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Green Bay Packers Set Initial 53-Man Roster for 2014 NFL Season

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Green Bay Packers Set Initial 53-Man Roster for 2014 NFL Season

Green Bay Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien by Benny Sieu—USA TODAY Sports.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien by Benny Sieu—USA TODAY Sports.

The Green Bay Packers trimmed their active roster by 22 players to get from 75 to 53 on Saturday in advance of the 2014 NFL regular season.

Four players were placed on injured reserve, including linebacker Nate Palmer, defensive lineman Khyri Thornton, tight end Jake Stoneburner and offensive lineman Aaron Adams.

In addition, 18 more players were released. They are: safety Chris Banjo, wide receiver Kevin Dorsey, linbacker Jake Doughty, tackle John Fullington, center Garth Gerhart, wide receiver Alex Gillett, defensive lineman Carlos Gray, running back Michael Hill, linebacker Adrian Hubbard, guard Jordan McCray, safety Tanner Miller, tight end Justin Perillo, running back LaDarius Perkins, defensive lineman Luther Robinson, cornerback Jumal Rolle, tackle Jeremy Vujnovich, wide receiver Myles White and cornerback Ryan White.

It's possible the makeup of the Packers roster can change in the next few days, but for now, their 53-man roster looks like this:



Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien

The Packers didn't want to go through what they experienced in 2013. Both Flynn and Tolzien were kept around, but the more important question of who the No. 2 quarterback will be still has yet to be answered.


Running Backs

Eddie Lacy, James Starks, DuJuan Harris, John Kuhn

No surprises here. The Packers have a terrific stable of running backs.


Wide Receivers

Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin, Davante Adams, Jeff Janis

An argument could have been made to keep Dorsey, White or Gillett, but it wasn't likely that any of them would have been active on game days anyhow. It wouldn't be surprising to see at least two if not all three on the practice squad.


Tight Ends

Richard Rodgers, Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick, Ryan Taylor

After keeping five tight ends in years past, the Packers reduced the number by one. They wait to see how long Bostick's knee injury keeps him sidelined.


Offensive Line

David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton, Corey Linsley, T.J. Lang, Bryan Bulaga, Derek Sherrod, Lane Taylor, J.C. Tretter

There aren't any surprises among the eight players the Packers kept on the offensive line, but the biggest question is what the Packers do at the backup center position until Tretter returns from a knee injury.


Defensive Line

Mike Daniels, Datone Jones, Josh Boyd, Letroy Guion, Mike Pennel

One of the thinnest positions on the Packers roster. Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly remain only a phone call away.


Outside Linebackers

Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, Mike Neal, Nick Perry, Jayrone Elliott, Andy Mulumba

Keeping Mulumba was the big decision among this position group. He's done well ever since being signed by Green Bay, but it's difficult to see him receiving any playing time with that group ahead of him.


Inside Linebackers

A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones, Jamari Lattimore, Sam Barrington, Carl Bradford

The Packers decided to keep Bradford, likely giving him a redshirt year to learn the inside linebacker position while contributing on special teams in the interim.



Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, Davon House, Casey Hayward, Jarrett Bush, Demetri Goodson

Arguably the most eye-opening move the Packers made was keeping Goodson, their sixth round draft choice, ahead of Rolle. Rolle appeared to be the more polished of the two throughout training camp, not to mention younger and more versatile (capable of playing the slot and perimeter).



Morgan Burnett, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Micah Hyde, Sean Richardson

By parting ways with Chris Banjo, the Packers kept only four safeties. We wait and see if Banjo is retained on the practice squad.



Mason Crosby, Tim Masthay, Brett Goode


The Packers have until noon on Sunday to put a claim on players released by other NFL teams.

Also starting at noon on Sunday, they can establish a 10-man practice squad.

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Evan's picture

I wonder if there is any chance either Flynn or Tolzien get cut in a day or two once other teams more or less set their rosters/practice squads and Ted re-signs one of today's cut players (Rolle or Banjo). Waiting a day or two would decrease the chance either would get picked up.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Flynn and Tolzien are both valuable members of the Packers roster. That's why they were both retained. There's no secret plan to release one of them in a few days.

