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Cory's Corner: Murphy & Gute Setting The Tone

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Cory's Corner: Murphy & Gute Setting The Tone

You don’t have to like Mark Murphy or Brian Gutekunst, but the best word to describe them in this power-shifting season has simply been strong.

There may have been guys that you likely wanted the front office to get, but the one major knock on Ted Thompson was that he held on to guys too long. 

Rest easy, because if this season is any indication, that isn’t about to happen with Murphy and Gutekunst.

They traded a player because he didn’t bring it on a consistent basis, traded another because he went rogue and fired a head coach because the team wasn’t responding after losing to the lowly Cardinals — who won in Green Bay for the first time since 1949. 

It’s not a secret anymore. The Packers have been an eyesore all season. You play 12 games, you are what you are and Green Bay is a 4-7-1 team still searching for its first road win. 

Of course, firing McCarthy is also a subliminal way of saying that “We screwed up!” Last year, coordinators Mike Pettine and Joe Philbin were brought in to hit the reset button and bring this team back to success. I give Pettine a ton of credit, because he has been coaching a defensive unit with masking tape and Elmer’s glue. Philbin has been a mystery because nobody knows how much autonomy he had before McCarthy was shown the door. 

Firing McCarthy will go down as the second toughest decision of Murphy and Gutekunst’s tenure, with the first being hiring their first head coach. If they screw this hire up and things go sideways in 2019, they will have to fire the coach again and start anew. They must get this right. 

I still don’t agree that McCarthy should’ve been fired when he did, mainly because with four games left a pro team cannot talk to another pro coach until the season’s over. The only potential coaches the Packers can talk to are college coaches and this is a complicated job that shouldn’t be handed off to a college coach. 

But despite all that, this will wake up the locker room. And maybe that’s all they were after because most of this team looked like they’ve been sleepwalking through this season. We are already to December and it still looks like the Packers are preparing for the annual Bishop’s Charities Game.

Now is when Murphy and Gutekunst will find out who really wants to stay. It’s easy to strap it up when things are good but when things look bleak, you find out quick what players can’t hack it. 

It’s impossible to be tough when you started out soft but now that Murphy and Gutekunst have started out tough, it’s not going to take long for the Packers culture to make a U-turn. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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BoCallahan's picture

Are the Packers still searching for their identity or did they give up on that pursuit too?

The TKstinator's picture

Like a lost wallet?

LeotisHarris's picture

A lot of people are saying they're still searching.

Murphy should be searching for a new barber. Dude either cuts his own hair, or is getting grooming tips from Radiers' owner Mark Davis.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

I cut my own hair and I look awesome.

LeotisHarris's picture

I have no doubt you do, Doug. And whomever disliked your post deserves to suffer a bad haircut.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I am guessing Dom Capers disliked the post.

The TKstinator's picture

He of the amazingly consistent hair, yet wildly inconsistent defenses.

The TKstinator's picture

It does seem as though the haters be busy hatin’, however;

Does one question the beauty of a sunset?
Does one blame the predator for seeking its prey?
Does one attempt to explain the awesomeness of Leotis?

A peaceful soul is achieved by accepting that which one cannot change.
Haters gonna hate; it’s what they do.

Yet I prefer
Beef: it’s what’s for dinner.

The TKstinator's picture

Doug, you are also one heckuva fisherman.

Gort's picture

You all are a bunch of bull shippers and I am proud to be allowed to post my BS along with yours!

The TKstinator's picture

Wouldn’t have it any other way, amigo.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Don't appreciate stupid bashing of Murphy

dobber's picture

Some out there are arguing that the tone being set is one of randomly lashing out.

The TKstinator's picture

Like a blind rattlesnake?

TheVOR's picture

Should have entitled this "The Blind Leading the Blind". Even though I believe MM needed to move on, he was a scape goat for a much bigger problem, which was the complacency of Mark Murphy's lack of leadership during the Ted Thompson era. Thompson should have been fired much sooner than he was. Bad draft after bad draft, bad S&C training staff with decimated rosters. They still don't get it. Gutz is a Ted Disciple, until they flush the toilet, the franchise is in decline.

