#PackersDaily: Jeff Hafley talks the talk

Now it's time for him to walk the walk, etc.

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February 23, 2024 at 05:22 pm

No were in his speech, does Jeff Hadley say hes is committed to the 4 defensive lineman, 3 line backer front seven.... Looking at the packers roster they are not built right now for that type of defense. What would they do with Rashan Gary and Preston Smith? have them put there hand down and then have them struggle to play in space. TJ Slayton is a classic nose, would he have to play probably a less effective 3 or 4 gap? So then do you start Wyatt and Clark at your DT move Karl Brooks and Lucas VN to your defensive ends are they quick enough to explode around the corners?? What about all the linebackers Quay Walker, Isaiah McDuff, Brenton Cox, Devondre Cam, all accustomed to playing the 3/4 or 2/5 defense.. It will be interesting to see what the Packers do in the off season to adjust the personnel, I always was a big fan of the 4/3 defense , but I look at the Packers defensive roster they do not have the personnel at this time to run that effectively. IHO Good Luck Jeff

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February 23, 2024 at 07:29 pm

2024 OL thoughts: a few changes are pending for the "LOVE NEST" .

Walker is better at RT, Tom at C (or LT). With a year of film to study - their physical limitations would be exploited by other teams. Better to relocate them now, then mid-2024. The keys to the OL are - likely release of Bak, and a less obvious decision about Myers beyond 2024. I think we need to replace Myers this year, not next. And let him by the top interior reserve for his final year.

Two possible scenarios (maybe others too):
1. Bak is released, flip the 2 tackles, and draft JPJ to replace Myers this year or next, and then a swing OT to groom
2. Bak somehow is retained. Move Tom to C, Draft a 2025 starter at tackle, and a top OG.

Either way - I would see 2 OL picks in the first 4 rounds. And maybe another late.

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