Turophile's picture

Flynn has little value to the Packers now that Tolzein has surpassed him. He comfortably outplayed Flynn in the preseason and should be the no.2. No.3 QB (if the packers keep 3) should be a developmental guy.

Rather than keep Flynn as no.3 QB, I'd either go for having 2 QBs, keeping CB Rolle or S Banjo, or I'd keep 3 by grabbing a guy like S.Carolina QB Connor Shaw, who the Browns just cut, and keep him as a developmental 3rd QB and potential future no.2.

Don Hutson's picture

Maybe the Packers have held on to Flynn as a strategic trade inducement strategy. If they had released him, any other team can pick-him-up. As it is now, if another team is looking to improve their BU QB situation, and they see Flynn as an improvement, they need to come to the Ted-meister!

Then maybe the Packers think the extra QB roster position is necessary after the 2013 experience. Maybe they aren't as comfortable with Toziene as I hope they should be.

Let's hope come January this issue hasn't been the topic of much conversation.

Go Pack Go!

Don Hutson's picture

It's Tolzien you idiot, learn to spell!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I find it ironic that a significant percentage of those who think Tolzien has totally surpassed Flynn can't spell Tolzien.

Am I the only on who had to memorize that "I before E except after C" rule? Maybe they were paying as much attention during English class as they do during the game.

The TKstinator's picture

But what about the "L before Z" rule? Tolzien vs Tozlien?

GoldFinger's picture

You know Jeremy I get where you are going with it but spelling should not be such a huge factor... not at this time. I have also been spelling it "Tolzein" for a while and have consciously tried now to get it correct. To me it just seemed right for some reason. I did pay attention in English class too except that one year Marleen Desmond sat by my side and I could see down her button shirt.

You know though, I think this spelling thing is a good omen. I say this because back in 1992 we had a newcomer named Brett Farve on the team. It took most people a year to get it right. In fact I shit you not Jeremy that to this day there's still people that spell that name wrong. Unbelievable but true.

Stroh's picture

So now your not only a troll but a pervert? Most gentleman would politely mention such things to a young lady, but not golddust. He continues to look and lurk for a peek. Scary!

GoldFinger's picture

Aaron Nagler? Are you there? This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Can you PLEASE just get rid of this guy or at minimum just tell the asshole to not respond to my posts anymore. He's mucking up this entire board constantly. Just put an end to this already. I am getting fed up at the lack of acting being done regarding this guy. I have been asking for your help all damn week. Please do something about him.

lucky953's picture

I wonder if there might be good trade value there? Could they get a good lineman for one of them?

WisconsInExile's picture

It seems lost in all these discussions that Flynn is on a 1 year contact. Seems very likely, and reasonable, that at the end of the league year, assuming they still feel as good about Tolzien as they do today, they just simply don't resign Flynn. That's an additional year of scout team reps by which to evaluate Tolzien.

GoldFinger's picture

I'm uncomfortably numb on the qb decision but can understand now if it's all about intel. I am shocked with Goodson over Rolle.

Not too bad though Brian. You got most of them. Always a few surprises...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

This whole intel bit is just silly. Myles White or the other players the Packers released know the same information Flynn knows. The Seahawks can pick them up too.

Flynn is still a more trustworthy backup than Tolzien, and Tolzien has too much potential to release. That's why they kept them. Flynn is still the backup.

GoldFinger's picture

sonomaca, would you care to answer this one? You would do a much better job than I ever could. Thanks.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Maybe we can just be happy this conversation is about the Backup QB and the 6th CB? We are a spoiled bunch.

Stroh's picture

More than a bit silly. It laughable!

Flynn has won games in the regular season. 3-3-1 or something like that. Tolzien is 0-3. Maybe next year Tolzien will be ready to be the backup. He progressed this offseason, but the fact remains he hasn't won games. That simply can't be understated.

But he also believes Flynn made it by virtue of being buddies w/ Rodgers.

Snackpack's picture

Not many surprises except perhaps cutting Rolle and Banjo. We have to remember that the coaches see a LOT more of these guys than we do. I'm very happy with this roster.

Idiot Fan's picture

I was thinking the same thing. There were a couple surprises to me, but these coaches see these guys day in and day out; I just read about them on the interweb. I have to trust that they know what they're doing.

