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Three Wide Receivers Among 10 Players Packers Add to Practice Squad

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Three Wide Receivers Among 10 Players Packers Add to Practice Squad

The Green Bay Packers established their 10-man practice squad on Sunday with all 10 players having been with the team during training camp.

Among the 10 players were three wide receivers: Kevin Dorsey, Myles White and Alex Gillett.

Each of the three provides a unique skillset, making them valuable to the Packers.

Dorsey, a seventh round draft choice in 2013, has the most special teams value.

White, who was on the Packers roster for seven games last season, provides an element of deep speed and is the most suited as a slot receiver.

Meanwhile, Gillett—who was on the practice squad in 2013—was the most consistent of the three during training camp.

A quick round-up of the seven other players signed:

  • Safety Chris Banjo—After playing in all 16 games for the Packers last season, Banjo returns takes a step backward to the practice squad. He made a strong statement in the final preseason game with solid special teams play and a veteran's knowledge of the team's defense.
  • Running back Michael Hill—The Packers invite Hill back for a second go-around after playing two games for the Packers last season and six more with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He returned one kickoff with the Packers in 2013.
  • Center Garth Gerhart—Gerhart is back for a third year on the Packers practice squad. As long as J.C. Tretter remains sidelined with a knee injury, Gerhart will be viewed as an insurance policy in case Corey Linsley gets hurt.
  • Tackle Jeremy Vujnovich—Raw and athletic, Vujnovich looks to build on his impressive performance in the Packers' preseason finale when he entered the game in relief of an injured Aaron Adams.
  • Linebacker Adrian Hubbard—Despite suffering a knee injury in the fourth preseason game, the undrafted rookie will continue his development on the practice squad. At 6-6, Hubbard has size the Packers can't teach.
  • Defensive lineman Luther Robinson—With only five defensive linemen on the Packers' 53-man roster, Robinson finds himself in a good situation.
  • Tight end Justin Perillo—Perillo is taking advantage of an injury to fellow tight end Jake Stoneburner to extend his stay in Green Bay.

The Packers did not claim any players from other NFL teams off waivers on Sunday.

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zsooners's picture

That's 11

CH Pack Fan's picture

I assume this means that one of the 11 will be let go in the next 24-48 hours. Though, in one way, we are likely screwed if any of these players must contribute in 2014 anyway, I am pleased that they were able to add back most of these guys. Rolle reminds me of Tramon, in that he was UDFA, then practice squad, then 3rd CB, then high level NFL starter. Rolle is on step 2. But I like what I have seen so far.

Allan Murphy's picture

No that's 10

CH Pack Fan's picture

Brian had the 10 practice squad names as of August 31 listed above, without Rolle, so if Rolle was somehow going to be "on" the PS, he was the 11th ("but these go to 11… It's one more than 10." But I digress).

In any event, they "fixed" it today when they cut Gillett, and added Rolle. Rolle to me was more valuable than any of the 3 WRs; not sure why GBP chose to get rid of Gillett as opposed to the other two WRs, but oh well. I think all 3 of them are just guys, much like Tori Gurley, Diondre Borel, etc… WRs that are serviceable can be found anywhere (hell, we picked up a guy off of Jacksonville's waiver wire….), but CBs who can play are tough to find. Not saying that Rolle can play in the league (too soon for that), but I feel better about his chances than any of the 3 WRs.

Imma Fubared's picture

Most of these guys are non factors. If they had talent they would be playing. Three years on practice squad? Time to move on.

GoldFinger's picture

Happy for all these guys. It's good work if you can get it. Beats the alternative.

kramolev's picture

I don't think Rolle is on the PS.

DraftHobbyist's picture

Rolle won't be signed to the PS until tomorrow, where they likely cut Gillett.

Stroh's picture

This is what I see happening w/ Rolle.

Goodson is injured (concussion) and the Packers can release him. If they release him w/ an injury settlement they can't touch him for 6 weeks (even the PS). Rolle is still out there, and even tho he has had offers from numersous other teams for a PS spot he hasn't signed w/ any of them.

Once Goodson is healthy, they release him and then sign him to the PS. They then sign Rolle to the 53 roster. It completely explains why Goodson is on the team and Rolle hasn't signed w/ another teams PS. The Packers will sign Rolle to the 53 roster as soon as Goodson is cleared medically and can be released (and then signed to the PS).

