The Wrap Up: 2022 Packers Preseason Game 1

Monte gives his initial reactions to the Packers preseason loss to the 49ers.

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August 14, 2022 at 10:54 am

IMO - Clements was not hired for Rodgers. He was hired to try to salvage Love. He looks about the same to me though.

I love Heflin. I hope he makes the roster.

Tyler Davis - blew a huge opportunity. MAYBE he can still turn it around, but the guy looks over-hyped.

Hanson - needs to stay at center, if he has any chance of making the roster. Nijman, Miers, and Runyan looked good. Need 2 more OL though. Maybe Tom. Ryan - dunno yet

Brkic - that missed FG was the ugliest kick i have ever seen. WOW. HE was not just wide left of the goalpost; he was wide left of the whole end-zone.

Danny Davis looks like he is worth a PS spot and developing him for next year.

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