Personally I would have kept one more project rather than a 3rd QB, but oh well.

mrturophile's picture

Good roster. I predicted all but three: I had the entire offense and defensive line exactly the same. I had them keeping Rolle & Banjo and letting Bradford go by way of the practice squad.

GoldFinger's picture

Nice job mrturophile!!

Allan Murphy's picture

3 QB dont like that one

Nick Perry's picture

I don't understand keeping Goodson over Rolle.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Neither do I, unless they think Rolle has a much better chance clearing wavers and landing on their practice squad. Whether it's Goodson, Bradford or Rolle on the game day inactives doesn't change that game at all.

The TKstinator's picture

What were their grades? How were they evaluated? Does Goodson offer more upside than Rolle?

lucky953's picture

Goodson is injured so it would be the same deal as Lyerla. They wouldn't get him until week 14. Once he's cleared to play they could take a chance on his clearing waivers and going to PS.

Mrweit27's picture

Why did they feature Rolle and Banjo so much to scouts if they were going try to get them on the practice squad?

The TKstinator's picture

Because the GB staff was evaluating them.

COW's picture

They must like CB's who get spun around in circles and trip over their own feet.

The TKstinator's picture

Exactly. They are completely unable to judge talent. Moronic.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Looks thin at DL, OL, and IMHO short-sighted at CB.
DL: GB is banking heavily on Datone developing and Daniels being able to play 70% of snaps. NT is a question mark too. Tired of hearing Jolly is just a phone call away. Even after googling him and see that his personal physician cleared him (June 29, 2014), I don't see where any team has cleared him to play, or brought him in to see their doctors. Did I miss that? Pickett is there, but....

OL: Starters look good. Thin at C until Tretter returns. I am not a fan of Lane Taylor. Thin at guard. GB continues to address it by bringing in OG Gettis for a tryout.

CB: With House, Williams, and Bush all in contract years, I am shocked Rolle was cut. If GB thinks Goodson would have been poached, then TT should have kept him and Rolle on the 53.

Flynn/Tolzien, Ryan Taylor, Kuhn, Bush, Bradford, and Mulumba are the questionable guys on the roster who could have been cut in Rolle's favor.

tm_inter's picture

The Packers are thin at DL and OL positions. Goodson may be the first one to go if the Packers find a good DL or OL.

The TKstinator's picture

Or Mulumba.

lucky953's picture

Well, I think Peppers, Neal, and Perry could see snaps at DE.

Stroh's picture

They can easily go w/ 5 DL this year. Daniels, Datone will play a lot of snaps. Boyd can and will play NT and DE, same w/ Guion. Pennel probably won't play much at all.

Your right about Peppers, Neal and Perry playing DE. Actually Peppers and Perry at DE and Neal is going to see snaps inside as a pass rushing DT. They have 3 guys, all OLB that can and will play w/ their hand in the dirt.

Versatility is the key to the Defensive front 7. You'll see them moving around a lot, and that isn't even mentioning Matthews being moved around. I hear they have some packages to take advantage of Lattimore.

This is going to be a very different Defense from the past few years. Even the DL are quick, penetrators. No more 2 gap DL, they want penetrators, disruptors in the front 7.

Don Hutson's picture

Whatever way you cut it, OL and DL are critical areas, and the depth there is already impacted by pre-season injury losses. If the injury bug continues to impact on the lines there is a chance the entire effectiveness of the team will deteriorate. But that is true for every season.

The question, if we can avoid invective and mud throwing, is whether there is sufficient potential depth at either O-line or D-line to respond to additional losses to injury or other unavailability. Given the initial losses on both lines, this is a legit area for concern, but not a certain area to project failure. Risk doesn't equal failure, but to ignore risks is foolish.

Go Pack Go!

Stroh's picture

At least on the OL, as soon as Tretter returns they'll be fine. Barclay's injury just moves Sherrod and Taylor up a spot, but both were likely to make it anyway.

Losing Raji is a blow, but if as I suspect the Packers are going to a one gap style 34 D, it won't be that big a loss. Boyd and Guion are both big enough to play NT in a one gap D.

Is there reason for concern? Some... Is there risk? Always is... Its impossible to remove from football. Do they have the players to mitigate the risk to acceptable levels? I think so...

