SteveCheez's picture

August 31, 2017 at 06:13 pm

Wow, 11 WRs played, only one negative grade.

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Turophile's picture

August 31, 2017 at 09:36 pm

Great stuff as always Andrew, love this weekly eval.
Steve Cheez. Yeah, that was what I noticed as well. It's going to be murder predicting who makes the squad and it might be tricky even getting to the PS for some. Do McCaffrey and Clark have more value than Yancy and Dupre ? Darned if I know.

Really tough call at RB as well. The 'real' depth chart there might just be Montgomery, Jones, Mays, Williams.

My unanswered question is whether Elliott (back troubles) and Tripp (concussion, I believe), make the team as core ST guys ?

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stockholder's picture

August 31, 2017 at 09:54 pm

I think the packers keep McCaffrey. This may be a team player choice, when done. I have him over Yancy , Clarke, (PS. ) Even Davis! Dupree will be claimed if he goes on it. Allison played well. Davis is still a question mark to me. My 7 are Nelson, Cobb, Adams, Janis, McCafferey, Dupre, Allison.

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SteveCheez's picture

August 31, 2017 at 06:13 pm

Wow, 11 WRs played, only one negative grade.

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SteveCheez's picture

August 31, 2017 at 06:14 pm

I guess you can see why I don't post very often...

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GatorJason's picture

September 03, 2017 at 01:58 am

Andrew, with all your subjective and arbitrary scoring rules, you should be NFL Commissioner.

I like your analysis. Not so much your scoring.

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