PAPackerbacker's picture

There are a lot of changes that have been made this season and I'm sure more in the future that will make or break the 2019 season. Firing MM before the end of the season should send a strong message to the rest of the team. If this move does not light a fire under the players and coaches for the remainder of the season and beyond then perhaps it is time for them to move on. It's a wake up call to see who wants to be a Packer and who does not. So I'm sure there is a lof of concern, as there should be, how each player or coach will fit into the future plans of the Green Bay Packers organization.

John Galt's picture

"The only potential coaches the Packers can talk to are college coaches and this is a complicated job that shouldn’t be handed off to a college coach. "

Yeah, total shame that Pete Carroll left USC, went to Seattle and won the Super Bowl. Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer. Oh, never mind

Mike Pettine was a high school coach. One of the teams where he coached plays St, Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia. That school's present coach, Gabe Infante, could do the job.

The NFL is so complex, so nuanced that only an NFL coach who last year was 4 and 12 or 3 and 13 can possibly take over @ GB.

Talk about idiotic conventional wisdom.

Stu M's picture

Jimmy Johnson is an exception not the rule.
Nick Saban(arguably the best College HC) was 15-17 as an NFL head coach. Barry Switzer was blessed with Jimmy's team.
Pete Carroll is a gum smacking goof who got lucky with Russell Wilson and an elite defense.
Mike Pettine has a 10-22 NFL HC record.

Not every new NFL head coach has to be a 4-12 or 3-13 hasbeen.. I would rather an NFL OC or DC from a winning program than a college head coach.

Gort's picture

Yeah, I know it's ancient history, but 2 words come to me:
Dan Devine

flackcatcher's picture


LeotisHarris's picture

I hear you, Gort. Not so ancient history includes great college coaches like Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, Dennis Erickson, and Butch Davis. Chip Davis didn't let the door hit him in the ass getting back to the college ranks.

I think the HC position is a lot about who he can bring with him to complete his staff. Holmgren had "his guys" when he moved to Seattle. Andy Reid has relied a lot on Brad Childress for KCs dynamic offense. On the other hand, Gruden is struggling in Oakland with Edgar Bennet and Mike Trgovac on his staff; yet those were guys who had a history with him.

Maybe Murph and Gute will bring in Bret Bielema. He's rested, and he's a master of that dumb-guy-staring-into-the-sun-look we're all so familiar with from Coach McCarthy.

Gort's picture

Much of a college coach's time and expertise is spent on recruiting incoming freshmen players. None of that is needed in the NFL.

Old School's picture

The next Packer HC is responsible for putting a solid product on the field while simultaneously helping the organization transition to the post-Rodgers era. That means he has to maximize Rodgers while developing his replacement.

That's all we need is a guy who can do that.

The TKstinator's picture

And feed Jones.
And manage timeouts.
And call for more quick passes.

Guam's picture

I would not include Barry Switzer on a list of college coaches who successfully made the transition to the pros, but you could substitute Jim Harbaugh's name instead. You could also talk about all of the college coaches who did not successfully transition to the pros (Nick Saban, Lou Holtz, Greg Schiano, etc. etc.).

Hiring a new head coach is not a science and while no stone should be left unturned, I believe the overall track record of college coaches moving to the pros has not been stellar (which is why there is "conventional wisdom"). I would prefer someone with experience in the pros. That does not rule not college coaches, but I would like them to have been exposed to the pro game somewhere in their career.

dobber's picture

I tend to agree. I want someone who has some experience coaching pro players. That COULD still come from the college ranks, but likely not.

If there's one college coach I would consider, I'll admit that I'm intrigued by Pat Fitzgerald. He's taken Northwestern and kept them relevant for years. He's still young, a leader, and not the "rah, rah" type that seems to meet cynicism from pro players. I suspect he'll pick coordinators and coaches and let them coach...and likely ones who are good teachers.

Cubbygold's picture

That'd be an interesting hire, but I suspect he's staying at NW for life

Houndog's picture

"Murphy & Gute Setting The Tone"? Oh Really!
What was it that I saw the past 6-8 years from Murphy as he held onto Ted Thompson while the team continued to slide with poor drafting and nearly no action on the fee agency and/or trade markets?
I gotta' believe that the only reason Murphy has gotten off his dead a$$ is that the Executive Committee had gotten tired of watching him do nothing.
I hope I'm wrong, but with Murphy's new Power Monger structure at least the next chip will fall where it belongs.

