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Heart and Head Predictions For the Packers' 2014 Season

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Heart and Head Predictions For the Packers' 2014 Season

It's that time of year again when prognosticators and pundits around this here United States (and sometimes beyond) try to give us their vision of how the future plays out in the National Football League for the upcoming season. Longtime readers of this site will know that every year around this time I like to throw my hat into the ring and give you, dear reader, my own Heart and Head predictions for the upcoming Green Bay Packers season. 

So here goes. 

Heart: 14-2 Super Bowl Champs

Head: 11-5, Lose in the NFC Championship Game To the Saints In New Orleans. 

That's right - I think the Saints get home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and when that happens, well, it's Say Goodnight, Gracie for the rest of the NFC. 

Starting with three out of four on the road will be a big, big test for a Packers offense that has suddenly become young at the offensive skill positions (not to mention at center). There will undoubtedly be a few hiccups along the way in the month of September as a result.

With that said, I expect the defense to be improved, if not by leaps and bounds, then by increments. 

Mike Daniels is a big reason for hope up front, as are the bookends, Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers. And if the edges were the most important, this particular set of defensive personnel would be well situated to dominate offenses in 2014.

However, up the middle is traditionally where the best NFL defenses have been strongest, and the middle of this Packers D sets up to be the weak spot for the Green and Gold.

B.J. Raji's injury left the team perilously thin in the middle of the defensive line, to go along with an already-weak inside linebacker corps. Yes, Hawk and Jones and/or Lattimore and/or Barrington will be serviceable - but not much more than that. And certainly not dynamic. 

And speaking of a lack of dynamic play makers, the safety position, while certainly improved from 2013, still doesn't seem to have a player who can change a game the way LeRoy Butler or Nick Collins could.

Micah Hyde is a fine football player, a damn good one actually, and McCarthy's obvious affection for the 2nd year player out of Iowa is well-deserved. But he's not a difference maker, neither at safety nor at corner. 

Last April's NFL Draft saw the Packers select Alabama's Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in the first round, and lo did Packers fans rejoice. After the clown-car that was the safety position in 2013, Clinton-Dix was here to restore honor and integrity to the back end of Dom Capers' crazy blitzes. 

Then we got to spring and summer workouts, and lo and behold, Clinton-Dix was running with the second team. And, on the doorstep of the season,  it doesn't look like he's passed the converted cornerback on the depth chart.

All of this, without mentioning the "veteran" of the group, Morgan Burnett. Lots of pixels have been used and ink spilled in article and blog posts alike telling me how a new and improved running mate, whether Hyde or Clinton-Dix, will fix much of what ailed Burnett last year. 

I'm sorry. I just don't buy it. 

Now, this has been a lot of negative nay-saying up to this point. I bet many of you with itchy trigger fingers are already in the comments telling me off.

For those of you still reading - first, thank you. 

Secondly, let me make clear that I think this Packers team is incredibly talented. When you put Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews, Mike Daniels, Julius Peppers, Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and Casey Hayward on the same roster, well, I certainly think that's one of the better groups of talent in the league. 

The Packers will undoubtedly score a bunch of points on offense. The defense will be better. (And it doesn't need to be fantastic - just respectable.)

However, the rest of the NFL isn't static either.

It's funny, because all offseason the media has asked the question "Have the Packers done enough to close the gap with the Seahawks and 49ers?" while ignoring what will most likely be the best team in the conference down in New Orleans.

But that's my head talking.

My heart says the Packers will surprise almost everyone, march to an incredible 14-2 record, tear through the playoffs and hoist the Lombardi down in Arizona. If they can just stay relativley healthy, they damn sure have the talent (and the quarterback) to do it. 

And when in doubt, listen to your heart. 

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FITZCORE1252's picture

12-4, SB champs. Our D will hold its own, more picks, sacks will be abundant. The O is the most balanced under this regime, defenses will be in a quandary. With just a little good luck from the injury gods, this team can beat anybody. Anywhere.

Allan Murphy's picture

One game at a time that's how the packers roll go Pack go !

COW's picture

So seeing as you've already predicted a Packers' win in Seattle (chuckle)... where are your 4 losses?

4thand1's picture

you suck

packeraaron's picture

If you're going to insult him for having an opinion, please be original. Responding with "you suck" is 10x worse than anything Cow has written on this site.

