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Packers Podcast: Knee-Jerk Reaction to New TE Richard Rodgers

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Packers Podcast: Knee-Jerk Reaction to New TE Richard Rodgers

Third-Round Reaction

With the 98th overall selection in the third round, the Green Bay Packers selected another Rodgers out of California, this time it's tight end Richard Rodgers. To discuss the newest receiving target in the Packers offense, we're joined by Jay Hodgson of our own Pro Football Draft Prevew, and


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HankScorpio's picture

Finley ran a 4.82 at the combine? Wow, he sure plays much faster than that.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Yea,I'm thinking MM and/or TT has a vision of molding Rodgers into something.

Finley only had 5 career TDs coming into the league.

I think we all get caught up in stats/combine #'s way too often.

hump's picture

well kiper had him as 17th rated tight end and nfl draft scout at 6th rd.pretty much says it all,but then again i thought the same about josh sitton,although after rewatching the combine,i see no traits that would even remotely qualify him as a 3rd rd guy.just makes me kinda sick that i posted here earlier today,that we might be able to snag nix and troy niklas for a slam dunk draft and instead we get 2 6th rd guys. nothing wrong with going against the grain when you draft huge reaches,but when you are unwilling to utilize free agency for the most part, as a GM,you had better be FKN right!!!

zeke's picture

Nix and Niklas were both gone by the time GB picked, unless you're suggesting that they should have taken Nix in the second. I'd have gone with Adams over Nix without a second thought. Yay, me.

The TKstinator's picture

Who is Mel Kiper?
Does he have more credentials than my postman?

HankScorpio's picture

Actually, the ratings of Mel Kiper and NFLDraftScout don't say much that matters. That stuff is just white noise to fill the air until pads go on this fall.

Roger Over's picture

Fn right? Were talking Datone had anyone ever heard of him Jones, Jerrel - don't draft him he is lazy and takes plays off and Mr Perry who analyst said he was a second round pick at best and his USC linemates made him look better than he was.

I have Ted figured out. He is a hole filler. Some teams fill holes with playmakers, Ted just finds bodies. Preferably guys who won't demand a lot of cash. BIg names (Nix) big money.

If this team betters 6-10 this year I will be shocked.

4thand1's picture

prepare to shocked. NFCN again and a deep playoff run.

Stroh's picture

Your clueless aren't you?

NFL on Datone Jones... " However, his immense physical talent and extremely productive senior season should make him an early selection. "

NFLDraftScout (CBS) had Jones the #3 DE in the draft and #27 overall player. Packers got him 26th.

NFL on Nick Perry... "He is a physically put together athlete with a good motor and extremely uncommon balance, and has late first round value."

CBS had Perry the #4 DE and 27th overall player. Packers got him 28th.

You don't have much to stand on now do you?! Your revisionist history won't fly around here!!!

4thand1's picture

This fuckin new guy sounds a lot like cowpie, stroh

Stroh's picture

Except he seems dumber, if that possible! LMAO

Its the Dumb and Dumber(er) show...

Brutus10's picture

"Revisionist History" --- LOL.

Cherry picking your comments won't fly either. Both Jones & Perry were considered reaches by many.

Stroh's picture

Feel free to point out your "many"! I used the 2 most reliable sources around!

CBS and are by FAR the best sources for player info.

Apparently you subscribe to the Wrong Again Ben scouting service!

I'll be waiting for your "many" sources. Links please, not hearsay!

Brutus10's picture

My gardener and tax-man both complained that Jones and Perry were reaches when they were drafted.

Both are very reliable.

Stroh's picture

Your subjective analysts are truly the root of the word. ANAL, as in assbags! So are you apparently. Probably reliable only for your daily anal drilling. LMAO

Brutus10's picture

I have no idea what you are talking about ??

This place is about football. Not your perverted brain flashes.

Stroh's picture

Your the one that brought up your subjective (your word) gardener and accountant... I used the objective scouting services!

Too bad you don't know any football to talk about.

ballark's picture

I'm unfamiliar with Rodgers. If he's something special--then amazing, great pick. But if Rodgers is a depth pick, and he's our #3 TE behind Quarless and Bostick, playing mostly special teams, then I have to question this move.

If we're at the point where we're looking for #3 TE depth, then why not #5 WR depth? What about a guy like Gallon who can make plays and (if nothing else) take Cobb off kicks?

But the Packers are smarter than me. And I suspect they saw something special enough in Rodgers to spend a third. Trust in Ted.

Stroh's picture

3rd round draft picks aren't going to be immediate starters. Even 2nd round picks should usually get a year on the bench. A 3rd round pick is going to have flaws in his game that need to be cleaned up before he should be asked to start. If a 3rd round pick contributes at his position as a rookie he's doing well. Finley was a 3rd round pick #91 overall IIRC and he didn't start till his 2rd year and he still had a lot of work to do. Late year 2 was when he broke out.

