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We recap the first week of free agency, including the defections of cornerback Casey Hayward and quarterback Scott Tolzien.

For those of you who know my sense of humor and might be thinking, by virtue of the title, that I'm about to lay out a case for the Green Bay...

The first round of free agency has come and gone and Casey Hayward still doesn't have a home.  How much would it cost the Packers to keep him in Green and Gold?

The Green Bay Packers haven't signed any outside free agents during the infant stages of this offseason's period.  That statement has and continues...

The Green Bay Packers were quiet on the first official day of free agency - something that was not a shock to Packers fans.

According to the current information posted NFL Players Association web site, the Packers have an adjusted cap number of $163,489,623 – the eighth highest in the league.  

Ted Thompson has a fork in the road this offseason. With the available $19.63 million the Packers have under the cap, Thompson must make a decision.

As you read this, the "legal tampering" period has begun in the NFL and teams are now permitted to start talking to players who are free agents.

There's plenty out there suggesting the Packers' team needs, but very few look at the effect of money on team needs. 

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy already appears more dedicated to the 2016 football season than Madden '16, and that's a good thing as...

The Green Bay Packers are likely done with  their own veteran free agent signings until the league signing period starts on March 8.

Will they stay or will they go? The future of all 12 Packers free agents is predicted.

 We've been told by our esteemed head coach that the Packers might shock us in free agency...

Head coach Mike McCarthy made a surprising comment that seemed to indicate Kuhn might have yet another one-year contract on the horizon...

Even though Julius Peppers has hinted at retirement, every indication is that both Julius Peppers and the Green Bay Packers are planning on being partners once again for the 2016 season.

    Thirty years old is considered the Line of Demarcation for NFL running backs.

Hear from Packers coach Mike McCarthy and NFL draft prospect Deion Jones of LSU.

The Green Bay Packers met with former Notre Dame and consensus All-American linebacker Jaylon Smith at this past weekend's NFL Combine and from the...

You can only keep so many players and with any addition of a rookie or free agent, another player has to go.  Question is who. 

If one would take a poll of Green Bay Packers fans as to what position general manager Ted Thompson should choose in round one of the 2016 Draft there is a good chance that inside linebacker would top the voting. The chances of that happening however are slim. 

With an eye toward the future Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson pulled one of his many surprises on draft day 2015 when he selected Oklahoma fullback Aaron Ripkowski in the 6th round.  The payoff from that selection will likely come as soon as this season.

Marques Pfaff of The Score in Appleton joins the show to discuss the position after the announcement of Mike Pennel's supension.

Look into his eyes, stare into his soul.  Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson has shrouded himself in mystery since the day he arrived...

You always hear how the clock is ticking on the Packers.

We talk to arguably the top inside linebacker in this year's draft class less than a week away from the start of the NFL Combine.

Matt Forte, Green Bay Packers running back.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Green Bay Packers place kicker Mason Crosby is one of the few "must keep" free agents.  In fact he may be the only ‘no-brainer’ left in the entire group.  The reasons for keeping Crosby are pretty basic.  Good kickers, which Crosby certainly is, are hard to find.