Packers Practice Round-Up. Day 9. August 25, 2020



Rick Wagner, Raven Greene and Montravius Adams still out. All three are watching. Hodkiewicz

Willington Previlon, a rookie FA DL our of Rutgers, just went inside with a trainer. Nagler

Two of the PUP/NFI guys - Curtis Bolton and Patrick Taylor - running stadium stairs. Ugh. 2. T Rick Wagner is not in pads but he’s doing some individual drills that don’t require use of his injured left elbow. Silverstein

Z is in pads and looks to be a full go. Nagler

Randy Ramsey shaken up a little.  Multiple.


Another gamble by Love throwing late over the middle is almost picked off by a diving Oren Burks. 2. Love overthrows Taylor to end the day. Love takes too many chances. 3. Love finds Deguara in the flat but Burks is right there to meet him along with Vernon Scott. 4. Love having a nice end of practice today. Just hit Deguara over the middle with Burks in tight coverage. 5. Love to Sternberger on an out who turns it up field for a nice gain. Those two on the same page in this last period. 6. Now Love with a second straight completion. This time to Taylor over the middle. 7. Jordan Love handles a slightly errant snap, looks left and finds Kumerow for about 10. Herman

Underthrow from Love up the left sideline [to Lovett] ends in a Vernon Scott interception. Nice leaping grab from Scott. 2. Jordan Love doing his best Aaron getting the defense to jump. Great hard count gets the offense a free first down. 3. Love goes deep up the left sideline to Sternberger. Would have been a big hit from the safety if this was a game but nice play from two young guys. Nagler

12 hits a leaping 17 on a corner route to the end zone. Davante throws the ball into the heavens as he gets up. Good coverage by Jaire just a perfect throw and catch. 2. Gorgeous throw from 12 to 17 on an out route. Perfectly timed, thrown before Davante even cut. Jaire had no shot. 3. Rodgers throw out wide to Jones just now was picturesque. Led him perfectly so he never broke stride. 4. Lazard got wiiiide open on a deep corner route. Zone coverage. Pitch and catch for 12. Nagler [AR has been on fire recently. A quote from LaFleur: "I'm not exactly sure what he saw, but I like the way he's playing right now. He's very decisive, and he's letting it rip, and he's throwing extremely accurate."]

First bad ball from Aaron Rodgers today. He underthrows open MVS in end zone. Rodgers now 5-6 on third down. Wood [Exception proves the rule?]

Rodgers start 2 minute drill with a nice completion to MVS over the middle. 2. MVS wide open in the end zone but Rodgers sees him late and under-throws the ball - incomplete. Herman

Boyle with back to back incompletions in 2 minute - both high throws. 2. Boyle to Taylor with Samuels in tight coverage. Herman

Boyle throws to EQ on what looked like a comeback prior to EQ turning around. Young Wr slips coming back but does a nice job concentrating and making the catch. Nagler


Tonyan again with a great block on Rashan Gary and 2010 Aaron Rodgers hits Lazard down the field for a really nice gain. Herman

First play of team Big Dog knocked Gary into the ground. Welcome to practice. Nagler


Jamaal Williams with a clean catch on the outside on a swing pass and a smooth move inside on the defender. 2. Jamaal Williams is having a nice day. Nice run to the right side followed up by a checkdown to the left side from 12. Herman

Dillon drops pass from Tim Boyle on a wide-open crossing route underneath. The rookie’s hands have been otherwise solid so far. Wood

AJ Dillon is showing that he’s more than just a power guy today. Displayed great vision and a nifty cut to find daylight to the right side. Herman

Nice job by Dillon on the zone run. Lets it develop, puts his foot in the ground and bursts upfield. That looked like teaching tape. 2. Better all around from Dillon in pass pro drill today. Cleanly wins the second showdown with Burks Nagler


Z beasts Patrick but Patrick stuffs him round 2. Jenkins wins with ease against Delontae Scott. 2x Garvin and Runyan was a fun matchup. Giving the win to Garvin. Light wins vs. Ramsey who slips. Ramsey uses his hands well and wins round 2. I’m giving a win to Previlon against Hanson. Runyan holds up pretty well against Hester. Tim Williams with 2 wins Tipa with 2 wins vs Zach Johnson. Easy. Rambo!!! Randy Ramsey with a nice rush against Alex Light to the outside. Light wins round 2. Gary lightning fast around Leglue 2x. Two easy wins. Keke blows past Conway. Conway wins round 2. Lane Taylor continues to have a strong start to camp. Just bested Kenny Clark twice in 1x1’s Patrick gets the best of Lancaster twice. Herman [The only time Lancaster gets mentions it seems is when he is losing 1x1s.]