Jordy Nelson a 2nd round pick didn't start a game in his 2nd season and was a part time starter his 3rd and 4th years. He had his breakout late his 3rd year and in the SB in '10.

Its called Draft and Develop for a reason.

JimTaylor31's picture

It's tough to fill multiple needs (Safety, ILB, TE, WR depth,, C) in a single draft. If we filled the safety and WR depth for 2014 and maybe get a few guys to develop then it's a pretty good draft. I just hope that Rodgers can get some playing time with Quarless and Bostic. That's not asking a lot given we are talking about Quarless and Bostic.

Roger Over's picture

I agree. I think this team needs three very very very good drafts will playmakers all around before they are at the Seattle and 9ers level. Unfortunately this draft is a bust so far, like last year. Yes we got Lacy, a good find and yes we got DIx a good find. That's two players. That won't cut it when our rivals are getting depth via free agency and top first round picks who are play makers and are willing to trade and spend money.

Cheap ball catches up with this team this year. Dix can only do so much and Lacy may not have as good a year, not to mention not one pick to shore up thee worst O line in football. A long miserable season awaits the Packers fans.

4thand1's picture

Ok, who r u? New face new negativity, just what this site needs. Crawl back under yer rock. Should have said new handle.

JimTaylor31's picture

Roger, chill dude. Be patient. I don't see this draft as a bust at all. Just because we haven't heard of a couple guys doesn't mean much. And just because SF drafted guys everybody has heard of doesn't mean much either. Realistically it's very improbable to fill multiple needs in a single draft unless you can stockpile multiple 1st and 2nd round picks. Reality is that the talent level does drop off after the first round or two and you have to look for players who can contribute somewhere and develop.

Stroh's picture

Were the Packer cheap paying Rodgers 20M per? What about Matthews getting the best contract ever by a LB?

Your so full of Shit! Not too mention clueless.

Packers needed one or 2 playmakers on D and they'll be better than Seattle or SF! Our offense is superior and losing Collins/Bishop to career ending injuries cost the Packers dearly. Get one or 2 guys to develop and the Packers are every bit as good if not better than Seattle!

DrealynWilliams's picture

"Packers needed one or 2 playmakers on D and they'll be better than Seattle or SF"

Damn right! I keep trying to point out the minor differences in the losses to the 49ers.

We all know we beat the Seahawks,and that was without a running game AT ALL.

The addition to Clinton-Dix alone SHOULD put the Pack back on top. Health is the only thing that will hold us back. 49ers and 'Hawks defense looks so good because them mofo's don't get hurt (hmmmm) and has built chemistry.

Give me a healthy Clay/Neal/Perry to play alongside Peppers/Daniels/Jones and a reformed Raji. MAGIC.

'14 front 7 could be better than the '10 front 7. IF.....HEALTHY!

JimTaylor31's picture

Here ya go. This may cheer up a few of the naysayers. it all depends on who gives the persepective:

4thand1's picture

Funny every year all the experts rip on the Patriot's draft, and in the end, like the Packers they're in the playoffs. Some knuckleheads even suggest the Packers should throw a game or 2 to move up in the draft.

4thand1's picture

Sorry to burst the bubble for all the wanna ba GM's & experts posting on these sites, but the Packers are grading out B+ to A most places I've seen.

Jordan's picture

Richard Rodgers is a great pick for the Packers. He can run the inside seam route. He runs it like a pro and catches the ball in stride.

Coincidentally, the inside seam route is McCarthy, Rodgers and packers bread and butter play. The name of the play is 27 Tampa-jet-go (or something like that).

The inside seam route quick hitter is a play that's critical to McCarthy's offense and R. Rodgers ran it like a pro in college. Perfect fit.

My only question is.....does Aaron Rodgers have to change his jersey to " A. Rodgers" ? ;)

Stroh's picture

Aaron Rodgers can have his name however he wants on his jersey. Not so much for Richard Rodgers! LOL

hump's picture

absolutely will be inside backer,as much as i hated the rodgers pick,i like this one. bradford did play inside on various packages for az state. guy is absolutely nasty and relentless which translates well to inside backer. that worked pretty well for dez bishop i think

The TKstinator's picture

I suggest he go with "The OTHER Rodgers"

If it fits across his jersey. Maybe he'd have to bulk back up to 270?

Stroh's picture

Not a fan of Carl Bradford pick. Watched him at ASU a bit and was a decent college player, but I don't think it will translate to the NFL very well.

CBS compares him to Brandon Spikes ILB Patriots... Could he be an ILB instead of OLB/pass rusher?

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