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Matt Flynn Working Out for Giants on Tuesday

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Matt Flynn Working Out for Giants on Tuesday


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Birney the baker's picture


A little off subject here but I thought you might be interested in these comments by the board's biggest bully at CheesheadTV. His name is Stroh.

I would like your comments on his horrible comments attacking women. He claims he was trying to "emasculate" me by calling me Bernice and a "she". He apparently can't see by saying what he said that he was putting down all women as though they are inferior. I know you are a big advocate against this type of thing and I would like to hear your comments here on Stroh and what you plan on doing about him.

I just want to say I have been trying to get him to stop bullying people. He's been doing it for years here and elsewhere. I have no problems with anyone else except him and would appreciate if Cheesheadtv would also support me in my attempt out get rid of him. Enough is enough!!

Thank you,

Tom Birney

Here is his hurtful words towards women yesterday:

"Btw don't pay attention to Bernice her only opinion is opposite of mine. She ccan't form an opinion she. Just takes the opposite of mine no matter what! Only thing she's good for is baking she should go back to her baking blog and stick to what she knows. "

Stroh's picture

Emasculating YOU is not in any way insulting women. Its insulting YOU!

All your doing is proving your own stupidity w/ these continued comments!

I've offered on 2 occasions, for the sake of the community, the opportunity to end this nonsense. No one is buying a damn thing your saying.

You are just a complete EPIC failure.

Just remember you started all this nonsense by trolling me in every comment you made and I offered you the chance to end it peacefully you continued. You have no one to blame but yourself!

I emasculated you, in front of the entire community I might add, and your only return is to say I'm offending someone else? LMFAO

Jayme... I'm sorry you had to be dragged into this. I've given a couple opportunities to end this peacefully and he just continues. I think its about time someone at CHTV puts an end to this, since he won't take a peaceful solution.

4thand1's picture

C'MON MAN! This is crossing the line and getting fucking ridiculous. Enough of this school yard politics. Grow up and quit the bullshit.

Birney the baker's picture

Jayme, I think you can see what type of person we are dealing with here in case you are not familiar with him. He actually thinks this is funny. Bullying and making fun of women is no laughing matter to the many victims of it.

Please Jayme, I am asking you to please look into this matter and see if you can remove this guy once and for all.

I would prefer to talk football yet all this guy does is bully people. He pushes people than pulls back at just the right time than acts like he's innocent and didn't do or say anything wrong then points the finger at the other person. He's an expert at it and I want it to stop here.

I have made it my mission to make sure this guy's days of bullying come to an end. Maybe once he gets banned he'll realize his words do have consequences and he'll treat people like human beings rather than like dirt.

Tom Birney

Stroh's picture

No everyone can see what type of person you are!

You started trolling my every comment when I stating my opinion of a football discussion. , you called me names and referenced me in every comment you made even when I didn't say a thing or was involved in any way

I, repeat.. I, offered you the chance to end this nonsense peacefully on 2 separate occasions and you still continue.

Everyone sees right thru you for what you are. Your pathetic and everyone sees it. Just let it go! For the sake of the community, Let It End!

DrealynWilliams's picture

Welp,welcome back,Flynn

MarkinMadison's picture

Packers have signed Flynn.

And flame wars are boring for the rest of us.

4thand1's picture

If we stick to football everything will turn out the way its supposed to. Keep a stiff upper lip.

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