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Joseph's Gems: The Jewels of the East-West Shrine Bowl 2024

A look at some of the notables from this year's All-Star Game presented by Shriner's Hospital Network.


As we march towards another Draft Day, NFL talent evaluators are digging deep into the tape to find the next cornerstone of their respective franchises. That last piece of film will be the College All-Star games, where NFL-caliber talent faces off against each other in a modified NFL format game. One of the longest-running and most prestigious of them is the East-West Shrine Bowl, played since 1925 and sponsored by Shriner's International. Since 1922, Shriner's Hospitals for Children has provided outstanding care to children throughout America in a family-centered environment, regardless of their ability to pay. The Shrine Bowl is an amazing opportunity for the Shriner's Kids to connect with the NFL greats past, present, and future as they share their stories on both sides about how they overcame adversity. 


This year's Shrine Bowl was full of talent (albeit I felt the West was a little "stacked"), and plays were made left and right with prospects looking to make their mark on NFL front offices. When I finally put my scouting pen down, I felt there were quite a few players whose performances in practice didn't translate to the actual game...but that's why we play the actual games to begin with right? Still out of all the players who competed that afternoon, I came away with this list of players who I felt had some "pop" on the film. Joseph's Gems Presents: The Jewels of the Shrine Bowl 2024



Taulia Tagovailoa, QB - Maryland

It was apparent the West was easily stacked, and I assume the coaches knew it, because Tagovailoa didn't come into the game until the 2nd Quarter. But once he got in, he had the juice! Tagovailoa looked like a man amongst boy on the field. The Terrapins All-Time Passing Leader showed his moxie with his arm and his legs, making defenders look silly trying to tackle him as he did the cha-cha slide in the pocket before making the throw. Taulia was a more than efficient 9-of-14 for 142 yards, which included a monster bomb of 52 yards down the sideline. It was obvious had Tagovailoa played significantly the West would have cruised to a blowout, so he received his meager share of the snaps before watching the other QBs try and engineer a drive.

Is Tagovailoa a fit for the Packers?

Taulia is an RPO God, his athleticism froze defenses great and small because if you made the wrong decision or overran the play, you probably just gave up a 20+ yard play. In an ever-evolving LaFleur offense, Tagovailoa could be the "tea" to Jordan Love's "crumpets". I don't think he has a huge arm, but he seems more than capable of 60+ yard bombs. In the modern NFL, it's not hard to project Taulia Tagovailoa to any offensive system.


While readers may need a reminder I doubt scouts need one on how Tagovailoa was originally the heir apparent to his brother Tua at Alabama. And while he didn't climb to the heights that the Tide are routinely capable of in Maryland 11,000 passing yards is still 11,000 passing yards; especially in the BigTen. In a QB class that I'm extremely fickle on, I like what Taulia brings to the table if he sits behind a stopgap starter for a couple of years. I think the more saavy front offices will look to pluck the younger Tagovailoa in the middle of the 3rd Round.


Jack Plummer, QB - Louisville

Plummer was the initial starter for the East, and he seemed to be the very capable QB who guided the Cardinals to the ACC Championship. He exuded an air of confidence, which was likely forged by his 30-plus starts that have carried him from Purdue to California, and finally to Louisville. He made a few key reads when the blocking broke down and showed some good accuracy. He's a capable athlete, but nothing to write home about. I like Plummer as the kind of guy who maybe won't win you a game, but he won't lose one for you either.

Is Plummer a fit for the Packers?

Ehhh, I think you have to scheme for Plummer if he's to be successful. His throws appear to be mostly manufactured, and while he can operate an offense, he won't energize them to chunk gains. If the offense falls behind on the script, get your punt team and defense ready. However, with a successful running game that keeps the defense loading the box, Plummer can certainly make the right, and accurate throw.


I know some of you may not deem this as impressive, but Plummer looks like a solid backup QB in the NFL. The late, great John Madden says your team is "only as good as your backup quarterback", and we've seen firsthand in the not-so-distant past that that statement is valid. If your team is ahead when your starter goes down, Plummer can put a drive or two together so you come away with points. If you're down big, just let him play within himself instead of trying to "risk it for the biscuit" so much, as he tends to do. Plummer will find a home, and I expect him to start fielding calls around the 5th Round.


Frank Gore Jr.