LeotisHarris's picture

"Power Monger." I like it. If Ol' Murph was a professional wrestler The Power Monger could be his name, or the name of his signature finishing move.

Now, spend the rest of the day trying to get the image of Murphy wearing wrestling tights out of your head.

badaxed's picture

I prefer " Bulldog Murphy".

LeotisHarris's picture

Bulldog Murphy is great!

GVPacker's picture

Well it's about time! Holding people accountable is a novel concept and it seems to work. If you don't produce your out.....Dilly Dilly!!!!!

Lphill's picture

Pettine head coach, Van Pelt offensive co, Larry Fitzgerald defense , special teams Kevin Green

GVPacker's picture

Pettine as the "New Head Coach" I like that! And bringing back Kevin Green is a plus too!

Rak47's picture

Except it won't happen. I hope Pettine returns but I have severe doubts it will be as HC. There is always the chance someone interviews and hits it out of the park, but regardless of what firm Murphy uses to locate GM candidates I have to believe Gute has his own personal shortlist. I think 3 of those on his shortlist would include Philbin, McDaniels, and Defillipo. I'm never right when it comes to picking Packer coaches as it seems much harder to predict than even who they might pick on draft day. But to me those three make the most sense bases on their experience and what the Packers need imho.

Skip greenBayless's picture

My list is completely opposite of most. I think they will go with someone older with experience and more defensive or insultive oriented to deal with Rodgers off and on the field antics. My top three subject to change are Rex Ryan, Don Rickles and Jim Harbaugh. Rodgers will not know how to deal with any these three as they could publicly humiliate him just as much as he can in return. Any of these three coaches can keep Rodgers' weaponized mouth in check and simply force his attention to football only. They might even force him to not speak to reporters just like Winston Moss. These three are definitely what Winston had in mind when he referred to strong leadership with accountability.

Gort's picture

Thumbs up from an old sailor for C.P.O Sharkey!

Since '61's picture

From NBC sports on the 2018 Packers:

"There likely isn’t only one area to affix blame for the slide of the Packers, but the erosion of talent on the roster is certainly a contributing factor as Rodgers has been asked to make something happen out of nothing far too regularly." Thanks TT.

Hopefully Gute can continue to rebuild the roster during the off season with our draft picks and some FAs. Thanks, Since '61

D.D. Driver's picture

Continue to rebuild? So far he is just tearing apart. Let's be honest: considering that Rodgers was hurt most of last year: this team looks *worse* this year than last year.

I *love* the 2018 draft. But Gutes trades and free agent signings have been somewhere between a nothingburger and a disaster. The Packer got what 5(?) tackles out of Wilkerson before he shut it down. Graham is old and slow and tired and mediocre. Supposedly, Randall is a bubble pro bowler for the Browns while Deshone Kizer was easily outplayed by Hundley in training camp.

Cubbygold's picture

Why bring this up. Its clear that both Hundley and Kizer are turds that will never make it in this league. Quit trying to pretend like either are worthy of a roster spot, or that the difference is material

D.D. Driver's picture

I bring it up because the Packers *traded* for Kizer and then had to keep him on the roster just to save face.

Lphill's picture

Not to mention Rodgers taking the field with only one veteran receiver and a bunch of inexperienced young guys.

Tarynfor12's picture

I've been saying this team has a grade of C-/C+ players for years overall. Yes, there are exceptions but not enough to over come the low average talent of the whole.
Rodgers has carried the water and now via multi injuries and age simply cannot carry the same load.
HC has been given low talent players to make a SB cake and all you get is half baked pie.
Gute is being praised for making moves...what stellar moves has been made...none. Except he has made low level FA moves that only rearranged the basement furniture.
We'll know more truth about Gute via the new HC and when real FA moves are made and his ability to do well in the draft, especially with what we haven't had in draft capital/power unseen since 09' as somewhat in comparison.
We've been a grade C team for longer than some accept because of Rodgers. The problem is Rodgers just can't cover it up anymore...period.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Agreed that the talent level is substandard, but I’ve argued for years that it the intentional result of the rules of the NFL. Draft positions are designed to cause parity with teams swinging back and forth from good to bad as a result. In today’s NFL it is extremely hard to stay good or stay bad over extended periods of time. Patriots, Packers and Steelers are the anomalies just like the Browns and Bears are. And even the Browns and Bears are showing some life.

