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On the hot seat: Mike McCarthy has highest odds to be next NFL head coach fired

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On the hot seat: Mike McCarthy has highest odds to be next NFL head coach fired

-- No head coach's seat in the NFL is hotter than that of Mike McCarthy's.

The frontman of the Green Bay Packers' operations on the field for the past 13 seasons could be out of a job in the near future, according to OddsShark.

The Packers, who currently sport a 0-6 road record this season and have lost four out of their last five games, are in a familiar position where they need to engineer a miracle run just to be in the playoff conversation.

Due to their excessive struggles, McCarthy's job has been under the limelight of heavy scrutiny. Dating back to 2015, the Packers are 4-13 in the month of November. They've managed just one November win in each of the past four seasons.

It's fair to say that the final five upcoming games -- starting Sunday with the Arizona Cardinals -- will determine McCarthy's future with the Packers and whether or not OddsShark's proclamation holds true.

It is, however, entirely certain that the Packers will allow McCarthy to finish the season regardless of the outcomes of each game. It does make sense given McCarthy's track record during his tenure in Green Bay, which includes delivering a Super Bowl title in 2010.

The Packers' list of candidates to replace McCarthy, if the time calls for it, will also be luxurious. There won't be any shortage of popularized names to pair with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has been the starter for 11 of McCarthy's 13 seasons. 

Rodgers, who turns 35 this Sunday, will have to find a way to mesh with a new face entering the early twilight of his career.

McCarthy signed a one-year contract extension with the Packers before the season began that runs through 2019, but that doesn't mean his job security is secured. The Packers offered McCarthy's predecessor, Mike Sherman, an extension in 2005 that ran for three seasons but relieved him of his duties after one.

A hot streak into January could help McCarthy remain in Green Bay. Or the Packers could opt to replace the second-winningest coach in the team's history regardless of how the culmination of 2018 looks. Either way, McCarthy's destiny is far from being in his own control.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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The TKstinator's picture

FINALLY we at the top o’ the heap, baby!! YEAH!!!

flackcatcher's picture

Pad level STILL too high.

The TKstinator's picture


Lare's picture

Firing McCarthy would be an admission by Murphy that his whole reorganizational structure of the front office has been a failure.

I doubt if he's got the stones to admit that. I think we'll see a lot of excuses for this season in order to justify continuing with the status quo.

And after another losing season next year, Murphy, Thompson and McCarthy will all be gone.

The TKstinator's picture

Infinity stones?
Thanos has all of those.

LeotisHarris's picture

After next year? Will you be happy then. little buddy?

Curious, you're so filled with angst, what do you see as the solution? Let's say tomorrow Ol' Murph steps up to the mic and publicly cops to his complete and utter failure as an Exec. He fires MM, putting him in stocks in front of Lambeau for everyone from Eau Claire to Superior to Beloit to Kenosha to stride up and spit in his face. He also has TT put in cuffs and dangled by his feet in the Atrium. Fans line up for miles to take pictures. He makes Kevin King wear a TJ Watt jersey and run up and down Oneida Street. He levels the sliding hill in the Titletown District and has a statue of Jordy Nelson erected on the site. When Wilde asks him who's fault everything is, O'l Murph breaks down, cries, says it's all his fault.

Murph announces the Board is handing the keys to 1265 to Lare. Go, little buddy! Work your magic. Whatcha gonna do?

The TKstinator's picture

Hmmm....tantalizing indeed.
How tight are those stocks you speak of?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If that happens, Leotis, I Say ROAD TRIP!

The TKstinator's picture


Barnacle's picture


It sounds like you may have “Stockholm Syndrome”? MM can only hurt you if he stays and keeps screwing up a damn good group of players, don’t be afraid.

Lare's picture

My dad used to say "Men don't argue with boys". Come back when you grow up Leotis and maybe we can discuss this topic in a mature manner without having to resort to the grade-school level name calling.

Nobody says they're right or wrong here, we're all just stating our opinions.

Bure9620's picture

The Packers are also 66/1 odds to make the playoffs too. Just put down a Benji. Can't wait too collect.....

ScaryGary's picture

its about time. to many people give ted thompson shit shit, he was brilliant( except for letting go of heyward). peppers was a great signing and he had bad luck with finely/collins/sheilds. he had packers in position to give rodgers 4-5 shots at title in 9 years and we hit on one. its obviously mcartchy. favre ruined mccarthy its taken a while to come to light but its obvious mccarthy would fuck up mahomes too. bring in a coach that wants the job because of aaron rodgers, not in spite of him. keep pettine he and gutey seem to have a relationship. this team can beat anyone when it plays well

pacman's picture

I agree that it's more MM than TT for those failed playoff runs. But TT failed towards the end too.

