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Could the Packers have one upped the Rams and traded for the 1st overall pick?

Matt Richner of shares some draft prospects he has rated both unusually high and low compared to others.

The NFL finally announced its 2016 regular season schedule and the Green Bay Packers will have five games under the lights.  They're 7-6 over the...

Pinning down the prospects most likely to be drafted—and in what order—by any franchise is difficult, but especially so for the Packers, whose...

The Packers’ release of Nate Palmer means one of three things.

The NFL Draft is soon upon us.  For the next three weeks you're going to see a lot of mock drafts, and I mean, like, a lot of mock drafts.  For the...

Ben Fennell of ESPN and the NFL Network joins the show to look at Day 2 and 3 draft prospects.

The Green Bay Packers have seen more than their fair share of meltdowns over the past decade or so and on the heels of Jordan Spieth's collapse on...

Quick, what is the best wide receiver tandem in the NFL?

With the 2016 NFL draft approaching, did the 2015 draft class meet their pre-draft expectations? 

Who are the realistic first-round targets for the Green Bay Packers? We break them down.

The Green Bay Packers currently have eight wide receivers on their roster.  Take Jamel Johnson and Ed Williams out of the mix and they have six...

We welcome Steve Palozzolo of to discuss NFL Draft prospects on the defensive front seven.

Ted Thompson is probably knee deep in reams of information right about now, trying to figure out how to put his general manager’s fingerprints on ...

Scott Wright of joins the show to discuss prospects the Packers have been watching.

We are 24 days away from the 2016 NFL draft.  With General manager Ted Thompson, we have learned that anything is possible when the Commissioner...

The Packers are in for a big change on the offensive line as three starters are set to be free agents.  Who should they keep and who should they start looking for a replacement in the upcoming draft?

We talk to former NFL player Lamar Campbell of Life After the Game consulting about what B.J. Raji faces post-retirement.

Before I begin, no this title is not an April Fool's joke and you're welcome for a reminder of what today is so go check your offices or cubicles...

Did the Packers make a mistake moving Clay Matthews to inside linebacker? A former Packers defender shares his thoughts.

Ted Thompson shocked the world on Monday. After signing Julius Peppers in 2014, Thompson opted to swallow hard and sign Jared Cook.

After a a look at the NFL Draft with Eric Galko, we discuss the impact Jared Cook will have in Green Bay.

This season marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Green Bay Packers, who were one of the most dominant teams, top to bottom, in franchise history.

Let’s be honest. The weakest position on the Packers is at tight end.

Former Packers scout Marc Lillibridge gives the inside scoop on free agent tight end Jared Cook and others.

The annual NFL Owner's meeting in Florida yielded a few new rule changes and one in particular isn't sitting well with Green Bay Packers head coach...

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson recently promoted Eliot Wolf.  Thompson insisted that the promotion had nothing to do with a succession plan.  But with a flexible young dynamo like Eliot Wolf ready and waiting in the wings, is there really any reason to wait?

Now that James Jones won't be back in Green Bay, the Packers will have a new look in 2016.