The starting RB for the West, it was easy to see why Tagovailoa played in relief of Kedon Slovis of BYU, this studmuffin with HOF roots was in the backfield. Gore Jr. is a wee bit smaller than his father, but he's got a little bit more "wiggle" to his game because of it. Frank Gore Jr doesn't waste a single step, especially in the inside run game. Like his father, he gets north immediately, and he will Fred Flintstone twinkle toe his way through the trenches en route to solid gains. He broke a 49-yard touchdown run early in the 1st Quarter to let you know he was for real. Like Tagovailoa, they didn't send him out there too much as he was too hot to handle, taking 6 carries for 87 yards and adding a reception for 3 yards.

Is Gore Jr. a fit for the Packers?

I'd be really curious to see what a preseason competition between Gore Jr. and Emmanuel Wilson looks like. Wilson is slightly bigger, but Gore Jr. has the nuances of the position mastered. I think Aaron Jones has a tad bit more speed to him but the vision of Gore Jr makes up for it and like his father before him, he loves to show he plays bigger than he looks. In an outside zone scheme which I believe is evolving into some wrinkles of power concepts, I like what Gore Jr. brings to the table.


I think coming from Southern Miss, plus being under 5'10 will hurt his stock. The RB position in general doesn't get the love that it should so I have Frank Gore Jr. pegged as a top-flight choice in the 4th Round. Depending on if teams believe he's capable of the 16,000 rushing yards his father tallied might get him into comp pick time.


Blake Watson, RB - Memphis

Memphis has produced a good amount of multipurpose RBs in the last couple years...DeAngelo Williams, Darrell Henderson, Tony Pollard, Antonio Gibson, Kenneth Gainwell, and our own Patrick Taylor. Watson will continue that trend in the NFL. I wanted to call him "Mr. Checkdown", because he was always there for the QB to find an easy option to keep the ball moving. Watson can run too, as he got 46 yards on the ground to add to his 65 receiving yards, making him the only non-QB to go over 100 scrimmage yards. I think he fought a little bit too hard to make something out of nothing, but overall, he had the 2nd best outing all day.

Is Watson a fit for the Packers?

Multipurpose backs are always welcome, I wanted Antonio Gibson when he came out, and I think Watson is about a hair faster than he is and runs with more pop in his pads. An RB who doesn't have to come off the field on 3rd down is such a relief, as it keeps the defense guessing and keeps the best plays on the table. 


I have Watson neck and neck with Gore Jr. but Watson might have the edge because he can also play teams. If it's not comp pick time, I like him coming off the board early in the 4th.


Jacon Kibodi, RB - Louisiana-Lafayette

Probably one of two lone bright spots for the East, Kibodi showed patience when needed but also decisiveness when the opportunities presented themselves. Kibodi has a bit of a wide receiver background and while he's not afraid of contact, prefers to slash and cut his way into the open field. Kibodi was the only ideal-size RB I saw out there, and he's oozing with potential if he can get more coaching. With 11.7 yards per carry, I was disappointed they didn't use him more (probably because he was being coached by Bears staff), but NFL coaches won't make that mistake with that kind of production.

Is Kibodi a fit for the Packers?

At his size and being a converted WR? Absolutely. Plus with that skillset, it screams special teams. Kibodi has excellent vision in the open field and I could see an ideal kick returner to place alongside Keisean Nixon. 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think given the potential Kibodi should be 5th Round, but he might not get called til the 6th or 7th. He didn't get a lot of run in college and the tape doesn't wow you enough to pull the trigger sooner. But if he pans out, which I certainly believe he does, this is an excellent #2 RB who could push your starter for more reps late in the game.


Dallin Holker, TE - Colorado State

When I turned this game on, I had a blank sheet of paper with the exception of three names: Tagovailoa, Gore Jr., and Dallin Holker. Holker was discarded at BYU but he bet on himself and moved to Colorado State where he showed that he was the real deal. At 6'5, 235 there's certainly more muscle to add there. And I REALLY want to see how fast he runs because he deals just about any safety some serious problems. Holker looked like he was primed to have a huge day but wonky QB play and an overwhelmed offensive line ruined that. Dallin did what he could with what he was given. I don't want to label him a "Y" tight end just yet because he's more than that but I wouldn't call him Kyle Pitts either. Holker looked so dangerous on a Colorado State team that didn't really threaten anyone, that I shudder to see what he could become with three years of NFL development.

Is Holker a fit for the Packers?