I wonder why you got so many dislikes. Might be your writing style.

ScaryGary's picture

adam gase at plus 1000? suckers bet

Wilment's picture

I think McCarthy has to go, if for no reason than to get a new face in there to reign AR in and get him back to leading the offense I think the time for someone else to be calling the plays has come as well. Id like to see the Packers retain Pettine. The defense has looked better, even considering they are spending three quarters of the game out on the field, and they have so many injuries that the third shift from the local seven eleven is starting in the secondary.

Lphill's picture

He needs to be gone now so that the Packers could start a search for his replacement sooner rather than later.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

If they’re gonna dump MM after the season ends, they’re already thinking about possible replacements.

Hugh's picture

I think that the roster (O-line, recievers, passrush, secondary) has been eroding some time, and the Packers have been making the playoffs due to Rogers and superior coaching. The secondary and receivers have been replenished with still-raw, but exciting talent. Now they need to fix the O-line and outside pass rush.

McCarthy is an outstanding coach, but he ain't going to sack the QB or block a double-A-gap.

GoPackGo99's picture

True....but he can scheme the offense into plays that account for that. Also, when you sustain drives, your D isn’t stressed quite as often, you know they get rest.

Coach to what you have, not what you want or had last year (or in 2015)

PatrickGB's picture

I think that MM is one of the best organized coaches in the league. He is truly a nice guy. He is loyal to a fault. He is hardworking and truly cares about his players. But it’s time to end this. However, I say wait until the end of the season. But that’s it.

Barnacle's picture

MM is too slow mentally to call plays, timeouts and challenges. This “well organized nice guy” recently fired a bunch of assistants that have been under his direction and control for many years. Was it “nice” to the fans to keep high paid incompetent coaches for many years?

Is it “nice” that we dumped poorly coached players because they were bowling when they should have been learning what to do and what not to do during games? Is it “nice” to cut very limited training camp time rather than helping young and veteran players(Williams) learn basic fundamentals of their positions?

MM has collected over $24,000,000 the last four years and single handedly made enough stupid game time decisions to keep us out of playoff games and possible Super Bowls. “Nice and organized” is not enough.

Is it “nice” that every week Packer fans know that the most stupid mistakes that lose games will consistently be made by Packer coaches or Poorly coached Packer players?

stockholder's picture

He's a keeper. Yes +180. James Jones just said Keep Mike McCarthy. (On U Tube) It's to bad you can't write positive things. We saw to many revolving doors on this team already. The information that is being passed on, is more than just character assignation. It's a threat to the future of the packers. What are the odds his replacement will win? Take a look around the NFL, and you'll see it's against all odds. Your just not looking at this in the right way! Jerking the chain of True Packer Fans just isn't productive.

GoPackGo99's picture

Well, there you go.....if he said it, we better follow suit because he’s a highly successful former wide receiver to go along with our (formerly) highly successful football coach.

His opinion doesn’t mean jack squat......and jack ain’t helping us win football games

Ferrari Driver's picture

Who among us wouldn't want a new head coach who could emulate what has been done with the offense of the Rams, Chiefs, Saints. I hope we can find one.

I fear the our defensive coordinator will opt out and that is a shame. I do like what he is doing, but I would not want him as the new head coach.'s picture

1. murphy is a real estate manager, let´s give him the correct job
2. hire new president
3. gutekunst must be a real GM with all the power of a real GM
4. let mayfiled have his highly successful coach
5. hire jim harbaugh

PAPackerbacker's picture

If MM does get fired he has no one to blame but himself and his hard headed, stubborn attitude. He has refused to make adjustments as needed and sticks to the same old, same old ways that is not moving the Packers forward. He keeps saying we have work to do yet when it comes game day it's the same game plan. The team will look good for a half and then it's back to the same old MM game management. So he should be in the hot seat. He brought it all on himself.

Since '61's picture

People want change. Then when they get change they want immediate gratification. The real world doesn't work that way.

MM for his alleged weaknesses, like a stale offense, poor play calling, time management, stubborn etc..., still brought us 9 playoff seasons, 8 consecutive and one SB in his 13 seasons.

