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Report: Packers Working Out OL Adam Gettis

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Report: Packers Working Out OL Adam Gettis

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN:

Gettis is a third-year pro that spent his first two years with Washington.

After being selected as a fifth round draft choice, Gettis didn't play as a rookie.

In 2013, Gettis played in 13 games exclusively on special teams.

According to, Gettis played 47 snaps this preseason before being released by Washington, grading out with a positive +2.9 rating.

With Packers center J.C. Tretter nursing a knee injury, the Packers are thin on the interior of the offensive line.


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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I am not a fan of Lane Taylor. Gettis played for Iowa and was 2nd team Big Ten. Still, looks to me like JAG. Still, I don't have Taylor as rising to that level.

GoldFinger's picture

That's Ted!! Always working 24/7 tipping over every single rock in search for the best talent out there.

Don Hutson's picture

I wonder I the Packers are currently holding on to all three QBs partly as a draft-bait strategy to try to get something for Flynn. We are pretty thin at O-line until Tretter is back, and he has a history - though short - of injuries. O-Line has taken the greatest loss-to-injury impact from the preseason, except possibly at tight-end, and I'm not sure I'd equate the loss of Lyerla to the loss of Raji. If all goes right, we may be Super.

Go Pack Go.

GoldFinger's picture

Yet another possibility Don Hutson. I have to admit I also thought the same thing. So that makes yet another reason why Flynn was kept. Here are some of the reasons I have so far from various experts here as to why they kept Flynn starting with the most likely reasons first.

1. Intel - The Packers kept Flynn as no. 3 to prevent him from "talking". Yes, they sacrificed a spot for Flynn on the roster but the damage he could do with his mouth exceeds what Rolle could do in terms of production. Makes the most sense.

2. Friendship Factor with Rodgers - There's been several people discussing Aaron Rodgers being one of the oldest players on the team now and how having a so called "buddy" is important for his mental state during the season. Basically Flynn was kept on the team so Rodgers had someone he's close with to hang out during the season. Brett Favre in his later years was a loner and felt he had no one on the team to really talk to other than the janitor. That's why he had his own shower and bathroom from what I understand. The Packers are aware of this and don't want to make the same mistake with Rodgers. Thus Flynn makes the squad and will continue too until Rodgers retires.

3. Trade Bait - Another possibility he's kept short term to see if someone bites like the Rams who are absolutely in deep shit with their qb situation. They probably want Tolzien but Thompsons not an idiot.

4. They feel he's worthy of a spot - Probably the least likely of reasons he was kept but it needs to be said I guess. The Packers kept him because of his stellar play in the preseason.

The TKstinator's picture

1. Ridiculous
2. See #1 and repeat
3. Possibly
4. Most likely, but not due to just this preseason. More like body of work in GB.

GoldFinger's picture

So what you are saying is I have everything in reverse? I have gathered my own intel on this subject and this is what I came up with as the top 4 for now. Well, like Cow says, you are entitled to your opinion.

Stroh's picture

Wouldn't be unusual. Most of what you think is backwards! Flynn doesn't have much value in a trade, so you can count him out. If a trade for a backup QB in in the offing its for Tolzien. Packers would keep the one that wins for them and deal the one w/ a little potential, notice I said, a little.

Allan Murphy's picture

Next man up .....

Imma Fubared's picture

The Rams would take Pryor over Flynn. Flynn has already proven with three teams that he is not QB material. The only reason he is back is we were in a bind. I cannot think of any team trading for him or offering up anything for him.

GoldFinger's picture

The question Fubared is what is that "bind" we are in? Is it fear of intel? Is it fear of Rodgers not having someone close on the team to hang with? What is it Fubared. I would be interested in your thoughts as the real reason he was kept on?

I do agree with you. Matt Flynn is not a qb material as you say. Sean Jones said if he's our no. 2 quarterback then we don't have a backup quarterback. I believe that. I look at the Detroit Thanksgiving game last year against a great defense. That is how I judge Flynn. He was dreadful. That is why I have the top 4 in the order that I do. Scott Tolzien is clearly our no. 2 and we should not have kept him as a no. 3. There's something more to this story.

Stroh's picture

If we don't have a backup QB in Flynn, what does that make Tolzien? You said you believe Jone's saying no backup QB. So I guess that means our #3 QB isn't even deserving a roster spot. So all that bluster about how great Tolzien is, was just trolling for an argument. Congratulations, you just outted yourself! Just a troll who's been banned twice, at least!

GoldFinger's picture

Ah numbnuts, Sean Jones said clearly Scott Tolzien is better than Matt Flynn and should be the no. 2 and he is. Everyone on the planet knows this except you. I guess we are all trolls and should all be banned here and you can take this place over and play with yourself all day. You do that anyway but wouldn't that be great Stroh. You talking with yourself all day and agreeing with everything you say. You'd probably still end up fighting with yourself that's how much of a nut you are.

Stroh's picture

Keep dreaming. All that bluster just to out yourself. LMAO

The GrEEn kNiGhT's picture

If teams feared Intel then nobody would cut anybody who has been around for years. Which is Not the case. Multiple plays are run out of the same formation. So even if Flynn told them what we ran they are still guessing what play we will actually run. And I didn't this team was so good that they had spots on the roster for buddies. Hell sign me then! I will be his best friend and work for a quarter of Flynn's salary! Contact me pack. I will be the best friend Rodgers ever had!

zsooners's picture

There is no reason to keep Flynn, other than he managed the team last year to a couple wins. Maybe that's enough, they don't want history to repeat itself. Is Tolzien better? Yes, in isolation - but he, and the staff, need to see him prove it when it counts. Until then they have Flynn. I'm sure this is his last year in the NFL, and next year Tolzien will be the guy.

Stroh's picture

I agree this is Flynn's last go around. I just hope Tolzien is able to win games next year if asked. I think Flynn is the #2 this year, since they know they can win w/ him. If Tolzien can improve a little more, next year we'll be back to 2 QB's, w/ Rodgers and Tolzien. At that point they would have the ideal long term QB situation and can put a promising rookie on the PS.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

There is some evidence that NFL teams are concerned about Intel: Section 2(b) states: "A practice squad player may not sign an NFL player contract with his club's next opponent later than 4:00 p.m., New York time, on the sixth day preceding the game." [In case of a bye week, the prohibition commences 10 days preceding the game.]

That being said, I don't think the rule is there to stop player movement for general Intel purposes, like player tendencies, hand signals, what plays are run out of various formation, etc., because these are all heavily scouted. I suggest the rule is there to stop a practice squad player from signing with another team after his team has put in it game planning and scheming and practiced for an upcoming opponent.

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