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Packers LB Andy Mulumba Featured in Sports Training Video Series

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Packers LB Andy Mulumba Featured in Sports Training Video Series

Published to YouTube on Monday, Green Bay Packers linebacker Andy Mulumba is featured in a sports training video series by Jim Kielbaso.

The videos accompany an online article about lower-body training pubished at the trainer's website.


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BVanRoschke's picture

This is very similar to my workouts of years past. As somewhat of an expert on strength and conditioning, finding the right balance is the key.

Stroh's picture

LMAO in what way are you even remotely qualified to say your an "expert"? The fact you used to work out does not make you in any way qualifiied.

All very good exercised for football. particularly the hang clean/ hang shrugs and weighted jumps for power. Any squating/lunging for leg and core strength. One legged squating and lunges are great to develop balance/stability.

Cycling the set/reps (periodization) to peak at the correct time is the key. As camp approaches more sprinting, change of direction to prepare for on field work and slightly less volume on power and strength would be in order.

BVanRoschke's picture

Sir, I don't know who you are or what your agenda is here but I already have a major dislike for you and your constant attacks at me and others. I know you read it but I asked you yesterday to please refrain from commenting on anything I say as I can see you are nothing but a trouble maker and someone who is starving for attention. All you do is try to provoke attacks than claim your innocence. I want no part of people like you because like in football, it's usually the second guy that gets the penalty even though the first guy did the punching.

I come here to talk football and bring my years of experience in my field of wrestling and strength and conditioning to the fine people here at CheeseheadTV. Your little post above was your way of trying to dazzle your nonexistent audience into believing you are of the same caliber as I am. Let me just say I wasn't impressed and I doubt anyone else was either.

Now please sir, I am asking you nicely one more time to stay away from me and anything I say and I will do the same with you. I just want to talk Packers football. Please kindly respect my wishes.

Stroh's picture

MY attacks? Are kidding me? I havent called you names but you've done it a few times. I responded to your first post kindly and agreed w/ you. You went off on the Leonhard thread. I repeatedly said he was a emergency contingency, your were talking like a signing was imminent and in the Packers best interests. Saying he would make them more physical? Really? More Physical? He's 5'8 190 lbs, he's not going to change the Packers physicality.

Then you come on here and say your an "expert" on S and C? Hell I barely call myself an exepert on it, just alot more than most! Since, you know.... I do have experience and a background in it.

You sound more and more like a previous commenter, every time you comment, who was shitcanned from this site. Making up a new name and email address doesn't change who you are.

Here's the extent of any attacks...

"BVanRoschke says:
July 13, 2014 at 12:59 pm
You seem to be an abrasive asshole."

BVanRoschke's picture

Can someone not named this Stoh guy please give me some advice on how to deal with this guy? This guy never shuts up. I want nothing to do with him. Has anyone here also experienced this type of stalking or harassment by this guy and if so what did you do about it and what was the end result. I have asked this guy repeatedly to not respond to me and he continues to do so. I am at wits end here. Please help.

COW's picture

Are you British?
When I read your posts the words have a British accent in my head for some reason.

"I am at wits end..." Perfect example. I read this and have an image of a guy dressed like Mr. Peanut getting all blustery, trying to contain his anger and keep his monocle from falling out.

jmac34's picture

I was thinking more of the monopoly guy

COW's picture


BVanRoschke's picture

Not British Cow. I am mostly German. I must say though it was a smashing victory for the Germans over Argentina yesterday wouldn't you say mate?

Cow, you've been in these tight positions before with other people, what advice can you give to me as far as dealing with this twit. Is there an ignore feature here where I can use where I can block out all his posts or something? I can't find it anywhere. Just looking for some help with this guy. He's seems a little off base.

jmac34's picture

try to not get too caught up in what stroh or anyone else says is the best way to deal with any of these situations. There is no ignore button as far as I am aware. Cow is actually quite adept at not hurling insults at his attackers, but sometimes I thinks he just likes to get reactions out of the readers who frequent this site so he is prepared for the backlash.