The only seasons which were not double digits wins were his first season as HC ('06), Rodgers first as a starter ('08), 2013 Rodgers injury but still a playoff season, 2017 Rodgers injured, and this season which still has a marginal playoff chance. 4 NFCCGs with a 1-3 record. Two of the losses in OT.

I realize that it is probably time to move on from MM but if we think that we're automatically going to find another HC that will repeat MMs record we might be a bit delusional. Thanks, Since '61

TXCHEESE's picture

Amen! Amen! I agree with this post 100%. MM is a good football coach, but he needs to bring in someone on the offensive side of the ball to bring fresh perspective. Let's face it, we aren't going to run read option with Rodgers at age 35, but they can create misdirection, and mismatches, and change tempo constantly, along the lines of what NO does. Hell, they have an older QB than the Packers do, but they continue to keep things fresh. Even in their down years, NO had pretty prolific offenses. Go hire Kingsbury from Texas Tech. He's a good offensive mind.

GB ran a jet sweep the first or second drive of the game, last week, and other than that, it was the same old, same old.

Since '61's picture

When the Packers announced that they were bringing Philbin back I was happy for Philbin but surprised that the Packers made that move. I think bringing Philbin back may have put MM and the offensive staff in their comfort zones but he has not done much to move the offense forward in terms of adding a fresh approach to the offense. Thanks, Since '61

ILPackerBacker's picture

Once upon a time a packer B of D has had to replace a coach who left of his own volition.

His replacement was asked about maintaining the high quality of play that marked the prior coach. The answer was that there was 'no reason not to expect it'

that nonsense answer highlighted the tenure of Phil B.

Wolf once hired a HC (to add 'tuff ness' who was asked questions about his horrible special teams and in return asked the reporter what he (the reporter) would suggest to fix the special teams. that coach seriously did not know the answer.

We got rid a of terrible ST coach but what did we get to replace him?

I have more confidence, TODAY, in Wolf than in the carpet bagger Howdy Doody to hire a new HC.

Since '61's picture

Bengston was in a tough spot following Lombardi. Who wouldn't be? He inherited a dynasty with numerous HOFers that were just too old to carry on. Then they were injured and the wheels fell off.

Still in 1968, if GM Lombardi had signed a decent FG kicker the Packers would have gone 10-4, won their division and made the playoffs instead of finishing 6-7-1. How far they would have gone in the playoffs we'll never know. But if they got past the Colts that year, which I doubt, they would have been in the first 3 Super Bowls and they would have defeated the Jets.
But we'll never know.

Bengston was a good coach but he wasn't Lombardi and he didn't provide the emotional lifts that his players were accustomed to. Plus they were at the point where they just absorbed too many injuries. Starr literally missed one half of the quarters played in 1968 and 69. No Lombardi and no Starr were too much for Bengston or probably any team to overcome. Besides I would prefer Bengston over that idiot Devine any day. Thanks, Since '61

Ustabeayooper's picture

MM has to go. He had 10 days to game plan the Vikings game and what did we get. The same old,same old. We ran 1 reverse and no misdirection. 4th and 1 and we run the same play that cost a safety against the Rams. I wish we could fire the offensive play caller. Unfortunately, he is the head coach. I honestly think part of Rodgers problems relate to his desire to be free of MM. In 60 years of watching the Packers, I have never seen a team and coach underperform like this year.

Lare's picture

I think many fans would be surprised to learn that the Packers HC job may not be the prime position many think it would be.

Any HC candidate is coming into:

1. A screwed up management structure where he, the money guy and the GM report directly to the team President.

2. A head case of a QB that refuses to look in the mirror or listen to his coaches because he thinks he knows more than they do.

3. A seriously depleted roster because the team President (you know, the one that is making all the team decisions) refused to replace the previous GM after years of unsuccessful player decisions.

4. A fan favorite DC whether he wants to keep him or not.

5. Winters in Green Bay. Nuff said.

I think any of the above may be enough to be a disincentive to prime HC candidates to come here.

GoPackGo99's picture

Sorry Lare....all are valid, but this is 1of 32 available in the entire world. Ohhhh, and you get Aaron for at least 3-4 more years. Good coaches fall by the way side all the time because they never had a good QB to work with.

YES! This will be the crown jewel of openings.

jlc1's picture

Is it a fact or an opinion that we are in the "early twilight" of Rodgers' career? This year he looks more advanced than that. The Pack needs to find an edge elsewhere on the field because their QB does not give them much of one now and may not in the future. If the trend continues at this rate we may be in the twilight not early twilight of a stellar career.

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