Its up to you to decide if it is, for your comfort level. IMO the Packers feel the risk is mitigated sufficiently.

mrturophile's picture

I'm really curious to see how the defensive line group does in goal line and short-yardage situations. This lack of girth is a real switch. Pennel has the size, but he may not be active every game. That will leave a bunch of guys just barely over 300 pounds — or less.

Stroh's picture

The lack of girth is also mitigated somewhat by having an OLB (Peppers) that is about 30 lbs heavier than average.

If they are using a one gap Defense, they don't need 330 lb DL anymore that are asked to take on 2 blockers. This DL (front 7 really) will be about penetrating and disrupting, not tying up blockers for LB's. The LB's will have their own gaps they're responsible for. Assignments will be at a premium.

Each player must play their responsibility and trust that their teammates will do theirs. Otherwise blown assingments will result in runs like MJD had last week. Hyde missed the tackle in the hole that should have been a loss or short gain. In the new D, he has to make that tackle.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I just don't see keeping Flynn at the expense of Rolle. I really think Matt would've been available if needed. Not to mention, everything i was able to see, Rolle looked better than Goodson and not by a small margain. Goodson really looked lost at times.

The last couple weeks there hasn't been much doubt Janis would make it, but seeing it's final is relieving. He needs another year or two, but he's a great prospect.

5 DL seems a bit thin, but we'll see what happens.

This is a good roster. This could be a Super year.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

My thing is it worth putting Rolle out there to lose him. I would hate to see that happen.

Mojo's picture

Fitz, where have you been?

Don Hutson's picture

If we really flex to 3-4 most of the time on D, then 5 true DL, with the stable of OL available should be fine, baring injuries.

This pre-season the Packers had half the level of injuries they usually experience, maybe the new strategies for conditioning (the Yoga stuff, etc.) and the shifts in practice physicality and schedule will have the desired effect of reducing injuries.

Injuries happen, it is part of the game. If they happen less and aren't critical, then... This is a good roster. This could be a Super year.

Go pack Go!

mrturophile's picture

I see your point but I think at this stage Flynn is a more valuable player than Rolle. I think the decision of Rolle vs. another player was probably more about guys like Bradford, Goodson and Thornton. He lost out, but I bet they try to get him on the practice squad. This roster will continue to churn, so my guess is he'll be on it at some point this year.

Clay Zombo's picture

The two guys im disappointed to see gone are Rolle and Hubbard but if they make it to the practice squad than I will be happy again.

BTW I will now acknowledge my wrongness on Hubbard, I thought they would keep 6 OLBs and I hoped Hubbard would be one of them.

If someone claims Hubbard then I wasn't completely wrong about him but that's no consolation prize.

I also seem to have been wrong about Datone Jones taking a big step in his 2nd season, that hasn't happened yet as far as I can tell.

The one guy I was right about is DuJuan Harris though, its gonna hard to keep him off the field even with Lacy and Starks in front of him.

guenaj15's picture

His second season starts next week against the Seahawks... Lets all put our "jump to conclusions" mats away and wait until some of these players have meaningful playing time.

guenaj15's picture

Sorry, this was in response to the Jones comment above. He may still stink it up this year, but we can't say anything without a meaningful snap being played

Turophile's picture

I think the Pack will regret taking
Flynn, Goodson, Bradford
Banjo, Rolle, Stoneburner

Special Teams quality takes a hit, plus i thought the three cut had more upside

Still, we don't get paid the big bucks to decide.

DrealynWilliams's picture

- Ugh. Looking at that D-Line -- outside of Daniels I wouldn't fear any of them players if I was an opp.

- The choice to keep 2 backups means neither are "good" or the coaches don't have MUCH confidence in either.

- Best OLB group we've ever had???

- The CB group is the strongest group on Defense.

- This is a helluva team. Very talented. We have 6-7-or 8 play-makers/difference makers on this team.

mrturophile's picture

I hope you're wrong about the d-line but I fear you are right. There are no big name players on there yet. Much more potential than production to date. My hope is that Daniels leads an attitude transformation that rubs off on the others. The Packers front-line threats come from the outside linebackers, but the new defensive scheme is supposed to free up the linemen to make plays. We'll see.