It is our turn to get better now...hopefully without having to drop into the top ten draft slots for an extended run.

Tarynfor12's picture

To easy and to often goes into blaming the draft position for a low talent team. Draft has not been the only concern for failure....FA, wrong resigns, wrong releases, etc.

D.D. Driver's picture

It's not just draft position. Having a franchise QB is a double-edged sword. Once you have to pay a franchise QB salary, you will always holes and thin spots in your roster. There just isn't enough money under the cap to have studs at every position. It's a game of whack-a-mole.

Johnblood27's picture

I am certain that you were spouting the same "sky is falling" feces in 2010.

Nothing is ever good enough for you.

We all see that improvement is needed, is it really necessary to constantly pitch in with the extra torches and pitchforks?

...and the "I told you so" crap is old, trite and worn out as well.

Tiresome drivel.

Troll be gone!

Tarynfor12's picture

No, I've been saying it for around 4.5 years.

I'm not easily satisfied,yes, but accepting low quality just because of being a fan,never.

My torch and pitchfork is no different from any other who has now recently begun to be wielded...I was just not afraid to lead the charge against the popular false believers.

The ' I Told You So ' is not old, trite and worn out since nothing has been done to make it so...but we'll see over the next 9 months when a newer version, optimistically of course, of Packer football takes the field in Sept.

Tiresome should take a break from reading and responding to my comments.....but you can' need me to keep the fire going.

Troll be old are you? How juvenile!

flackcatcher's picture

Well, some see you dancing on the grave as a bit too much. And at times you do edge into troll like behavior.....BUT, while harsh, your comments do reflect many fan concern about this organization. While I disagree with you about 50% of the time, you do make me think. And overall, that's a good thing.

Tarynfor12's picture

" Well, some see you dancing on the grave as a bit too much"

When the walking dead player(s) are easily resurrected via a play made every 4 weeks, I find it my duty to protect others and stomp the zombie back in it's hole.

LeotisHarris's picture

"I was just not afraid to lead the charge against the popular false believers."

"I find it my duty to protect others and stomp the zombie back in it's hole."

You make good points, but the drama above makes me think you should get a dog, or at the very least lighten up a bit.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Too funny but like it!

buddrow53's picture

Some real idiots here eh?
Keep posting some people cant seem to get rid of the rose colored glasses.

Go pack Go

Old School's picture

Yes, that #8 passing offense talent poor.

dobber's picture

"I still don’t agree that McCarthy should’ve been fired when he did, mainly because with four games left a pro team cannot talk to another pro coach until the season’s over."

What's the difference between a lame-duck, coaching out an underwhelming season when everyone knows he's on the way out, and an interim finishing the year for him? The Packers sent a message to all those who see themselves as HC material that they'll be in the market before anyone (but Cleveland) has made that firm claim. Whether or not the Packers can talk to coaching candidates (all are rumored at this point, of course), coaching candidates noticed.

They've also sent a message to the team by dealing a starting S, a starting CB, and their talented but fragile third-down back, that the play needs to pick up and that draft status doesn't mean much. If they play meaningfully better down the stretch and win 3 or even 4 games, some might argue that the draft hit will be prohibitive...but what if it encourages the best HC candidate--and best match for the Packers--to see this as a great opportunity and comes to GB? Let's not forget that this Packers team is auditioning for coaching candidates. Sounds like a win to me.

flackcatcher's picture

I think you make the best case dobber. So let me make the worst. Murphy makes the call. Gute draft goes bad in a big way, Packers have their third straight losing season. The executive committee acts. Packer president gone, GM gone, new HC fired. Total road grade time. Rebuild to playoffs, 3-5 years minimum, if the Packers are lucky. As much as I hate to say this, the future of the Green Bay Packers are in the hands of 40 odd folks we fans know nothing about. Looking back on it, the executive committee should have fired Murphy for his mishandling of the whole GM situation alone. Too late now, damage has been done. I can only hope they move before the damage becomes far worse.

D.D. Driver's picture

They certainly sent a message...but did it get through? So, the team got less talented to send a message that got through to nobody. Not that any of these players are world beaters. But they are better than Eddie Pleasant....