4thand1's picture

To be honest, "you suck" best describes a person who constantly bashes everything the Packers are trying to achieve. I guess the best thing to do is just not respond to his posts. Very few in here believe he or she, is a Packer fan anyway. By the way he has only one opinion, "the Packers suck", and that's 100X worse IMO.

GoldFinger's picture

4th and one, I have to agree with Packeraaron on this. I was going to tell you the same thing yesterday but held off. I am also getting tired of you attacking Cow with that constant "you suck". What if someone constantly told you that and nothing else? How would you feel? The guy is probably one of the biggest fans here. Why would he invest all his time here if he wasn't? He's just a guy that is a pessimist and I think Cow is perfect for this place. Cow brings a different perspective about this team that nobody else here has. Sure he pisses people off but he's getting people to respond and come here and read and that's the bottom line.

Packers 11-5

Tundraboy's picture

I agree. Never thought I'd miss him but annoy, yes like end of last year, but It's not personal like a few others. Especially the last two weeks.

GoldFinger's picture

I know Tundraboy, I know. These personal attacks are coming mostly from Stroh to me. I wish I could get the idiot to stop it but he continues to attack despite my pleas to leave me alone. Sometimes I have to reply back to him as much as I don't want too. I feel bad that the forum has to constantly hear his childish posts in order for him to fulfill his obsessive need to be right.

Stroh's picture

I feel bad for the forum and have apologized to them. SInce clearly you have and continue to troll this site after being banned at least twice. Your childish post and "theories" are worse than anything I've said.

GoldFinger's picture

Hey Frank Burns, theories on the qb situation are not attacks on you moron. Get with the program. The only person upset with these theories of mine are YOU!! You stated your case of why you don't believe me now shut up already. I am responding to OTHER PEOPLE not you. Quit responding to me. You already have stated I am a troll and I have been banned blah blah blah for about the 100th time in three days. Quit crying and get on with your life. I am not going away but I promise not to steal your thrown as King here. Learn to live with me by learning to not respond to any of my posts. How effin stupid must you be to not realize you are irrelevant to me. Talk to the rest but stay away from me. I don't like you. You annoy the piss out of me.

DraftHobbyist's picture

Stroh, you just posted with absolutely no information about the Packers or football. You have no right to call anybody a troll.

As for the predictions, 11-5 just feels right, and not making the Super Bowl also feels right. This team has holes. DL is in a terrible position to start the season, and it's only going to be harder to find them as the season progresses and injuries happen. The only thing that is giving me hope is that these players seem to be on a mission. I don't believe in Capers, so I'm also upset that we will have yet another year wasted by his defense. The guy doesn't know how to adjust.

Bearmeat's picture

That response is a running joke packeraaron. Cow can't be reasoned with - (He's the guy who said 6-10 last year WITH a healthy ARod all season) so it's usually best to just dismiss him.

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly. That is for children's sites like ESPN.

COW's picture

I like the "you suck" thing.
It's funny.

By the way... Nagler - you never answered my question... where are your 4 losses. Remember, you can't count this Thursday. You already predicted Pack by 3.

packeraaron's picture

I never answered your question because I have no idea where the losses will come. That's why we watch.

But it won't be Thursday.

4thand1's picture

I really don't see a win. The crowd gives Seattle a huge advantage. If the Packers keep it to under the 5.5 point spread I'll be happy. Of course I'll be happier with a win. The over/under should be under 40. Its why we watch. If this game were in GB, I'd bet on the Pack.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Glad Cow knows it is just a joke. But I do agree that Cow quite often makes astute comments, along with a great deal of negativity. Even though I often disagree with Cow, I think his posts are great and often funny. I am loving me some COW!!

DraftHobbyist's picture

IMO, that's the best way to do a prediction. Too many people take it game by game, but there are upsets every year. It's best to have a feel for the team and predict based off that feel.

The GrEEn kNiGhT's picture

I have told all my friends that I fear Saints more than Seattle or 49ers. Saints are very dangerous. Great D and amazing O. But I think we can match their O. 13-3 and SuperBowl! 14 Championships in 2014! 14 in 14!

COW's picture

My SB prediction is NO vs NE.

packeraaron's picture

Mine too.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

If you guys think that the middle of the Packers defense will prevent them from have a chance at an NFL Championship I'm curious how you think the middle of the Saints and Patriots defenses are going to get to the Super Bowl?

COW's picture

Pats added playmakers... plus - someone's gotta win the AFC. Other than Denver, who else is there?