DrealynWilliams's picture

My hope would be D.Jones making the "2nd year jump" along with J.Boyd. If those top 3 guys (Daniels,D.Jones & J.Boyd) can stay healthy and provide any consistency then the D-Line wouldn't be a weak point of the defense.

Stroh's picture

The Defense in general just need a couple of guys to make the jump. There are a lot of candidates, Daniels, Datone, Neal, Perry, Lattimore, Hyde, Clinton-Dix and yes Burnett all could do it. If Matthews, Peppers and Daniels are among the playmakers, Tramon and Shields are close to that level as well.

COW's picture

Rolle and Banjo got robbed.
Goodson sucks.
Bradford didn't earn it.
3 QB's is playing scared.
I can't wait for the day when they can finally part ways with Quarless, Kuhn, and Bush.

1 more injury on the DL or OL and the season's sunk... In other words - the season's sunk.

Thursday's game will look a lot like last season's Thanksgiving debacle.

0-4 start leads to 8-8.

Go Pack!

MarkinMadison's picture

They are trying out OL as we speak. Tretter will be back in a few weeks. Not much more that can be done at this point.

We have two DL playing OLB. I'm not worried.

packeraaron's picture

"0-4 start leads to 8-8."


Here we go again...

COW's picture

I'd say predicting an 8-4 finish... with that schedule... is being quite optimistic.

Stroh's picture

I'm down for 12-4 for the season. What does that make me?

COW's picture


GoldFinger's picture


Stroh's picture

That's fine, I'm a man I can take it... I guess others not so much. Don't bother me a bit. LOL

I knew you would respond w/ that.


GoldFinger's picture

No, we can all see that Stroh. Doesn't bother you one bit. Thanks for responding and letting us all know this.

Stroh's picture

Good I'm glad you can see it. Just good natured ribbing among the men. Some of us men like throwing barbs at one another. Some can't handle it Goldfinger. Maybe you should man up a little.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yep, now that the games mean something the old COW is back. His role as the Nostradmus of the worst case scenario is his emotional cushioning.

COW's picture

Same Cow all the time... just call it as I see it.

Big Moe's picture

Most likely you need glasses then. Hey we were all thinking it.

The TKstinator's picture

But not rose colored ones.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree on the regret part. Enough of Kuhn and Bush. Been there done that. . What do they bring that has made a difference the last 3 years other than show we were unable to find anyone even a little better. MARGINAL specialists is a poor excuse to keep a player. BTW First time Hayward or Tramon get hurt we will wish we had Rolle

Evan's picture

I hate the Rolle cut as much as anyone, but he wasn't seeing the field ahead of House. He likely wouldn't be active most weeks.

I'm thinking he'll be on the PS this time tomorrow.

Stroh's picture

From what I can tell, House is pushing Hayward off the field a little. On a lot of plays that Hayward always stepped in to play nickel, they started bringing House in and moving Tramon inside. And that was even before Hayward started missing practices.

Neither Rolle or Goodson is going to see the field. Tramon, Shields, House, Hayward and even Hyde are ahead of them for snaps at CB.

Evan's picture

Yeah...not sure I totally get that. Maybe they were just playing it safe with Hayward this pre-season.

Stroh's picture

Judging by the way House was playing in the preseason and what I heard from practice, he was passing him based on the field. House has been outstanding. Its a good problem to have at CB w/ so many good options. I tend to think they'll use House and Hayward based on matchups from game to game.

Hayward started strong, but even before he got hurt and missed practices, House had been pushing him for playing time.

House worked on his ball skills w/ Tramon in the OTA's and also trained w/ Revis here in Phx, in the offseason. I think he learned a lot from both of them.

mrturophile's picture

They will all get their chances this year. It's a deep group. Injuries and different offensive schemes will see them all get on the field for significant snaps.

Stroh's picture

House and Hayward especially will be used depending on matchups and the offense they are facing. Shields and Tramon will stay on the field.

I'm curious if Hyde actually ends up getting a lot of snaps as a Dime CB. Right now, with the play of House and the talents of Hayward, they'll probably used Hayward as a slot CB and in Dime bring House in and move Tramon inside along w/ Hayward.

That makes Hyde and Clinton-Dix really fighting for playing time.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I sure hope so.

Vrog's picture

Glad to see you're back to your old self, Cow!