Under Murphy/Gute, the team seems to have gotten worse in the last year. Too many meaningless messages and not enough competent replacements.

D.D. Driver's picture

<double post>

Cubbygold's picture

Yeah, I'm confident Murphy did it to spare McCarthy of a painful last month

Ferrari Driver's picture

Too many players around the league say "We are having fun playing for XXXXX head coach" I think some of the Packers players are finding out, they are being paid enormous salaries compared to you average Green Bay worker and they better perform. If they want to have fun, go have it at the zoo on your day off. Green Bay fans pay for and deserve a top notch team that puts it all on the line every down they are on the field. Perhaps if they do lay it on the line and win a Lombardi Tropyhy, it will automatically be fine as it was during the Lombardi years.

LeotisHarris's picture

Do you have a list of which players are finding out they're being paid enormous salaries compared to average workers in Green Bay? I'd like to see their Wonderlic scores, and I have a great deal on pre-paid long distance calling cards for them.

The TKstinator's picture

Hold it! I’m going to need some hard data re: Packer salaries vs. the average Green Bay worker. I think at best this is merely unknown territory, conjecture, and innuendo. Until I see some proof, I’m going to continue to hold to the belief that while SOME players may have SLIGHTLY higher wages than the average GB worker, I’m relatively certain that on balance, things are in line overall. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just heard a tree knock out in the backyard, which I’m sure is bigfoot. Going to investigate now.

Ferrari Driver's picture

The average income for a Green Bay employee is listed as $46,964 per year. Here is the link and the average salary is trending down:

The total current salary for the Packers' roster is $228,559,280.00.
Thus, the average income for a Green Bay Packer player is approximately $2,426,415.
Here is the link with the salaries and breakdown:

I think the fans and residents of Green Bay deserve better treatment by the CEO, Murphy. The residents had to pay a sales tax to build an addition to Lambeau Field whether they were football fans or not. I live in California and our salaries are much higher, but we do have higher living expenses without a doubt. Yet Green Bay fans have their ticket prices in the middle of the pack and yet they sit on metal bleacher benches instead of more comfortable and spacious seats that you find in every professional football stadium I have ever been in other than Lambeau Field.

This should be enough data for you to draw your own conclusion.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I have no problem getting rid of MM when they did. This isn't some factory canning someone 2 weeks before they get to retire, he'll be fine. How many times was Mccarthy, or Rodgers, or anyone else who would be interviewed be asked the same questions about next year and give the same answers when the writing was on the wall. And yes, it does give them a leg up on next year. I don't care what the rules say, it's ignorant to think that off the record conversations won't or haven't already occurred.

Lare's picture

I agree, Gutekunst said that he already had a list of potential candidates. Despite the rules you can bet that they've already had informal conversations with the agents of some of them to see if they may be interested. That probably includes some that may be potential coordinator candidates depending on who is hired as HC.

dobber's picture

I can't remember whether it was Wolf or even TT who said he always kept an updated list of coaching candidates, just in case (I could be wrong and thinking of Doug Melvin, too). Whatever the case, my bet is that every GM worth his salt always has some kind of wish list hiding either in the back of his mind or on a napkin or back of an envelope somewhere.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

It was probably wolf, I can't remember TT ever saying anything

Archie's picture

I would go so far as to say that Murphy did teh honorable thing by letting a "dead-man-walking" HC go early rather than wait till the season is over. McCarthy got to say goodbye to everybody and we move forward. Making Philbin the interim HC was logical but he lacks the drive and charisma of a real HC. If he is selected to follow McCarthy I will puke. Nice guy but c'mon, what went on in Miami on his watch was as bad as it gets. Also, he failed to have any positive impact on the Pack this year. I really like Pettine but he is probably best as a DC. No, we have to go outside the Packer organization to find our new HC. McCarthy's coaching staff is by and large sub-par although Campen has done a really good job in the last several years. I would like to keep both Pettine and Campen but that should be the prerogative of the new HC. The OC at NOR is my dark horse candidate.

dobber's picture

"No, we have to go outside the Packer organization to find our new HC."

I had a senior colleague who once said about positions of leadership: "You don't grow or improve if all you do is promote from within." I think he was mostly right.