Saints had a SB level defense LAST year... and then they went and added Byrd.

packeraaron's picture

Saints safeties are probably the best tandem in the game. And they play so much 3 man line with only 3 LBs at the same time, the weakness at ILB is somewhat negligible. The front 3 in NO are much better than the front 3 in GB. Cameron Jordan had the light come on last year as well.

As for the Pats, even coming off injury, Wilfork is light-years better than anyone the Packers will throw out there this year. And Chandler Jones is at least as good as Daniels, if not better. Throw in Jamie Collins and you have some real dynamic players up front and in the middle for the Pats that just don't exist as options for the Pack. Mayo is better than any ILB in GB. Throw in McCourty, and the Pats are pretty much better on all three levels.

Tundraboy's picture

Better so far. Let's see what unfolds. You said we sure as hell have the talent. I'm all in going with the heart. Packers 2014!!! .

Jamie's picture

Did you really just say...

"Throw in McCourty, and the Pats are pretty much better on all three levels."


Keep the in-depth analysis flowing, bruh.

NE's added one player - albeit while also losing their best player at the same position, which essentially makes it a wash - to a middle of the road at best defense fr 2013. Could they be better? Sure...that's very possible. But to give them all three levels over GB's defense is just your wet panties for Belichick talking.

cpitt's picture

The Pats (as well as the rest of the pathetic AFC) are going to get absolutely flattened by the Broncos.

DraftHobbyist's picture

I highly doubt New England gets to the Super Bowl. They are lacking at both OG spots, their WR's are still an issue, their playmakers are injury-prone, and their defense is far from elite.

KenEllis's picture

Wow Aaron, I could not agree more with your optimistic or realistic predictions.

I too view the middle of the D as the team's weakest link and what will prevent the Pack from getting to another Super Bowl -- though I view the DLine and (weak rather than "serviceable") ILBers as more of a problem than the Safeties.

11-5 and another home playoff loss in the Divisional round of the playoffs.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think 12-4 is about right. This team will get off to a rocky start, going 2-2, but will get better as the season goes along. The back end of the schedule looks very favorable, so measure the team by how they do when they host New England. After easily clearing 8-8 we will enjoy Cow-free comments sections for the playoff run. Look for the Packers to make it to the NFC title match. Hopefully, they will be peaking and can pull out a win to send them to a Super Bowl. If they can manage that, then they can beat any team that the AFC will put up.

4thand1's picture

Just make the playoffs. By then who knows what will happen by the end of the season. Every team goes through their share of injuries that will effect each team. The Packers, Steelers, and Giants all did it on the road in recent history. This Offense should be dominant and a turnover or two will most likely decide games that matter. I like Rodgers in any dome anywhere.

saltandpeppers's picture

It's funny how Favre's interception at the end of the NFC championship made everyone forget how horrible Brees was. He completed 54% of his passes for 197 yards and fumbled twice. Yes, he threw 3 touchdowns, but it is undeniable that the pressure of the game got to him. Towards the end, I remember observing that he could barely throw a spiral. In overtime, he was bailed out by 2 defensive penalties (including the infamous PI call on Ben Leber).

Think of it another way: The Vikings were minus 3 in turnover differential before Favre's pick and looked like they were certain to win. If Favre runs out of bounds and Longwell makes the field goal, the narrative for Brees is that he is a choke artist who can't win the big game.

All of this is a long way of saying that if it is GB at the Saints for the NFC championship, I'll take the Pack.

KenEllis's picture

What would ARod's narrative be if the D had not bailed him out of the NFC Championship game against the Bears?

I think Brees' performance vs. the Vikes compares favorably to Aaron's 17-30 for 244, with no passing TDs (though 1 running TD) and 2 picks, stinker against Chicago.

4thand1's picture

The pick by Urlacher was bad. I doubt brees would have caught him and saved a TD though. The Bears a had a very good D that year, plus playing outdoors in cold weather. Tell who was the SB MVP again? Oh and the nice warm dome game in Atlanta. How'd Rodgers do there?

KenEllis's picture

Easy trigger. Read the thread. No bigger fan of ARod than me.

However, if the previous poster disparages Brees' by claiming his "narrative" would be completely different had the Saints not prevailed in the NFC Championship game (a game in which Brees threw 3 TDs), then the exact same argument could be said about ARod's narrative being different had the Pack not prevailed against the Bears (a game in which he threw 0 TDs and 2 picks).

