Packers Playbook: Falcons 25-Packers 24

Dusty Evely breaks down three plays from the Packers Week 2 loss to the Atlanta Falcons with Green Bay Packers legend John Kuhn.




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September 20, 2023 at 06:25 am

Now I am going out on a limb here and maybe this will be a little of a rant but it is something that has been brewing so I will let it out before it explodes.

Now let me be upfront and say I expected a lot of losses this year. My prediction was 5 or 6 wins. Now what irritates me is how the Packers lost to a one dimensional team they could beat and that they were leading. This goes back a few years and we can expect more of this inconsistency. There is not one thing that brought on this loss. One thing that is hurting the Packers is the lose of the team culture and unless they get it back we will see many more of these meltdowns where they give up a lead and loss the game.

The problem is with the leadership and their relationship with the players and their inability to play hard ball. Mark Murphy, Brian Gutekunst, and Matt LaFleur are weak when dealing with the players. Now let me say that I believe they are very good in their other duties. MM seems to run the business aspects well. Gute seems to be able to find diamonds in the rough. And MLF usually calls a good game and has the team ready.

The problem stems from Rodgers. They should never had caved into Rodgers demands. They were foolish to say they would include him and listen to his opinions on personnel decisions. Gute that is your job. You should have told Rodgers to go study tape and get ready for the season. MLF and Gute should have told Rodgers that he will play the game MLF planned and the plays that he calls. Now do not get me wrong yes they should listen to him but they gave into him way to much.

They should never have signed him to that big contract. They should have told him that they will trade him or that he plays under the current contract. We had two more years on the contract and they held all the cards. The problem is MM and Gute showed their hand before Rodgers called. They sign him to a big contract and now we see that Rodgers was fleecing the Packers. Lombardi always said it was better to trade a player a year early than a year late. Yes I know maybe they tried but did not get a good offer.

Not playing Rodgers and other starters in the preseason does not help with team chemestry. It sets up the idea some are treated special. All players need to get ready even if it is just a minimal number of plays. It just shows that they are part of the team not above the team. So waht if they get hurt. They can get hurt in practice. Do I need to mention David Bakhtiari? Should we not practice players in fear they might get hurt. Now I agree with holding out Bakhtiari and other players on the mend to make sure they are ready for game day. Last year they should have benched Rodgers to put him in his place. He was a player and he needed to be treated as a player. They benched Savage when he was not playing well. After all Rodgers said if a player is not playing up to their capability they should bench him.

Now let's look at the Bakh situation. It has been almost 1000 days since his injury. He has been outspoken about playing on artificial turf all of the sudden right before they are to play on turf he has swelling in his knee. Ok maybe he did but I do not buy it. So let's wait until the next time the Packers play on turf. It appears to me that MM, Gute, and MLF are not making tough decision and telling him to play. He is the highest paid player on the team and refused to taqke a pay cut. It appears he is not a team player.

Another decision that shows their lack of leadership is Joe Barry. He has shown everyone that he is stubborn and unwilling to change his plan even after it has been shown not to work. I will leave it for another time as I have already gone too long. In short he should have been fired last year.

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September 20, 2023 at 08:17 am

Right but what did you think of the film breakdown?

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NJ-RICK's picture

September 20, 2023 at 12:47 pm

I've been saying it for years now Gute is not the right man for the job... I agree, leadership needs to be replaced in the Packers front office. AR12 was trying to leave the Packers back in 2020. His own agent said Gute needs to go....

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September 20, 2023 at 08:59 am

Thanks Dusty. Always learn allot from you. Maybe in a game or two we can start doing comparisons to see how they're evolving?

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