Yes, I know we have three 2nd-year tight ends going into 2024. So what? Holker to me is the middle ground between Musgrave and Kraft, at least that's my analysis until I see him test. He's not a super athlete like Luke but I believe he possesses the grit that Kraft has while edging him a little bit in route running and explosiveness. Could we squeeze a 4th TE for these multisets we've been hearing about so much? I don't see why not.


Trey McBride, a former CSU TE now in the NFL quietly went off for 825 yards this year. Holker comes from similar stock and is built in a similar mold but without the fanfare. This is one of those picks where there will be teams that "reach" for him at the end of the 3rd Round, and then others who will try to play it cool before throwing themselves a party when he falls to them in the 4th. With the stats and his measurables, it could be down to testing to see where he'll truly land. If the board gets a little light, I'll be grandstanding for Holker for the entirety of Day 3.


Myles Murphy, DL - North Carolina

Murphy, not to be confused with the former Clemson product now with the Bengals, didn't get a lot of run in Chapel Hill, but he sure ran through the East's offensive line the entire game. Murphy consistently pushed the pile and was in the backfield routinely, he's only credited with 1 sack, but his production was far more than what the box score indicated. Murphy would crash the party for the offense, and the linebackers would clean up the mess. I'm hoping he gets a Combine invite because a 6'5, 310 lb powerful defensive lineman is hard to pass up.

Is Murphy a fit for the Packers?

New DC Jeff Haffley will find somewhere to plug him. His length on the interior will help him bat passes at the line and all that meat will clog up running lanes quickly. Murphy was dominant during the game so a Combine invite to really measure that power and explosion can help with his projection. Right now, I like him as a 4T, but I would be cool with a 3T too.


I'm going to peg Murphy as a 5th Rounder who might have gone undrafted otherwise. He was buried at UNC and I'm disappointed he didn't transfer to get more burn. But the right coaching staff can make this guy into a solid rotational piece immediately who may turn into a solid starter in 2-3 years.


Grayson & Gabriel Murphy, Edge - UCLA

Yes, I'm combining two players into one report. Namely, because they were so hard to tell apart! Grayson and Gabriel were identical twins and they had essentially identical production while at UCLA (Grayson won in sacks and Gabriel won in tackles for loss). You know it would be so cool if they got drafted to the same team but I know that likely won't happen. Both showed equal parts power and finesse and a decent amount of tools. I think what holds both of them back is a lack of a rush plan. I saw Gabriel routinely get pressure but he just didn't have the hands to finish the job (but to be fair he was held ALOT). Grayson did get two sacks, and also struggled with a bunch of holding calls by the offense, but the aforementioned Myles Murphy was on his side of the line so it was hook, line, and sinker at that point. Both Murphys are solid edge setters and didn't overpursue on any of their reps which is good to see. With some coaching, they can finish the job more often than they do now.

Are the Murphy Bros a fit for the Packers?

3 years ago I'd have said no...but then look at Kingsley Enagbare. The Murphys aren't quite the stud that Kingsley is though so it's not a definitive no but it is a question mark. As reserve outside linebackers who have some speed-to-power ability but not ideal length, it's a projection I'm hesitant to make. For special teams value, absolutely, but I think whether you're talking odd or even fronts I don't know how well they translate to the pro game.


Kingsley didn't test well either, but Gutekunst went with the production and the level of competition (respect), so if the Murphy Twins test well...5th Round. If they don't that might drop them to 7th Round based on their less-than-ideal length.


Mo Kamara, LB - Colorado State

Kamara was listed as an Edge in the Shrine Bowl, but at 6'1 I don't really see that happening in the NFL. Kamara is relentless, has a solid bull rush, good but not great hands, and is a leader on the field. Kamara was constantly scraping the line to get to the ball and while he came up short, it was one of those outings where you had to see the defensive performance as a whole to articulate how well he looked at there. 

Is Kamara a fit for the Packers?

If Hafley brings a heavy package to Green Bay, yes. Otherwise, at his length, Kamara will probably be the 2nd ILB for odd fronts with an emphasis on the run or the MLB in an even front. I question if he'll get lost in the fray playing inside, but with his football IQ and rush plan he should be okay. Kamara could be another special teams captain or a designated pass rusher in 3rd and long situations where you want some fresh legs and active hands to get in there and make some noise.


I don't have a solid projection on Kamara and I'm probably not alone in that. I think he'll get a shot to make a team but it probably comes with him being called in the 6th Round or later.