PS who was the MVP of the Saints-Colts Super Bowl?

4thand1's picture

Exactly. One game shouldn't be a measuring stick for any player.

Tundraboy's picture

Unless it's a Super Bowl?

CH Pack Fan's picture

The MVP of that SB was Hank Baskett.

saltandpeppers's picture

All I was trying to say was that I'm not buying this notion that if the Saints get home field advantage that you can pencil them into the Super Bowl. I'm basing this on how shaky Brees looked in a home playoff game.

I can see why people interpreted it as they did, but I wasn't trying to disparage Brees as a player.

balding_pastor's picture

We'll see how the year plays out, but I think how quickly Janis and Adams grasp the nuances of the offense is going to be a major factor by the end of this year. Janis in particular intrigues me. He's big and faster than any of the WR's. If Aaron's prediction of GB vs NO @NO comes true, Janis on turf could be huge.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

" Janis and Adams grasp the nuances of the offense "

I'd put Richard Rodgers at the front of that list. If he can have a 500 yard 5 td season I think that goes a long way towards opening up things on the outside for Nelson, Cobb and Boykin.

BTW, if you think those number are modest only 14 rookie TE's have ever done it.

Stroh's picture

Whats going to open up the outside for Nelson, Cobb and Boykin is Lacy. Having a RB of his caliber and a significant threat in the running game is going to hold the LB and Safeties of the Defense. The TE helps a little, but much more the running game will allow the passing game to open up, and that includes the TE especially. The TE is usually covered by LB and Safeties, so with the running game being very effective, the TE will get an easier release or even clean release most of the time.

I can see 500 and 5 TD's but that depends on Bostic. He's going to take a lot of playing time from Rodgers and he's a more dangerous downfield threat. Don't be surprised if Bostic puts up better numbers than Rodgers.

I don't think either of Janis or Adams is going to do much this year. With the Packers running no huddle Nelson, Cobb and Boykin will be on the field along w/ Lacy. No huddle, means no or very little substitutions. Packers are going to play the game w/ those 3 WR, 1 RB and 1 TE on almost all downs. Adams and Janis won't see the field too much. So unless Adams or Janis beat out Boykin, which is highly unlikely, they won't see the field enough to put up big numbers.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I don't disagree with you. What I am saying is the the performance of the TE position is way more important than the 4 and 5 WR's. It helps the receivers and it helps Lacy. I need to see Bostic stay on the field before I am a believer. He has the ability, but not the toughness thus far.

Stroh's picture

That's true, especially since the TE will be on the field a lot more than the #4 and #5 WR will be.

I think the Rodgers/Bostic combo at TE will be very good. Rodgers looks really good, but Bostic has the ability to get downfield a la Finley, that Rodgers lacks. Don't get me wrong I like Rodgers a lot, but I just don't think he'll threaten the defense the way Bostic does.

Tundraboy's picture

All true and I think from the type of plays he has made so far he will be our silent assassin. Rodgers that is.

Bearmeat's picture

Heart: 14-2. #1 Seed in NFC. SB Champs.
Head: 12-4. #2 Seed in NFC. (NO is #1). Lose in NFC CG.

NFC East sucks just enough that PHI might grab the #2 seed too, even though IMO GB is better.

NFCW will beat up on each other. They'll have the #4/5 seed (SEA and SF).

The Lions will have the #6 seed.


CH Pack Fan's picture

I don't think of "heart vs. head" when trying to predict the 2014 Pack results. Rather, I would just like to have a crystal ball about potential injuries to the following Pack players (really all players, but these are the most critical): ARodgers, Lacy and CM3. If those guys play all year, we have a great chance to win the SB. If some or all of them miss significant chunks of time, it does not matter whether using heart or head. Also (and this ties into ARodgers' health), we are awfully thin at OL without Barclay and a currently injured Tretter. A key long term injury to any OL starter will either harm the GBP win-loss record, ARodgers, or both.

But…...If the old saw that the middle of your Defense is key, then this year will end up without another Lombardi trophy. No Raji, Hawk, B. Jones, Burnett and Hyde/Ha-Ha is the absolute weakest part of our D, and frankly, perhaps the worst middle of a D in the NFC.

As for other NFC teams, I think that SF takes a step back this year, for a number of reasons.

Even though I don't really see the holes in Seattle now, history tells us that the SB Champ will take a step back (in the last 8 seasons, I believe the defending SB Champ has not even won 1 playoff game).