JimTaylor31's picture

Actually I think the key is to not take things that Stroh or anybody else says too seriously. I mean, this is really just an online Packers forum. It's not like anything anybody says should really mean that much one or the other. My advice. Have some fun and just roll with it.

Stroh's picture

You say you don't want any contact but you continue to reference me continually. Just like Bernice the Baker used to. Its obvious to every one that BVR is the same as Bernice the Baker.

If you don't want me to comment don't reference me is any way, shape or form! Keep it up and I'll verify that the IP address is identical to prove the IP address is the same and forward it to the Site.

Calling names like twit and abrasive asshole isn't the way to get along w/ anyone! You want me to not comment, then YOU NEED TO STOP! Your the only one who has and continues to call names and reference me! Acting exactly like Bernice the Baker who was banned!

Its obvious your just bating an argument just like Bernice did! Changing your name and email doesn't change who you are!.

zeke's picture

To paraphrase John Oliver, asking Cow for advice on message board protocol is like asking a dingo for tips on child care.

Stroh's picture

LOL, That's the funniest analogy I've ever heard! Thanks!

COW's picture


Everyone knows that Packer site posting protocol entails agreeing with all Packer management moves and agreeing that all Packer players are either good or on the brink of becoming good.

Also - any Packer site poster must understand that having a good quarterback is all the a team needs to win a Super Bowl.

zeke's picture

You forgot the part about posting things just to get a reaction. Good for you though, holding Packer management to a higher standard than the rest of the sheep. You are indeed a brave soldier.

BVanRoschke's picture

Sir, I have sought out other people's advice on how to deal with you because I WANT NO CONTACT FROM YOU!! Please just because you might be slightly referenced is not a reason for you to respond. I will not refer to you (if I ever do by mistake) in the future by your real name so that way people won't know it's you I am talking about. I will for the sake of not pissing off other people refer to you by names like asshole, twit, idiot, moron, etc or I am thinking of using Stroll. Again, nobody will know it's you I am talking about except for maybe you since obviously you apparently are used to being called these type of names by other people that actually know you mainly your loved ones I am guessing.

Now please leave me alone. As you can clearly see, I talk 100% football until you come aboard and muck up the waters. Go over all my posts and you will see I am much much more knowledgeable on football and strength and conditioning than you could possibly fathom. My opinions are legit. They are real.

You do nothing but spend your days reading any Packers articles you can than you spit them out as though they are yours. You bore me. How many times must we read from you that Nick Perry is better on the right side than the left. I think we got it after the 250th time you said it you jack!! You act as though people here are effin idiots and you are the only one that can read an article. Speaking loud does not equate to you being smarter than anyone else here. In fact I would rate you as one of the least intelligent people here simply because you are nothing but a robot spitting out news that other people actually researched and wrote.

I want no part of what you have to offer which is chaos. You go do what you got to do Mr. Barney Fife and your one bullet in your pants but leave me alone once and for all. I repeat, I will not refer to you by your real name in the future if in the unlikely event you must be referenced. Now please, enough already. Just shut up!!

Stroh's picture

Then don't respond to me, don't reference me, don't call me abrasive asshole or twit or any of the other things you have.

Your the one who started all the drama on the Leonhard thread, maybe instead of crying you should look at YOUR behavior!

I haven't call you any names, as you have me... I maintained the same position through the entire thread on Leonhard, you seemingly couldn't do that and then made matters worse by continuing to argue!

Now your telling me to shut up?

More and more like the previous commenter that was banned every time you comment! Whats it been about 4 months since your previous alias was banned? And you still keep coming after me...

Calling me an abrasive asshole, twit and telling me to shut up isn't the way to get along w/ anyone. Keep antagonizing and you'll keep being antagonized!

BTW you haven't expressed any opinion or said anything about S and C except to say the workout Mulumba is doing is similar to what you used to do. Agreeing w/ a workout doesn't make you an "expert"!

