Packers Stock Report Week 12: Victims of the Santa Clarita Diet

Today, we focus on all that went wrong in Sunday Night's dumpster fire.

Well, at this point it is safe to say that the Green Bay Packers do not play their best football when they are on the west coast.  They have been outscored by a combined score of 63-19 on the west coast and have lost two out of their last three games.  Are you all starting to panic yet? Is Mike Pettine on the hot seat? Are the Packers in Jeopardy of missing the playoffs? As a great man once said "R-E-L-A-X, Relax".  Is the poor play frustrating and annoying, hell yes, but should the Packers start panicking or firing members off of their staff this offseason, absolutely not.  Brian Gutekunst has put a path in place for the Packers to win a Super Bowl in the next three years; now is not the time to disrupt the upward trajectory of this franchise.  

Needless to say, this past performance left a lot to be desired and I will be selling almost every aspect of this contest.   

Buy, Buy, Buy:

The Packers lost 37-8, there is not a damn thing that I'm buying.  

Sell, Sell, Sell:

1. Matt LaFleur's West Coast Preparation:

Could it be a coincidence that the Packers laid two eggs on the west coast, sure, but the more likely scenario is that the team is not responding to their preparation and schedule for west coast trips.  

2. The Packers Fixing Their Problems off of the Bye Week:

The Packers actually looked worse after two weeks of rest and an ample amount of time to fix their problems.  

3. JK Scott:

JK's problem, in my eyes, has been consistency, and over the past 3-4 weeks he's gone from a stud to a dud.  Scott needs to have a late season renaissance so the Packers defense can turn loose deep inside the opponent's territory.

4. Geronimo Allison:

He's as good as gone at the end of the year.  Unfortunately, Geronimo did not progress as we all thought he would and it's simply time to move on.

5. MVS:

Allen Lazard has clearly leap frogged MVS as a trusted target of Aaron Rodgers due to consistent progression and his ability to make more than one positive play every two weeks.  MVS is constantly running a different route or cutting the wrong way, if he keeps his poor play he will continue to disappear inside his big coat and winter beanie.  

6. Alex Light:

Light will have to improve dramatically in order to be considered a competent back up tackle.  Personally, I would bench him and move Turner outside and put Patrick (or Pankey I prefer Patrick) at guard (Yes, I hear the Nijman cult clamoring in the background).  

7. Blake Martinez:

I think Blake is building a strong case for the Packers to either let him walk and draft a dynamic ILB in the first round, or sign him to a team friendly extension and draft said ILB.  I think Blake could thrive in a role where the spot light does not shine solely on him and the responsibilities are divided equally.

8. The Officials:

As always, the officials were dreadful early and often which changed the momentum of the game on the first drive.  Davante's flag was a "no-call" and to make matters worse there was no consistency when Emmanuel Sanders did a little dance and shoved a Packers defender and got away with it.

I could probably sell mostly every aspect of this game which is even further proof that everything is not as bad as it seems.  I still expect the Packers to defeat the Giants by 2 touchdowns and I still expect this team to win the NFC North and have a home playoff game.   


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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zoellner25's picture

November 27, 2019 at 12:43 pm

Seems time to sell Pettine as well. Good list, can't argue with any

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pacman's picture

November 27, 2019 at 01:00 pm

It would be like the Packers to go up by 2 touchdowns and play it safe and coast. What they need to do is develop a killer instinct and see if they can score 50 points. Did the 49ers go up 2 touchdowns and start coasting?

Packers didn't just lose 2 west coast games. They were thoroughly embarrassed by Chargers and 49ers. If management thinks that the first year of MLF is going well just because we are 8-3, then we haven't truly moved on from the MM era. This game showed that the Chargers game was not a fluke. There is something seriously wrong with the team and they ignored it then (as many on this site called for - burn the tape! - I hated that) and it happened again.

I don't think we are as good as our record indicates. I think these games showed glaring weaknesses - not only in the players which we knew about - but in the new coaches too.

And that is truly disappointing.

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porupack's picture

November 28, 2019 at 08:12 am

I agree Pacman. Those who said it was a fluke and burn the tape, seem to believe in things just happen. A game doesn't just happen. You control what happens. And if it happens badly, then study it and fix it for next game. The tape of a bad game is better than the tape of a good game.

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wildbill's picture

November 28, 2019 at 10:46 am

You are what your record says you are. All wins in the NFL are tough. It would be quite the fantasy to expect us to go to the super bowl with all the changes we have had. First step is to make the playoffs again, then next years step we should have some more upgrades to make a deep run. How are the Rams looking right now? Or the Falcons? It ain’t easy folks

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GBPDAN1's picture

November 27, 2019 at 01:28 pm

I don't like overlooking the next 3 opponents, but I'm going to, because I want to see how this team bounces back against the Viqueens on the road. A win, or at least competitive football, will tell us where we stand heading into the playoffs. If we lay another egg at Minnesota and get manhandled, all hope will be lost for me.