I agree that NO is improved from a year ago, but other than the home field advantage of the SuperDome, I do not think they are better than a healthy GBP. I do fear our D is not good enough to turn Brees mortal, because of all of the Big 4 QBs in the NFL, I think he is most vulnerable to a great D (unless Peyton is -- both Brady and Rodgers are less effective against a great D as well, of course, but less affected than Brees and Peyton are, IMHO). Hopefully, Peppers, CM3, Daniels, etc. will generate enough pass rush this year and we will be fine.

Nobody in the NFC East or NFC South is relevant for the SB, and the rest of the NFC North teams still have too big of holes to matter.

As for the kickoff game, I am more interested to see how we play as to whether we win. It will be a good gauge to see if we have narrowed the gap or not, but even if we win, I will not order tickets for Glendale just yet. Similarly, even if we lose, it is a long season, and injuries and home field have as much to do with making the SB as anything…

I think we go 7-1 or 8-0 in last 8 games, so just need to go at least 4-4 in first 8, and we will be fine.

Either way, I will spend WAY too much time over the next 5 months obsessing about it. God, I love football.

Kevin McDonnell's picture

12 & 4... Super Bowl champs. No heart necessary. The middle LB's have looked bad because of non-athletic d-lineman. Mike Daniels, Josh Boyd, and Datone Jones are on the rise. Pass rush will help a significantly better back end in the form of turnovers.

A young WR core doesn't matter when you have Boykin, Cobb, and Nelson. Not to mention three great running backs chomping at the bit to rack up yardage. If you can control thep ground game you can kee
p Drew or any othe QB off the field. The Packers will doexactly that in 2014.

Tundraboy's picture

Great analysis and view That's it in a nutshell. In my heart. I say of course Yes they can run the table. if most things fall in place with injuries, one, two, or even a few players making incredible jumps. . Head says, as we all saw last year and know, Can you really win it all without a strong Middle? . NO. only in your dreams ILB play will be the X factor. So I'm dreaming.

Either way this is going to be a great year to watch and see. (unless the injuries do not stop, please!!!) . 14 in 14. Here we go. Enjoy everyone.!!!! You too Cow

Pack is back, . Since 64

packeraaron's picture

"The middle LB's have looked bad because of non-athletic d-lineman"

Uh, no. The inside linebackers have looked bad because they're not very good.

Stroh's picture

Those non athletic DL were supposed to take up all the blockers so the LB could make the plays. This year the Packers are going w/ penetrating DL and IMO that means they'll be going away from Capers 2 gap scheme and to a one gap scheme. Your going to see the DL and LB all be responsible for gaps, not just the DL. This is the 34 D Dallas used for years, Houston uses, NYJ and now NO all use.

packsmack's picture

15-1, 15-1

egbertsouse's picture

I can't buy the "much improved D" at this point. It seems like it will be the usual suspects plus an aging Peppers running another of Caper's obsolete '90's schemes. Barring injury, I think the O will be tough. 11-5 and bounced out the 1st round of the playoffs would be my guess. I hope I'm wrong. I will now brace myself for the screams of troll and calls for my banning...

Imma Fubared's picture

IMHO this team is not deep in talent. Too many what if players like D Jones, N Perry. In other words a lot of guys on D that 'if' they perform this can be a competitive team.
Rogers can only be expected to do so much on offense. He has never passed for a TD from the bench and I want to see this D get off the field this year. If not I actually see them missing the playoff's. For me if the 'what if's that will decide things.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes some.IFS but if they do it is not to be competitive. It is to be championship caliber

COW's picture

In the 2011, 2012, 2013 regular seasons the Packers only beat 6 eventual playoff teams.

In that same time span, they only have 1 postseason win (Joe Webb lead Vikings).

Moral of the story? The Packers don't make a habit of beating good (ie: playoff caliber) teams.

Too many "good" teams on this year's schedule.

3rd in the division.
Capers FINALLY gone.

packeraaron's picture

"Too many "good" teams on this year's schedule"

You have no idea which teams will be good. None. And teams that looks "Good" in September could easily be "bad" by November.

This is why I don't go down the schedule and pick wins and losses.

Stroh's picture

He said the same last year. The Packers had a murders row of teams. Then by mid season he was saying the Packers schedule was soft. Its funny really... Its very difficult to predict which teams will be really successful from one year to the next. The one factor that tells all is having a Great QB. Yet he continually ignores that when it come to the Packers.

