Cheesehead Origins: Robin Adams of Wisconsin Sports Heroics Shares His Fan Story

Learn all about the co-owner of Wisconsin Sports Heroics!

Welcome to Cheesehead Origins, an offseason series geared toward showcasing Packer fans with interesting fandom origin stories! CheeseheadTV is devoted to Packer fans worldwide, and we want to hear (and share) your stories. 


I’ve covered a wide variety of people in this Cheesehead Origins series so far, and this is the second time I’m taking someone who was mentioned numerous times in comments. It’s Robin Adams, the part-owner of Wisconsin Sports Heroics.

I’ve had some interactions with Robin on Twitter and have followed him for some time, and he’s clearly well liked. I constantly see him joking around with a bunch of other content creators within the blogosphere, but I haven’t had much of a chance to get to know him myself. So I was eager to have the chance to learn a bit more about the man, who’s apparently right here in Milwaukee with yours truly, and a teacher as well.

“I am a middle school ELA [English Language Arts) teacher in Milwaukee, but taught just about every subject at the middle school level in Racine for nine years before,” he said in his introduction.

Robin is generally around my age, so our earliest memories of Packer fandom occur at the same time: right around the beginning of the Packers’ ascendancy into NFL relevance and then dominance. It was an exciting time for the team, no doubt, and for kids like us it was easy to take for granted. While all we ever knew as children was competitive football (and really, my entire life now), our parents knew better. They went from the glory of the Lombardi years to the desert of the next two and a half decades.

Clearly, though, Robin was raised right. The Packers were a fixture in his home growing up, so much so that, well…

“My earliest related Packers memories are ‘Majik’ being my first word, as The Majik Man was the Packers’ quarterback at the time I was born,” he said. 

That’s right–the man’s first word was the nickname of a Packers player. Impressive.

“Every Sunday as a child was some kind of Packers party at a relative’s house,” he went on, describing a scene I’m sure many Wisconsinites experienced for themselves as children. “My dad was the person who got me into Wisconsin sports in general, so I attribute my Packers fandom to him.”

Despite being an in-state diehard for his entire life, Robin has actually only managed to make it to one Packers game at Lambeau in his life so far (something he’ll need to work to correct! ;) ). It came during his sophomore year of high school, back in 2003. 

“I remember we lost to the Chiefs in a high-scoring affair,” he recalled. “Brett Favre was brilliant, Ahman Green was so cool, it was really cold.”

The Packers tended to have trouble with the Chiefs in the Favre era, and many in the stands (including Robin, most likely) were hoping those troubles would be reversed. And for three quarters of the game, it looked like the Packers had everything under control. The Packers entered the fourth quarter with a 34-14 lead, only to allow the Chiefs to rack up 20 points in the fourth quarter and then lose in overtime on a 51 yard touchdown from Trent Green to Eddie Kennison… a classic display of early 2000s defense from the Packers.

So perhaps Robin’s presence was bad luck, or perhaps it was just your standard Ed Donatell defensive meltdown. But Robin has not been to another game since. And with children, as I know all too well, that’s only become more difficult. Even watching the game from home can be challenging.

“Typically watching a game from home includes me watching on any available screen, which is, any that is not dominated by my son’s shows,” he said. “It could be the TV, computer, my phone or smoke signals.”

But Robin always finds a way somehow to take in the game. He has to, considering his responsibilities at Wisconsin Sports Heroics.

“The site covers all professional sports in Wisconsin, as well as Wisconsin Badgers sports and Marquette Basketball,” said Robin. “[it] has taken off in recent months, growing beyond what I thought it could. I am very excited for our future.”

A look at the site reveals a pretty standard blog feed, but what’s impressive is the sheer quantity of content for a relatively upstart site. Under Packers content alone, there’s multiple articles being published a day even right now in the “news desert” that is the month of May. It’s something we accomplish here at CheeseheadTV, but this is a much more established website with a seemingly larger base of writers. WSH is churning out the content at an impressive pace.

Robin got involved a couple years ago right when the website was first getting off the ground.

“I started to be interested in writing about the Packers a couple of years ago when I saw a post asking for writers for a new Wisconsin sports website,” he said. “I answered the post and was hired to cover the Milwaukee Bucks. Eventually I moved up to covering all three teams, and then up to part-owner of the site.”

The site also features the writing of another Cheesehead Origins feature from earlier this spring, Sam Holman, whose work has drawn praise from a variety of people across Twitter, including our own Dusty Evely. 

Robin has put a tremendous amount of work into the site, and it shows. He puts in about 400 published articles per year for the platform about the Packers, Brewers and Bucks. The platform has a following of 73,000 on Facebook, which is where it does its biggest numbers, and its Twitter following has been growing as well, helped in large part by the talented writers it’s been bringing in.

For his part, Robin is just grateful for all of the content that exists in the Packers blogosphere, especially the writers he’s been able to work with directly.

“Shoutout to all the writers who are or who have been involved in making Wisconsin Sports Heroics great. And to Jimmy and Todd for their support, but not Erin.”


Huge thank you to Robin for participating! You can find him on twitter at @theotherRobin19. 

Next week: a VERY familiar face to you all and one of the OGs of the Packer blogosphere and Packer Twitter. See you then.



Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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May 19, 2022 at 09:08 am

Isn't this the site that AL mentioned just a week ago? LOL

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May 19, 2022 at 09:29 am

At least in my memory: had exactly the same reaction.

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May 19, 2022 at 03:30 pm

Well, I don't begrudge anyone their money. But WI sports heroics is IMO not something I personally go to...

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