David Ugwoegbu, Edge - Houston

Ugwoegbu stuck out because he had the ideal length that I (and sometimes the Packers) covet for 3-4 OLBs. He showed adequate ability to set the edge and while I wouldn't call him sideline to sideline he did make some noise in the middle of the field. He got a sack that in my opinion he engineered all on his own. Ugwoegbu had modest production at Houston in a year where they're rebuilding from a stellar campaign in 2022. 

Is Ugwoebu a fit for the Packers?

I need to see more, there were a couple of times I didn't see him around the ball when I felt I should. This could be because he needs more tools in his pass-rush skills to shed blocks and get to the ball. As a reserve edge rusher, I see a decent projection but I can't say for sure if there's more meat on the bone. 


With the size and overall decent production for a 4-year career, if Ugwoegbu tests well, I could see him in the 5th Round. 


Trezmen Marshall, LB - Alabama

As the game wore on, Marshall was hands down the most active defender for the East yesterday. Unless it was a downfield pass, you could easily find his Crimson Tide helmet on the screen. He made several good tackles including some very good ones behind the line. Marshall showed his excellent pedigree from Tuscaloosa and was probably the most disciplined defender out there.

Is Marshall a fit for the Packers?

I need to see him test, but he could be a good subpackage LB or reserve ILB. He was buried like many other good-but-not great players at Alabama, so the testing combined with the little bit of film could show more. 


With a great Combine or Pro Day, Marshall might get a call at the back of the 4th Round, but if he doesn't wow guys, 6th Round is more than reasonable.


Jarius Monroe, CB - Tulane

It was really hard to evaluate the secondary due to QB and OL play, but the Shrine Bowl Defensive MVP did provide some decent reps out there. Monroe was aggressive and physical, which is hard to do given the Shrine Bowl's limit on defensive play calls. Monroe will find a good home in a man cover scheme but he actually got his interception off a Cover-2 call. Monroe isn't just a willing tackler as a defensive back either, he's looking to slam you into the turf.

Is Monroe a fit for the Packers?

Length? 6'2....Check. Man coverage skills? Check. Ball production? 8 career INTs and 21 career PDs....Check. Tackling ability? 80 solo tackles....Check. He DEFINITELY fits. I'd also like to see him try out Free Safety as well.


Teams will reach for Monroe just off the fact of him being 6'2 and projected to run a 4.47. If he runs faster than that and you take into account his production, 3rd Round. But God help me if Gutekunst passes him up in the 4th and he's there for the taking.


Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, S - Texas Tech

In a game where it seemed like it was the haves against the have-nots, Taylor-Demerson flashed when the secondary was on the screen. He was active from sideline to sideline and made some good open-field tackles. He's a little undersized for a Strong Safety, but he doesn't show it with his play style; Taylor-Demerson gets in the mix with reckless abandon and is looking to punish you. Unfortunately due to the Shrine Bowls defensive format, I couldn't see him in man coverage but his 10 career INTs suggest he's got some real talent there.

Is Taylor-Demerson a fit for the Packers?

Taylor-Demerson looks smaller than his 5'11 listing might suggest, and if that's the case, he could be looked at as a possible nickel or third safety if he runs well in the 40 and the shuttle. He showed good instincts on the couple reps I saw him close to the line so there are multiple projections for sub-package work. Without knowing what new DC Jeff Hafley truly wants it's hard to say, but I don't see any real issues with him acclimating to the schemes I've seen from him in the past. It's really just a question of if both Gutekunst and Hafley see eye-to-eye on his size. Combine and Pro Day will tell us more. Can't go wrong with special teams though (if you think you've seen a trend over the course of this article, you're not wrong).


10 career INTs and 150+ solo tackles aint half bad in the Big12, and most if not all were against stiff competition. Taylor-Demerson should hear his name called early on Day 3 in yet another shallow safety class (why is it so hard to find safeties in today's league?).


Cam Little, K - Arkansas

Cam made his mark on the game by making both his field goal attempts of 26 and 48 yards. But the 48-yarder was what caught everyone's eye because it looked like it would have been good from about 62 yards.

Is Little a fit for the Packers?

Gutekunst already brought in one kicker for competition with Anders Carlson, and even said as much that Jack Podlesny was the best he could do at the time. It would not surprise me to see a kicker drafted at the very end for even more competition. Little was perfect for all 129 of his career extra points, a sore spot for Carlson this year. They have similar accuracies in college, but Little shined a little bit more in Carlson's weak spot, of kicks in the 40-49 yard range. Three kickers in a preseason is a little much, but I wouldn't be against the Packers stabling an extra kicker on the practice squad should Carlson not show any improvement.


