From the Press Box: Smokescreens and Bullcrap

If you believe the media, the NFL Draft stock of Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridewater is falling. But why?

What can you believe this week?

I’d say nothing. Believe not a damned thing because virtually all of it is misinformation. And the problem is, we’ve had two extra weeks to fall into every trap they’ve laid out for us.

So believe nothing.

Which leads me to this:

For the life of me, I can’t fathom why Teddy Bridgewater’s stock has been “falling” this draft season.

Check that, I get what people say, I just don’t understand how they come about it.

People say he’s too thin, but we saw him put on weight at Louisville and after the season ended. They say he’s not a leader and not durable, but he came off the bench against Rutgers in 2012 with a bum ankle and a broken wrist, while his team was down 14-3 and led them to a victory.

There was a BCS bowl berth on the line, so we can also ignore the “can’t play under pressure” nonsense.

He’s got oodles of experience (that’s a technical scouting term) in a pro-style offense where he was incredibly productive.

People point to the pro day and say “see that’s the sign he sucks” but Bill Parcels will tell you that pro days factor in very little (or should). They shouldn’t totally overwrite what you saw in college, as they did with Jamarcus Russell, Mark Sanchez and Aaron Rodgers.

Speaking of Rodgers, this whole situation should feel familiar to Packers fans—after all, their own franchise quarterback dropped far down draft boards only to turn out to be what we all thought he might be from the beginning—a legit franchise quarterback.

And maybe everyone wasn’t sold or he excelled because he matured behind Brett Favre, but everyone who nodded and bought into the tumble looks a bit foolish these days.

Especially when they touted Alex Smith.

I’m not saying Bridgewater is Rodgers, because I won’t call some guy who hasn’t played a down in the NFL a future Hall of Famer—and that’s what Rodgers is.

Which brings us to back to this question.

What can you believe? Is it possible that they could be submarining Bridgewater so they can pick him later?


Because this is the season of BS.

And if there is ever a time when it’s thickest, it would be this week.

So strap on your hip waders and get your shovel—there is going to be a lot of bullcrap thrown around.

Photo: Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater by Brian Carriveau.

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