Elgton Jenkins is so athletic on his feet. Easily mirrored Dean Lowry on a pair of one-on-one reps. Rarely see Jenkins beat with speed, and he can still dig in against the bull. Wood

I’ve been skeptical, but Billy Turner has had a really nice camp so far and has had almost no issues in Rick Wagners absence. Herman

Lane Taylor continues to look impressive in one-on-ones. Just absorbed a bull rush and inside speed move from Kenny Clark in back to back reps. Taylor has returned nicely from his torn biceps injury that cost him most of last season. Wood


Great job by Keke shedding a block and shutting down a Dillon run. Nagler

Haven’t seen DT Willington Previlon. Was out here earlier. He was getting a lot of work at nose. Silverstein

First throw of team, Lowry would have had a sack. Rodgers tried to dump it off, incomplete. Nagler



Tipa with probably a sack of Love. 2. Tipa is absolutely abusing Zach Johnson. Herman

Nice stick from Oren Burks to stop a run in its tracks. 2. Nice rep from Burks vs Dillon in one on one coverage drill. Burks always looks smooth in coverage. Nagler

Practice ends with two nice plays from ILB Oren Burks - a big hit on AJ Dillon and a pass break up downfield. Silverstein [I think these are the same plays as above.]

A couple of nice run stops by the defense on Jones. Kirksey made the first stop. Herman

Nice fill by Ty Summers on a run in red zone. Nagler

By my count, that’s three sacks Rashan Gary would’ve had in team drills today if tackling the quarterback was allowed. Schneidman

Gary with an easy win against Conway not.  Conway bounced back for win in round 2 for a cheer from the OL. Nagler [So, 1-1].

I think the Packers found a player in Kamal Martin. Another good day for the rookie. Nagler

Kamal Martin with a “sack” on a blitz. Bested Dexter Williams pass block attempt with ease. 2. Kamal Martin will have to prove it on Sundays but he’s been the real deal in camp. Just knifed through for a 2-3 yard loss and right after [that] stopped Deguara on a screen. Herman


Boyle hits Shep over the middle but Ento either would have made a play on the ball or laid Shep out if it was truly live. Herman

Josh Jackson made a play to stop Tim Boyle‘s drive on third-and-9. Sat on Reggie Begelton’s route underneath, reached around to knock away pass without making contact. Jackson having a solid camp. Wood

Stanford Samuels with another pick off a deflection. Dropped a gimme earlier. Owczarski [keeping the streak alive.]

Samuels with a nice blitz off the edge. Herman



Crosby misses on 2 of 4 in kicking drill - a PAT and from 48 yards. First one was a bad snap. Silverstein

P JK Scott with dome bombs out on Lambeau. At least five off 55 yards or more with at least 4.5 hang time. Silverstein


There were some nice articles on today's practice. You can click here for Aaron Nagler's and here for Andy Herman's.  There is no practice on Wednesday, August 26.  The Packers next practice on Thursday.
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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 26, 2020 at 03:35 am

I used a photo of Kamal Martin from his college days. There wasn't a photo of him available wearing his Packer jersey (54). He has good size at 6'3", shows speed and some pop on his hits. Observers have indicated he looks very instinctual, a knock on him from certain scouting reports. Many of the inside linebackers are having nice training camps, so that it a good sign. Not a good year for Bolton to be too banged up to compete - he's being left behind.

I love TEs who can block. I don't pass up tweets about good blocks by TEs. Might as well just admit to that.

Stanford Samuels continues his streak of getting at least one positive tweet from each practice. Lancaster continues his streak which is less favorable: the only time he gets mentioned is for his losses in 1x1s. [I should go back and review that, but nah.]

Ricky Wagner has now missed 4 straight practices. I am hoping he can compete, though sounds like Turner is doing okay at RT, something I didn't think he could do. As a note, Danielle Hunter has missed 9 straight practices (per Schneidman twitter thread), so that would be interesting if he can't go week one. Lotta time left though. First game is two weeks from Thursday.

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Bure9620's picture

August 26, 2020 at 06:42 am

Danielle Hunter missing time is interesting.......not sure that hurts him....

-1 points
dobber's picture

August 26, 2020 at 10:44 am

I agree. Teams are always overcautious with injuries in preseason (although several Packers are back on the field quicker than I anticipated), especially injuries that can recur...and even moreso with key vets. There might be some rust, but I think the healing is the bigger factor there.

-1 points
Coldworld's picture

August 26, 2020 at 08:17 am

Really appreciate this work TGR. Thank you.

1 points
Roadrunner23's picture

August 26, 2020 at 07:07 am

Good compilation JR! Again great with my morning coffee and a hunk of banana bread.

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