TommyG's picture

Rumor is that another O-lineman will be coming in too.

The TKstinator's picture

Can't believe GB didn't load up on players from SF and Seattle. Passing up tons of valuable enemy intel.

I'm being very sarcastic.

GoldFinger's picture

I need to set the record straight on this intel. This was socomaca's theory not mine. If you want to keep jabbing at this go to him but keep me out of this as I am getting tired of it. My theory was the Flynn/Rodgers friendship theory which we know now was the correct reason as he was declared the no. 2. Had MM stuck Flynn at no. 3 than it would have been about intel. That's how I know and I just found out tonight when Stroh basically inadvertently congratulated me with this news. This verifies I was right about why he was retained. If you or anyone else can provide evidence to prove me wrong than please do so.

Stroh's picture

That explains why you defended it so vigorously I guess. Just like you saying Fri "Tolzien has passed Flynn at warp speed" and Sat saying "Flynn is only on the roster due to being Rodgers buddy" and Sun stating "Flynn is the #2 QB ahead of Tolzien due to being Rodgers buddy"

I mean this is the epitome of trolling for an argument! I guess the Packers aren't about putting player on the field that give them the best chance of winning. Its all about making sure Rodgers buddies are on the team and get to play.

Wonder if thats the case why Thompson didn't kiss Favre's ass and get Randy Moss for him?

Nothing but a lot of spin, and alot of wrong and even more trolling!

aj's picture

Goldfinger, I can assure you intel and frienships have nothing to do with flynn being ahead of tolzien. While tolzien had an impressive preseason, you have to keep in perspective it was just that, preseason. Tolzien does seem to have a future with the club as a long term backup or possible trade bait. Flynn is ahead on the depth chart solely due to the trust factor he brings when in the game. While he'll never win the game for you, he won't lose it. Tolzien doesn't have that trust yet, although his physical ability is definitely light years ahead of flynn's.

GoldFinger's picture

I don't see how he can have this overwhelming "trust" over Tolzien at this point. Not buying it. Look at the Detroit Thanksgiving game. That is where the trust factor applies to me. Flynn couldn't do jack against an above average attacking defense. He looked horrendous.

Against creampuff defenses like Atl and Dallas he was able to win barely thanks to Eddie Lacy and a Brett Favre like boneheaded pass by Romo that was picked off by the great Sammy Shields with the game on the line. If Romo doesn't make that assinine pass are you or anyone really looking at Flynn like he's Mr. Trustworthy? I doubt it.

I need proof is all I am saying. It is my belief that Rodgers had a say in this decision only. Not 100% but he probably stated his case because he's his best friend on the team. If you are TT and your franchise asks you to do something why wouldn't he listen? I think he would. Just my opinion/theory on this qb situation. Either way, it doesn't matter hopefully as long as Rodgers doesn't get hurt.

Stroh's picture

So the coaches should "trust" a QB w/ a 1/5 TD to INT ratio and 0-3 record but better passing stats, over the guy w/ 8-5 TD to INT ratio and 2-2-1 record that also scored more points in the preseason?

Try again. Your intel and buddy system theories are complete crap.

chirsle's picture

i dont get it. how does making flynn number 2 verifiy you were right about the silly intel thingy?

Stroh's picture

Or the reasoning for him even being #2 QB! It just boggles the mind doesn't it. Makes absolutely NO SENSE, but that's his "theory" and he expects everyone to believe it.

ben's picture

Dorsey, Guion, Hill & Perillo need to go.

Dorsey must have an 80% drop rate and lacks upside.
Guion is soooo just a guy. A waste of a roster spot.
Perkins is twice the back Hill is and should be on the practice squad.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Rather than 3 WRs, I would have preferred to see a guard on the PS, but only if there was a OG that TT liked, of course. If Gerhart does get waived when Tretter returns, maybe then. I thought Gerhart could play OG, but then I don't have a high opinion of Gerhart (or Lane Taylor, for that matter). Otherwise, it looks like the PS covers all the bases and had pretty good talent on it. Its composition changes every year during the season, so some of my favorites still have a chance to be signed (LB Thomas, for example).

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