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Packers Calendar: Draft Day Is Here

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Packers Calendar: Draft Day Is Here

After months of speculation and two extra weeks of waiting, fans will finally learn of the newest player to don the green and gold Thursday evening when the NFL Draft takes place.

Maybe the Green Bay Packers will even have two players by night's end if they take a player with the 21st overall selection and then trade up into the bottom of the first round. And perhaps they'll end up with no players at all by night's end if they trade down and accumulate more picks.

The action gets underway at 7:00 p.m. CT with television coverage provided on both the NFL Network and ESPN.

It's difficult to say when the Packers will be on the clock, especially if they make a trade. But if they stay put, the guess is they'll make their pick sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.

Right here at Cheeshead TV, we'll have our live blog running during the draft, allowing for fans to discuss as it unfolds. Then we'll be providing our annual immediate reaction broadcasts as soon as the Packers make their pick. 

Our homepage will be taken over with our live blog and broadcast player when the draft takes place.

Live pre-draft coverage begins as early as noon on NFL Network and 1:00 p.m. on ESPN.

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Clay's picture

Just gonna say this for my unsolicited 2 cents...

Please let TT draft BPA. I get this vibe that we all have identified the areas of greatest need (ILB and safety) for the Pack. As such we look at the highest rated players in the draft class at those positions. That DOESN'T mean those are locks to be really good players. I don't know crap about analyzing players, but I feel just because Pryor and Dix for example are the highest rated safeties doesn't mean they will be pro bowlers to say the least.
I get a BETTER vibe from the ILBs that are highest rated, but to that I would add that we all know TT isn't the best at drafting defense in the first round. I would not mind if we simply end up with a pro bowl receiver or tight end. Draft seems so deep at those spots and let's face it Ted is just better at finding catching talent.
I would love a player who is a lock on D, but Ted just can't seem to hit that homerun since Matthews. Praying he does!!!!!
Hope any of this made a lick of sense.
Go Pack and enjoy the draft Pack fans.
Lastly not one of us has any frickin idea what he'll do!
So expect the unexpected!

Stroh's picture

Thompson got boxed into a corner w/ the career ending injuries to Collins and Bishop. Those were supposed to be his leaders and playmakers and each of them took till year 4 to become great players.

Look at all the players he has drafted in the past 2 or 3 years. Now those picks should be just coming into their own. Guys like Burnett, Perry, Worthy, Daniels, Jones should be getting ready to hit their peak this year and in the next year or 2. DL and 34 OLB are positions that take longer than some others to really "get it" and have everything come together. Injuries also delayed that process for a lot of them. Burnett tore and ACL as a rookie, Perry had various injuries, Worthy torn ACL.

Not really fair to say that Thompson isn't good at drafting Defense when you look at context!

DrealynWilliams's picture

I went and compared Perry's #'s to every DE or OLB that was drafted in the first 2 rounds and there's only 2 or 3 players you could want instead of Perry. Keep in mind that he teases with potential,but hasn't played a full season without (nagging) injury.

Quinton Coples

Chandler Jones

and maybe Zach Brown (damn good coverage)

Man,I hope Perry can stay healthy and really blossom this season.

Stroh's picture

They were talking about having Perry on the right side, either OLB or Elephant End. That by itself would do wonders for him. It was really clear from watching him at USC and leading to that draft, that he was MUCH better playing on the Right side than the Left. Even w/ the Packers last year for the few games he got on the Right he was much more comfortable.

I've always believed, that to some degree pass rushers are more or less one sided, not usually good from both sides. Perry certainly is one sided, Matthews on the other hand is the rare breed that can bring it on either side (his best sack year '10 he played primarily LOLB).

Clay's picture

Believe me I know the painful injury context Stroh, and absoutely Collins was the man. I am speaking quite generally and by all means I hope these recent defensive draft picks come in to their own.

I just don't want him to reach.

I also still think one could argue his greatest draft success has been with receivers.

I also worry when the vast majority of fans seem to ordain a certain guy (Pryor, Dix) as the pick Ted should take.

I think if we go left, he'll go right.

Enjoy tonight and here's to Ted's success!

Evan's picture

"I think if we go left, he'll go right."

I don't know about that.

Obviously what us fans think/predict has zero influence on TT, but I wouldn't call Datone, Perry, Sherrod, Bulaga, Raji or AJ Hawk shocking picks. If memory serves, all of those guys were mentioned with the Packers at one point or another leading up to the draft.

Harrell was a shocker, yeah. As was Rodgers (though Mike Mayock called it) and moving up to get Matthews. But generally speaking, the conventional wisdom hasn't been that far off.

Stroh's picture

All the 1st round guys until last year w/ Datone I pegged. Too some degree leading up to draft day and when on the clock I get everyone of them. I couldn't have predicted him moving up for Matthews, but I got Raji, Hawk, Perry, Sherrod, Bulaga... I thought Sly Williams would be the pick last year, right position wrong player, but he went right after Datone.

This year, its been Shazier for the past 6 weeks... Have to wait till we're on the clock, but I'd be willing to bet money he'll be the pick if available. I would take him over the Safeties even.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'd definitely take Shazier over Clinton-Dix and Pryor as well.

I think getting a LB in round 1 will dictate how the rest of the Draft will go for us.

Evan's picture

Totally. They can get a solid starting safety in R2. But if they pass/miss out on Mosley and Shazier, it falls off pretty quickly.

Stroh's picture

If Mosley and Shazier go before the Packers pick I would strongly be in favor of moving down too. Clinton-Dix and Pryor get a lot of pub and are legit 1st round Safeties, but we have Hyde as an Ace in the Hole at Safety. If we don't get Mosley or Shazier at #21 moving down and getting a safety in the 2nd would be my choice.

I would also make sure we were in position to draft Carlos Fields. He would be the closest thing to Mosley and Shazier in the rest of the draft IMO. I would rather have Fields than VanNoy or Chrisitian Jones.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Who would be your 2nd target in the 2nd round?

Stroh's picture

Probably a WR. No big surprise to anyone here I like Donte Moncrief. If the Packers move from #21 to bottom of Rd 1 or top 2nd I would probably go Ward at Safety and Moncrief at #53. Or maybe another WR 1st and Brooks at #53. Just depends who's available.

hump's picture

read em and weep boys.....tonights dream mock..... 1}cj mosely 2}terrance brooks 3}jarvis landry 3b}cj fedorowiicz 4}ross cockrell 5]james hurst 5b}aaron lynch 6}ahmad dixon 7}james morris........ UNFORTUNATELY, HERE'S REALITY IM GUESSING........... 1} kyle fuller 2}troy niklas 3}brandon thomas 3b}preston brown 4}brock vereen 5}ross cockrell 5b}aaron lynch 6}jalen saunders 7} james morris time for beer wings and draft.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm weeping alright...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks to everyone at Cheeseheadtv for all the fine work. Indeed, thanks to those who post comments. There are quite a few of you well worth reading! Go Pack Go!

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