4thand1's picture

usuckcow is back. Guess he predicted Rodgers getting hurt last year. As usual, back to sucking again, right where he likes it.

COW's picture

We all have opinions... mine simply differ from yours.

The TKstinator's picture

Well played.
Actually, ever since expansion and free agency, the talent in the NFL is so diluted I think every team will go 0-16.
They all suck.

Clay Zombo's picture

How on earth do you have the Packers starting 0-4 that's completely ridiculous. You think the Jets are that good huh?

COW's picture

Jets' defense will be very good. They also have a number of very capable running backs. They'll "ugly" the game up and keep it close... and we all know how the Packers do in close games.

You guys all seem to forget that the Packers' defense sucks. You don't just add a 34 year old and go from sh*tty to good.

You were duped by the preseason.

Evan's picture

Do the Jets have any cornerbacks?? I thought they all left in free agency/sucked/got hurt/went AWOL. Hell, Rolle might be starting for them by then. Rodgers will have a field day.

PS: you just described Chris Johnson in 2014 as "very capable." Go to your room and think about that.

COW's picture

Hard to have a "field day" when you're on your back.

I'll admit - of their first 4 games, the game against the Jets is the 1 they have a chance to win.

Just feels like one of those games where you're shaking your head afterword wondering what the hell MM was thinking.

The TKstinator's picture

Jets are extremely horrible, but GB is worse. Both teams ought to go 0-16, but possibly 0-15-1 after their 0-0 tie.
And that's not due to great defense.
Both defenses are atrocious, but the offenses are even worse.
Not even worth watching.
I'll probably just take my mom antiquing instead.

COW's picture

Take her this Thursday.
No reason to watch that inevitable car wreck.

The TKstinator's picture

Didn't know there was a game this Thursday.
You wanna come along?
I got the ol' Pinto running SWEET!

The TKstinator's picture

Please note that I didn't say you'd have to sit in the back seat.

GBjohnny's picture

You have been almost,kinda,sorta,a little bit sane lately Cow. Could you please admit you were wrong about 8and8 IF, it indeed does NOT happen?

COW's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

He won't. Cow talks big and then disappears when it is time to man up. Sorry Cow, seen you too much over the last few years to think anything different.

The good news is, now that Cow is back to form, I know the Packers will be fine. The universe is in balance.

Big Moe's picture

-He does kinda put the "Crotch in Crotchety" doesn't he?

UncleChubb's picture

I don't get the people calling for Kuhn's head. He's a fantastic blocking fb, and one of the best educated on the offense. As we've seen plenty of times, one good block from him and Lacy/Starks/Harris/Rodgers is gone.

The TKstinator's picture

Clearly you are forgetting that Kuhn sucks and MM and TT are compleat idiots.

UncleChubb's picture


The TKstinator's picture

British spelling.
Just threw that in for "flavour".

Tundraboy's picture

Btw. Welcome back Cow.

xuyee's picture

Remember the Jerel Worthy vs Devon Still question? Well they both got cut today. Our depth at DL is not great. Hopefully we can find someone on the waiver wire.

FITZCORE1252's picture


COW's picture

Are you guys serious with these predictions?

Here are the definite losses...
@New Orleans
New England

They will lose at least 2 more games after all of that.

Do you guys even look at the schedule before making record predictions?

12 wins is impossible for a team that has a defense like the Packers have.

Try not to...
1. Get duped by meaningless preseason games.
2. Get caught up in the excitement of the start of a new season.

The TKstinator's picture

What excitement?
Did you mean excrement?

GoldFinger's picture

Cow, you haven't even seen the defense. You live in IL I believe. You don't even get the preseason games because you were asking yesterday how to see them. lol How would you even know how good they are? You are taking the safe pessimistic approach which is fine. That's your schtick here I get it..

I live in Green Bay. I attend the practices, I watched them, studied them. Like Mitt Romney, I got a binder full of crib notes on this defense. Let me tell you something Cow. This defense that you are putting down is going to be borderline dominant. I've never been more confident in saying that since the 1996 defense. Of course it all depends on the fucking injuries but that goes without saying.