BVanRoschke's picture

Listen AsStroh!! Why the hell do you think I am requesting you to not respond to any of my posts? It's because I don't like you period. I don't want to pretend to get along with you. I find your posts uninteresting, boring and repetitive. I find your personality similar to a rock. I don't have a dislike for anyone else except for you. I don't swear or talk bad to other people and am very respectful towards everyone check out all my posts.

The ONLY person I have a problem with is you because of how you talked to me. Laughing/mocking me for being an expert in strength and conditioning? That's how this all started you jack. YOU STARTED IT!! Now knock it off and quit acting like you are the innocent victim. You underestimate the intelligence of the people here. Most can see you are the antagonist not me.

That's why I ask you to not respond to me because that way we don't have these ridiculous back and forth sessions that nobody cares to read about!! I have talked football with everyone except you!! You respond to me than it goes a different direction so simply don't respond to me. That's all I am asking because again, I don't like you and want nothing to with you period!!

I really don't think CheesheadTV gives a rat's ass that there's two strength and conditioning people here posting. One (me) that is legit and another (you) that hasn't been in that field since being fired in 1991 but still likes to refer to himself as being some type of expert in this field when you don't even work. They don't care about two personal trainers here posting.

The problem is, you apparently do care and that's why you started this with your cocky LMAO comments about me not knowing what I am talking about regarding strength and conditioning as though you are the only effin authority. Sorry to burst your bubble but I do consider myself an expert and that is why you are acting like the child you are since I came here.

Now please, knock off your childish games and leave me alone. I don't know how simple a task this is yet you continue to respond and keep this boring fight going. Think of the other people here. They don't want to hear this childish stuff. Enough already!! Let it go!!

JimTaylor31's picture

I think you're either putting us on or you're taking comments on a fan forum way too seriously. You can't possibly be THAT sensitive.

Stroh's picture

He's Bernice the Baker who was banned a few months ago! Exact same M.O. Comes here shows up, baits arguments w/ me, same kind of name calling (Bernice called Strokinoff, BVR says AssStroh). Same crying that I'm antagonizing him, all the while calling me names.

He's Bernice the Baker reincarnate and he's highjacking every thread, just like he used to!

Stroh's picture

Your right about one thing, no one wants to hear this. Which is why your previous alias was banned! This one probably will be too... Shortly. So you've now called me an abrasive asshole, twit, Assstroh, a jack... And I haven't called you anything. Only thing I did was comment and you act like I started something.

You can consider yourself an expert on something, it doesn't mean anyone else does. The fact you used to work out doesn't make you any kind of expert on Strength and Conditioning of Athletes.

Welcome back Benice the Baker!

BVanRoschke's picture

Hey AsStroh, take a look at your first respone to this above. You don't necessarily have to swear to get your point across. Your little LMAO is the same as me calling you an abrasive asshole which I won't do as long as you don't respond to me. Your point was to mock, to insult, to antagonize me.. Anyone can see that and guess what, YOU STARTED IT!! I don't appreciate you doing these type of things then turning around and acting like some choir boy. Knock your shit off and quit responding to me or any of my posts. I'm here to talk football with everyone except you, who I do consider an asshole. Sorry but the word fits.

Stroh's picture

Since you started it all, I'll wait till you do! I haven't insulted you or called you any names. Crying that I stared this doesn't change the fact that the only one doing the antagonizing is you. You've had about 3 comments that were about football, and I've responded to them w/ football, the rest have been you crying that I'm antagonizing you all while you call names. Guess that makes you the one antagonizing others!

Since when is laughing at something someone claims to be and calling someone an abrasive asshole among other things even remotely close to being the same thing? I guess maybe in your world thinking everyone is persecuting you it is. I am not qualified as an expert in psychology tho! I guess I could claim I am just like you claim to be an expert in S and C, but it wouldn't make it true.

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