Owens Hits The Market

Terrell Owens will never win a championship

While insanely talented, Terrell Owens will never win a championship. He just makes it impossible for whichever team he's on. And don't think he could pull a Randy Moss and go to a stable organization with a franchise quarterback and suddenly become a good soldier. Not going to happen. As for the Cowboys, while  this move is no doubt welcome, it's only one step in the right direction. There were a lot more things wrong with the Cowboys last season that a disgruntled wide receiver.




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March 05, 2009 at 03:55 pm

As is my habit, I will defend TO for a brief moment. To say he will never win a championship is kind of cheating... the Eagles really could have beat the Pats if they had a QB who didn't throw up with the game on the line. It's easy to say he will never win a title, because really good teams won't touch him. Part of the reason is because he is 35 now and the time is coming when he is going to have a sharp fall from grace (as far as him being a top tier WR.)

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