COW's picture

Sure love to see that "great" qb show up in a playoff game... it's been a while.
3 straight years he's been the second best qb in the game.

Tundraboy's picture

Have a strong feeling this year you will.

4thand1's picture

Sounds like packeraaron may be hitting the "you suck" button soon, lmao.

packeraaron's picture

Nah. Cow and I go way back. He's pig-headed, but can occasionally make a good point when he's not trying to deliberately troll people...which is unfortunately most of the time.

COW's picture

you're right. i don't know who will be good. no one does. so why am i an idiot for suggesting that (heaven forbid) the Packers might not be all that good?

can't have it both ways.

packeraaron's picture

Maybe if you didn't say it year in and year out while continually being wrong, people would give your opinion more credence.

Also - Link to where I said you were an idiot? I'll wait.

COW's picture

speaking in general. i get treated on here like nothing i say holds any weight.

..."while continually being wrong"...
except last year, of course.

packeraaron's picture

Oh? You predicted Rodgers' injury? I'm going to need a link on that one. I'll wait.

COW's picture

by the way - nice job dancing around the indisputable fact that the Packers' recent history suggests they are not very successful when confronting quality opponents.

i think we all can agree that Seattle is more than just a "quality opponent".

this is going to be a blood bath.

man, i'm jealous of Seattle. a good defense is just so damn fun to root for.

us Packer fans? all we have to look forward to is watching the Boyd/Hawk/Jones/Hyde/Burnett middle of our defense get abused over and over again. that has got to be one of the worst middle-of-the-defense groupings in the entire NFL.

i have a theory -
it's become disappointingly clear that teams no longer fear coming to Lambeau Field. the crowd is such a non-factor. place is dead.
i think there are 2 reasons for this...

1 - most of the people in that place are spoiled old people who look at having season tickets as some sort of status symbol. like they're entitled or something.

2 - the Packers' defense usually stinks. any good football fan knows that you're supposed to be loudest when the other team has the ball. hell, everyone in the stands knows exactly what's going to happen when the Packers' defense is on the field. not much to get excited about.

4thand1's picture

Its the snobs in the box seats behind the glass. You can't yell through glass.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I was there against the 49ers. While I was impressed that the stadium was packed I was also surprised at how timid the fans were.

We were in the end zone where I felt obligated to loose my voice by the end of the game. I actually had people look at me funny for yelling when Kaepernick was making his line calls in our end zone and before that I had a guy yell at the people behind us for standing. Yes... Standing!

cpitt's picture

How about if the Packers beat the Seahawks or go better than 10-6, then you disappear forever?

I guarantee you don't have the nerve to take that wager and even less nerve to actually hold yourself accountable when one or both of those actually happens.

4thand1's picture

Banging your chest thinking you predicted a 8-7-1 season , when you predicted 6-10 is ludicrous. With Rodgers they go at worst 11-5, maybe 12-4. I have to say suck. We've beat this horse to death, you were dead wrong, but won't admit it.

JimTaylor31's picture

The NFC is very tough to predict. I see NO, SF, SEA, GB and even Philly all being very capable of winning it all. I think the margin between these teams is very thin and whoever is hottest at the end will take it all. My heart says the Packers but my head says NO or Philly. I just think those two may have the benefit of the schedule in their division and will probably get home field.

cpitt's picture

13-3, 1st round bye. Take down Lions in the divisional playoffs, then Seahawks in the NFC Championship at Lambeau.

Packers over Broncos 41-38 with Crosby hitting a 46 yarder as time expires.

Sb Champs

Stroh's picture

I'm on board w that. My guess was 12 wins which would be a bye tho maybe not home field throughout. I see a SB in their immediate future as well.

Jamie's picture

The only thing I take away from this entire post and comment thread is Nag's disgusting defense of a known POS troll that only gets to hang around because Nag's gets a kick out of him (along with being an unsponsored click baiter...a man after Nag's own heart).

He'll block folks at the first sign of descension on Twitter, yet goes along with this charade that Cowtard is a real fan, just an opposing opinion. Of the many, many faults Nag's has, completely lacking perception is not one of them.

bratwursted's picture

If the defense is just serviceable I'd feel pretty hopeful this season. We will see after tomorrow night's debut. My head is never right about these things anyway, so going with my heart: 11-5 Super Bowl champs.

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"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
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