Packers0808's picture

The tone they are setting is horrible! Blame the coach and keep the quarterback, who is running the team. When you see Rodgers out there laughing and smiling more than once when woefully over throwing his receivers you should know the problem isn't coach immediately! The problem lies in management putting the blame in the wrong place, and with that tone this team will be a repeat of the 70s-90s! Hate to say much is going to be bad in GB for a verrrrrrrrrrrry long time to come with The Gute and Murphy!

Samson's picture

It would be nice if it were " a verrrrrrrrrrrry long time" before you ever post again. -- Everyone's read your repeated opinion numerous times. -- Time for you to find another hobby.

Packers0808's picture

Then don't read it, my opinion is as good as anyone elses! Always someone who thinks only they are important, so why don't you give up posting?

Skip greenBayless's picture

Never mind him Packers0808. I liked what you had to say as do many others. Samson's clearly trying to Winston Moss you. Only Jersey Al has the power to Winston Moss anyone here. At ease.

TheBigCheeze's picture

MM had to was long overdue.....absolute worst clock mgt in the nfl.....poor off. play calling.....didn't fire gad-ZOOK.......absolute worst player utilization ever.....good luck, but good riddance......

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Agree 100 percent. I don't expect some reinvent the NFL coach, chip Kelly 2.0. I want someone who understands timeouts, clock management, in game adjustments, attacking a team's weakness, staying with players who are hot, throwing the ball at the opposing teams best CB when his arm is flopping at his side. He treated the Aaron Jones/Jamal Williams situation like its Pop Warner, they don't have to get the same carries. One is better, it's the NFL, its OK.

nostradanus's picture

McCarthy got complacent and his message got stale.
Also it seems like the whole team got soft playing paintball and bowling instead of practicing.
The Packers need a hard headed azz kicker!
Jim Harbaugh, love him or hate him would solve that part.
My vote is for Harbaugh as the next Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers!

Stu M's picture

Especially with Urban Meyer retiring, I find it hard to believe Jim will leave coaching his alma mater(some say his dream job).

D Ernie's picture

Look we all knew this was coming sooner rather than later. the overall talent on this team wasn't competitive and Rodgers arm wasn't enough to make up the difference.
The bad news the season is lost, the good news the org understands its time for a change and is moving towards improving things. Good

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I like everything about the change. The problem is hearing Murphy now say he is a football guy and knows what he is doing. Ummm....excuse me! Where the hell were you since end of 2014 season. Gag!!!!

MIA = Murphy

Lare's picture

What should Murphy have done after the 2014 season?

The Packers went 12-4 that season, won a Divisional Playoff game and lost in the Conference Championship game in OT. In 2015 they went 10-6, won a Wildcard game but lost in the Divisional Playoff game in OT. In 2016 they went 10-6, won a Wildcard game, won the Divisional Playoff game and lost in the Conference Championship. So after those seasons you're saying Murphy should have made wholesale changes and started firing people?

I'd agree if you said after the 2017 season as it then became apparent that the talent level of players and coaches was lacking after Rodgers became injured. But until that time the Packers were experiencing really good success as an organization, no CEO is going to start canning people with that level of success.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Instead of waiting until last year and then reviewing THREE player evaluations he (the carpet bagger) should have been reviewing player evaluation and retention all along.

Are you kidding me?

Ted's health publically questioned, the rift now becoming evident between him and Mike do know they all have offices in the same building?
And it's not like it is a real big building.

Amazing how these guys get passes for basic and obvious management flaws.

Old School's picture

Didn't we go to the Championship game in 2016?

LeotisHarris's picture

We did, yes, as Lare noted. We lost the 2016 season NFCCG to Atlanta. Game was played in January 2017.

The TKstinator's picture

I didn’t.
I wasn’t even on the team.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Murphy is not going to HOLD ON TO PEOPLE TO LONG!

wow its almost as if he just arrived, a spring breath of fresh air and not the bitter draught of winter chill

How do you write this stuff without reading it?

LeotisHarris's picture

I'll take "What is Irony" for $500, Alex.

Since &#039;61's picture

The Packers new HC brings Capers back as his DC. Thanks, Since ‘61

packergal's picture

"The Packers new HC brings Capers back as his DC. Thanks, Since ‘61"

And the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor--again!

Gort's picture

I'll take "sarcasm" for $200, Alex.

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