This defense has a young group of guys years 2 to 4 that are all going to come together at once. It's almost inevitable it's going to happen. We're talking guys that are going to have career year jumps in their games from previous years. I am talking guys like House, Perry, Neal, Daniels, Jones, Barrington, Hyde and Hayward. Think about all these guys upping their games from last year. That's absolutely huge. Now think about a healthy Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers who has been dominant the last time he played just to shut the media up and Sammy Shields, Mr. shutdown corner not to mention a back to old form Tramon Williams. I am telling cow, the defense is going to shock you when you see them in Seattle. I'm picking them to win. They are locked and loaded.

The TKstinator's picture

Is "locked and loaded" some kind of jargon for "pathetically horrible"?

Not even one single player from GB's defense could even make the roster of any other NFL team, much less start or even contribute.

(Psssst! Keep this quiet: I'm just trying to "outcow" our buddy Cow!)

Oh, and Rodgers and Lacy suck too.

GoldFinger's picture

I have to admit you got me going in those first two sentences. lol

Cow can't be serious could he? I don't know him like you all do but is it just possible that Cow was treating this past couple weeks like it was his own personal training camp by testing out positive material on the Packers in order to not show us what his real intentions are for the season? He seems to have finally showed us a small taste of the real Cow in this last post I am afraid.

The TKstinator's picture

Yes, admittedly I was just messing around. It IS fun to occasionally visit the "dark side".
I think Cow is pessimistic, but I don't think he's a troll.
I've stated this many times before: I object to blind optimism just as much as blind pessimism. Don't give me 16-0 and a SB trophy "for sure", but also don't give me 0-16 and "everybody sucks". Both extremes are just plain dumb.

GoldFinger's picture

No TKstinator, apparently I am the troll according to Stroll, who doesn't realize he's one. Cow is definitely a pessimist but not a troll. He no doubt loves the Packers and believe it or not I think he's one of the biggest fans here.

I believe he grew up in the 70's and 80's and suffers from shell shock or PTSD from constant let downs during his childhood and teen years. He has a hard time dealing with a great team or any type of success. He chooses to remain skeptical as he still deals with flashbacks from the past like Fran Tarkenton hitting Ahmad Rashad for a first down on a 3rd and 39 in Lambeau, a Tom Birney gimme missed field goal to lose the game, a Brent Fullwood fumble on the goal line against the Rams to complete what would have been the biggest comeback in history. A T.J. Rubley audible to lose in the Metrodome.

These have all added up in Cow's mind despite the past 20 plus years of success, Cow still cannot overcome these feelings as a child. This is why he Is the way he is. This is my theory and I understand him. I am of the same age bracket as he is so I "understand". Cow just needs to overcome this. It's all mental with him. How he does is out of my expertise.

Big Moe's picture

So your saying Cow needs a hug right.

chirsle's picture

hahahah waow someone is mad, must be someone from within the division...

Big Moe's picture

Now that is the right frame of mind for a true Cheesehead.

Stroh's picture

Are you serious w/ these predicitons?

With Rodgers under center the Packers are 6-0 the past 2 years vs Det and Chi. Packers are much more likely to sweep the division than to lose even 2 NFCN games. I'll settle on 1 loss in the division.

@ NO and @ Sea will be tough games, but they'll win one of them.

Philly and NE in GB aren't cakewalks but they are more likely wins than losses.

If Rodgers hadn't been out for 8 wks, they probably go 12-4. They were 5-2 when Rodgers got hurt and then beat the bears in Chi to end the season.

Truth is w/ Rodgers at QB the Packers are serious SB contenders!

No matter how much negativity you spew the NFCN can't compete w/ the Packers and Rodgers. Add in a healthy Cobb, Lacy and a better, more aggressive D and they can compete with and beat any team in the NFL.

MarkinMadison's picture

@ Chicago and @ Detroit are "definite losses"? Where have you been for the past decade. The Packers regularly beat the Bears in Chicago. It's almost become a flip-flop series. And the Packers have regularly beat the Lions everywhere they have played them. Say you think they will lose fine, but "definite losses"? Please.

Tell you what. I'll make you a similar offer to the one I made to you a few years ago. If the Packers go 8-8 I won't post for a year. If the Packers beat 8-8 you don't post until after the Super Bowl is over.

Time to man up. Push your chips to the middle of the table Cow.

