Packers Practice Roundup: Day 1, July 25, 2019

The Packers open their 2019 training camp.  Here is a sampling of various reports.

We have football again!  Here is a sampling of the various reports about today's practice.  

Injuries, Usage, Formations, Personnel:

  • Dexter Williams (illness) and Savage (teeth) not practicing.

  • Josh Jackson (foot) and Crosby (calf) start on the NFI list.

  • Bakh, Taylor, Linsley, Turner, Bulaga starting OL. Silverstein

  • 2nd Team: Spriggs, Patrick, McCray, Jenkins, Light. Silverstein

  • 1st Team DL: Clark, Adams and Lowry. Huber

  • Greene takes first team reps with Savage out. Huber

  • Josh Jones at LB. Huber

  • Tonyan getting some reps with the 1s.  Nagler

  • Lot of fullback usage in today’s practice.  Wood

  • King and Alexander start in base.  In nickel, Tramon was inserted. Demovsky

  • Josh Jones with #2s at safety and with LBs in nickel. Demovsky

  • Jones said last month: “I am not a LB. That’s not gonna happen.” Kruse

Actual Plays:

  • Gary with a “sack” over Light.   Herman

  • Keke flashes for the second time.  Herman

  • Martinez picks off AR.  Possible miscommunication with WR per Silverstein but Wood wrote that AR misread the LB and threw it right to Martinez.

  • Sullivan with INT off a Jamerson deflection. Kizer airmailed the pass into double coverage and the intended receiver, Kumerow, never had a chance. Wood

  • CB Ento with a nice pass break up.  Herman

  • CB Ento with pbu and also a near interception. Herman

  • Manny Wilkins has a live arm and can put some smoke on the ball.  Nagler

  • Fumbled snap exchange to Manny Wilkings. Herman

  • AR to Jamaal Williams in the flat for a TD.  Herman

  • AR with TDs to Kumerow and Allison in RZ. Wood

  • Jawil Davis with a diving catch in the endzone on nice throw into a tight window by Boyle. Nagler

  • Teo Redding blows by DB on a crosser and explodes up the field.  He looks good. Herman

  • Ficken goes 4 of 6, misses from 39 and 43.

  • Trevor Davis plays at a different speed on kick off coverage unit.  Herman

  • Off hot read with a free rusher in his face, Kizer throws a strike to Vitale for a TD. Nagler


  • Sternberger looks so much smaller than the other TEs.  Herman

  • Standouts: WRs jawil Davis, Teo Redding, and Darrius Shephard; LBs Fackrell, Gary, Martinez; CB Kabion Ento, RB Jamaal Williams; and QB Manny Wilkins. Herman

  • Clark congratulated Lowry on his extension, hoped he (Clark) is next. Wood

This was not a padded practice. The players will wear shoulder pads on Saturday and full pads during Sunday's practice.


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Bear's picture

July 26, 2019 at 12:45 am

Thanks for the summary.

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flackcatcher's picture

July 26, 2019 at 04:59 am

Interesting. Jones taking a slot at ILB (how long that lasts is anyone guess, and YES! the return of that rare creature; the Fullback. Seriously, the Packers may not have the personal to man that position. we'll see. Thanks TGR.

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dobber's picture

July 26, 2019 at 08:17 am

Thank God for football!

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Leatherhead's picture

July 26, 2019 at 04:46 pm

Good stuff. Lots of FB right out of the box is interesting. Sternberger just seems like a big WR to me

I’m not sure why Jones doesn’t think he can beat out Greene, or at least be the 4th safety. Objectively, wouldn’t he be in the mix?

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Leatherhead's picture

July 26, 2019 at 04:47 pm


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November 17, 2020 at 12:22 am

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