Only the very best kickers don't make it to the 7th Round, and while Little probably gained a little more notoriety, the 7th Round is where he shall stay for this projection.




They don't call them All-Star games for no reason, as this one was oozing with talent. Stay locked in CHTV faithful as "Gems" moves to the Senior Bowl coming up next.






Joseph has been an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers since 1997, citing an affinity for dairy products during his childhood and his favorite color, green. Born in Jacksonville, FL, Joseph currently is an Active Duty servicemember in the U.S. Armed Forces. Joseph considers himself a lifelong fan of the game of football, competing since his youth well into adulthood. When it comes to the Pack, Joseph is particularly impassioned about the NFL Draft and collegiate scouting process, and will contribute regularly on leading to that year's upcoming Draft. You can follow him on Twitter at @joeyreyallday.


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golfpacker1's picture

February 03, 2024 at 11:33 am

Holker was my sleeper TE and my pick to replace Deguara, but he played to well at that game to slide past the 3rd round. Maybe we already have a different TE to replace Deguara, or we don't need that position filled. I have always wondered why teams just don't put an athletic TE @ H-Back. Sims could do it.

I have been watching Blake Watson for a while and he is intriguing. He was great in Memphis's bowl game and performed well in the Shrine game too. He is in this great group of Aaron Jones clones that will be available from the 3rd round thru the 5th round. Watson even later. Marshawn Lloyd, Bucky Irving, Will Shipley, Ray Davis, Dylan Laube, Jaylen Wright, Frank Gore. We can't miss with so many available.

And Just like Safety, we don't need to spend a #1 pick on any of them, to get great players to fill some of our biggest holes.

The Packers are sitting pretty @ #25. If a stud, [AT A POSITION OF NEED] falls to us, we can grab them and still have 2 second rounders to fill other holes. If some team is anxious or needy enough to trade up with us, we can grab some more premium picks and still get our top Safety and whatever. A trade back with the Giants for both of their 2nd rounders. That would make 4 second round picks! They need a QB and could come back into the first for Penix, Mcnamara, or Nix.

How would a dream 2nd round of Kinchen or Nubin @Saftey, Cooper Beebe or Van Pran @ Guard, Braelon Allen @ RB, and T J Tampa or Khyree Jackson @ CB sound for a start to our draft. 4 holes filled with 4 starters. Then add a top ILB and Edge in the 3rd. WOW, A great start to a super important draft.

3 points
Minniman's picture

February 04, 2024 at 02:07 am

The Packers should be looking at that smaller Aaron Jones type as the model for their next RB.

With so much O-line motioning now, the role that they need to fill is that shifty scat back - rather than the downhill bruiser - the gaps are slow developing and small, and they need that type of a player to exploit them.

1 points
Minniman's picture

February 04, 2024 at 02:21 am

The Center Jackson Powers-Johnson created a LOT of buzz.

A strong o-line unlocks a LOT a RB potential.

Joseph, I thought that you might have created a case for him over Josh Myers?

If there's a run on OT's early in the draft, Perhaps in that scenario the smart play is to bring in a stud IOL and build out?

1 points
stockholder's picture

February 04, 2024 at 07:30 am

I'd take Johnson over any OT.
They tried him everywhere.
And he held his own- everywhere

2 points
golfpacker1's picture

February 04, 2024 at 10:16 am

Amen to that thought Stockholder. He might be one of the few I would take @ # 25, because he can excel at multiple positions. So far, this draft is setting up really well for GB because Safeties won't start coming off the board until after the top ten of the 2nd round. So we should have a top 3 pick of our choice. On multiple sites only 2 other teams have Safety as a top need. KInchen, Nubin, Hicks, Bullock all 2nd rounders.

There is a really strong group of second tier, 5 thru 10, CBs hoe we can get in the 2nd round. T J Tampa, Khyree Jacksom, Cam Hart, Max Melton, Kamak Hadden all would help us immediately.

If Jackson Powers Johnson is gone, and we could trade back, I like Cooper Beebe in the 2nd round. He would start @ LG right away. Zac Zinter is a really good one' has played Center too, and should recover from the broken leg ok. The other top Center/Guard is from Georgia, Sedrick Van Pran. Ther are multiple OTs that could play guard too that won't cost a top 100 pick.

0 points