COW's picture

What kind of world do you live in where risking the ability to post on a blog is considered "manning up"?

I'll take that bet.

There's probably like a 98% chance that I'm going to forget about this "bet" by the end of the day, today... but whatever.

So for you to win - the Pack will have to go 9-6 from week 2 on... I like them odds.

MarkinMadison's picture

Awesome. Don't worry, I won't let you forget. It's going to be nice enjoying the playoff run without your negativity.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I took a screenshot of this for perpetuity.

murphy's picture

What kind of world do you live in where a male can casually toss away his word and still be considered a man?

I don't want to be a part of that world.

Big Moe's picture

To say the Pack @ da Bears, or @ the kittens is a sure loss is border line delusional.

Wenis's picture

Goldfinger = KGB

Nice to see your 90 yr old arse is still kicking it.

Where is man_b@@bs ?

lucky953's picture

Don't worry guys. 10-6 still wins this division
BTW, Doctor Jennings was cut by da Bears.

RCPackerFan's picture

The only moves that surprised me were releasing Banjo and Rolle while keeping Goodson. Otherwise everything else didn't surprise me at all.

Mojo's picture

Seems to me the Packers two biggest weaknesses are up the middle on D and backup at o-line. Both correspond with the two biggest injuries in preseason; Raji and Barclay.

For all his size, Guion was JAG in Norticland. Pennel is extremely raw. Boyd's play at nose has been uneven. And then there's the guys backing them up a ILB. Probably the weakest group on the team. I would look at opponents to try and attack up the middle.

If the nose-tackles don't pan-out at least they could look to Pickett or Jolly as stop-gaps. They probably will be available all year.

As far as the o-line, they can't afford an injury until Tretter gets back. Losing Barclay sucks. He is better than Sherrod at RT, and would have made a decent replacement at both guard spots.

I think most of the players they waived were those they felt they could get back on the PS. Maybe a couple get picked up, but you've got to gamble sometimes. Although, it's hard to believe anyone would have been gung ho to add Bradford.

As far as releasing Banjo, Rolle versus one of the QB's they must have felt they'll still have access to them from the PS. Still keeping the third QB doesn't do a bit of good for ST depth.

Outside of the aforementioned weaknesses, I think this roster is very strong and deep. No reason(except injuries of course) they shouldn't be one of the top four teams in the NFC.

Don Hutson's picture

Really a great post. I hope your a bit too pessimistic about the defensive center. but fear you may be right. I think Flynn is better trade bait for a chance to strengthen the team than would have been the case to keep one of Banjo or Rolle on the 53.

This is opening move of a 21 week game of chess. Everyone is 0-0.


Don Hutson's picture

At tight-end we let Jake Stonebreaker go! I wish him best luck in the future. But I hate losing such a classic football name on offense.

The TKstinator's picture

Stoneburner would have been a good name too.

JimTaylor31's picture

Looks like a pretty strong roster. Wish we had a stud at NT and ILB and we would be in really good shape but it's hard to fill every position with a so-called "stud". Too bad we kept Goodson over Rolle though. Goodson is a good PS candidiate while Rolle can actually play and will probably get picked up elsewhere. I think TT may still be looking for DL & OL depth so I doubt if this is final roster.

The TKstinator's picture

Would you have considered Raji to be a stud at NT?

JimTaylor31's picture

Good question. The Raji of past years who played NT was a stud NT. The Raji who played DE was anything but a stud. I'm not sure which Raji we would've seen this year but there is a good probabilty he was better than what we have now.

Big Moe's picture

Last time he played nose we seemed to do alright, something to do with jewelry I think. Sucks to lose him before we found out either way though.

packsmack's picture


Big Moe's picture

Now that would be sweet.

The GrEEn kNiGhT's picture

Cow, you do realize that Bears are 2-9 against Pack with Rodgers in the lineup over last 11 games and 1-9 with Cutler in there. How come you see us as the worst team. What about your 49ers? Or should we not he fooled by the preseason again?

TommyG's picture

Rolle and Banjo should be on this roster, not in the ether and on the PS.

lucky953's picture

It's a long season. IF Banjo and Rolle aren't on the 53 at seasons end, it means the Packers are pretty healthy and that means NFC championship game!

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