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Leatherhead's picture

November 27, 2019 at 02:24 pm

Here's what I'm buying:

Allison is gone after this season. MVS/ Lazard are the #2 and #3 guys. Kumerow is the #4, IMO, and that puts Allison at #5. And we'll have St. Brown coming back next year, plus MVS and/or Lazard might be better next year. So I'm buying.

I'm buying a run game that ran 28 times for over 100 yards and more than 4 yards/carry. I thought Jones/Williams ran hard.

I'm buying our redzone defense because it repeatedly forces teams to settle for FGs instead of TDs. Even against SF, there were two long pass plays and a fumble recovery that created 21 points...….the rest of the game, SF had 16, We need more good cover/tackle guys in the secondary.


Just a few weeks ago, the Packer O-line was rated #1. HAH!!! You've gotta be kidding me. They have looked average or less for the last month.

Selling: Rodgers makes THE difference in big games. He doesn't. He's a good QB and real careful with the ball, but he didn't make the difference and it's been a while since he has.

Selling: Tonyan. Given that we're disappointed with Graham, why isn't this guy on the field more and part of the offense? Still hurt? Or do the coaches know something that keeps him from getting targets?

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Lare's picture

November 27, 2019 at 03:16 pm

Sell- Pettine and his below average defense.

Sell- our baby-faced punter that punts like a baby.

Sell- An offensive scheme that concentrates on Adams and ignores everyone else.

Sell- A pathetic offensive line.

Sell- Amos & Savage giving up hundreds of passing & running yards over the middle of the field every game.

Sell- Coaches that can't make any halftime adjustments to at least make their team competitive.

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splitpea1's picture

November 27, 2019 at 03:56 pm

I'd be tempted to put MVS on the same bus with Allison. Last four games: 2 catches, 11 yards.

Some say Rodgers' play is deteriorating, and it may be somewhat true, but you know he's not going to throw to receivers who can't get open.

Also sell: the punt return game. We actually regressed from our prior (-1.3) yard average. Only the Packers!

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Patrick Helms's picture

November 27, 2019 at 08:21 pm

The Pack did not look very prepared for this game.
They obviously did not watch much 49ers tape or they would have seen just how good they are and how fast.
MLF along with our billion dollar QB did not school them on how to beat the blitz and Man to Man.
Failure to adjust is already an issue now just as it was before. Well maybe not quite as bad as before but getting pretty dam close.
QB tunnel vision is becoming a huge problem. Maybe we need to bench Adams and force Rogers to look at other WR's besides the 1 and 2. It worked for 6 weeks.
Seems like a lot of throws into the dirt, over the head and behind a guy that is leading his defender across the field. Even worse are the non throws and trusting a guy that's leading his defender across the field.
A drop is still a lot better than a sack
Why change your play from what was working early on this season without Adams just because he came back.
Oh yeah, tunnel vision and favoritism sucks.
Clock management is a huge issue that is still being ignored.
MLF needs to reel him in, especially when it comes to running the clock down to the last second so the whole opposing team gets the jump at 1 left. The whole league knows the clock is going to 1 before the snap for the love of this team stop it! It's like an old magic trick that has been worn out from seeing it too many times.
Unpredictability wins games
I knew which way the running backs were going to go almost every time they lined up and I'm
Play calling is way too predictable sometimes. It's not nearly as bad as it was but it is once again becoming a problem.
What ever happened to the hurry up offense???
We need more speed at ILB.
We probably have more speed at ILB but sits on the bench every week with 0't hurt at this point since the whole league will continue to pick zone coverage apart, especially down the middle. It;s making mediocre QB's look awesome on their stat sheets.
Man to man coverage and the blitz made Rogers look like a college QB this week.
Every team left will do the same from now on.
Poor tackling, blown coverage and big holes are making opposing offenses look awesome
The amount of false starts, delay of game and penalties from veteran players are ridiculous
The Refs are even more ridiculous.
ST coach needs to go. Won't be able to sell him for much.
The game is 60 minutes long, not 30 or 15
The other teams we have left to play are surely on to us by now. I know I am and I'm nobody.
I was impressed with our new coach up until now. If he continues to appear soft and fails to address these issues, not so impressed.
Never give up
Go Pack Go

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porupack's picture

November 28, 2019 at 08:25 am

That is pretty much my list, PHelm. Don't forget the TE group. Slow, cumbersome. Not much innovation. Under-use of Marcedes Lewis in passing because they just use him for blocking (predictability).

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calabasa's picture

November 27, 2019 at 08:31 pm

As a wise man once said, “they are who we thought they are.”

I’m talking about:

-Geronimo. Flashed a little, but he’s a skinny late-rounder (udfa? Can’t recall).

-MVS- 2 years in, disappearing act

-blake m- Hawk 2.0. Eye test says tackling machine 5 yds away. No pass coverage speed.

-king. Always getting targeted and beat. Seems good, but...

I could keep going. Play Jones every down!

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Leatherhead's picture

November 28, 2019 at 02:39 pm

Adams was disappointing his second year and there were some nitwits who wanted him gone too.

Hawk is a Packer HOFer. I guess that’s not good enough.

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ILPackerBacker's picture

November 28, 2019 at 03:10 pm

Who is this "WE" that thought GMO was worth wasting a season on?

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