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Does Mike Lombardi Know Something?

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Does Mike Lombardi Know Something?

Catching up on some general NFL reading, I came across this bit from Mike Lombardi's Diner Morning News from Monday morning regarding the Carolina Panthers and Julius Peppers:

The Panthers cannot let him go, and they must franchise him to trade him if they don’t want to pay the going rate.  They must protect their asset.  They have a better chance to recruit and match a deal for Gross than they do for Peppers.  Where can Peppers go?  Well, he’ll have many options, with the first being the Packers. 

I'm sorry, what?

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

Oh I hope he does.

IPBprez's picture

Suspicion is they deal with GROSS first, then tag Peppers.

packeraaron's picture

IPB - completely agree. And as I commented in Lombardi's post - I just don't see Thompson giving up the picks it would require to trade for Peppers, though stranger things have happened.

Ron La Canne's picture

Goal 1 = Improve the defense year to year. That means allow fewer points, get off the field on 3rd down more, and stop the run more effectively.

Goal 2 = Improve the performance and stability of the Offensive Line.

Goal 3 = Ensure that the Field Goal Kicker can actually make game winning licks under pressure.

With Cole and Montgomery going to FA, Harrel a basket case, and only Kampman playing at an above average level, TT must add 4 D Linemen just to maintain the numbers (This assume the remainder are made up of only two average NFL players).

Linebackers - Must improve quality of players.

O-Line Must improve quality and depth of players on the line.

Kickers - Punter needed and Crosby must prove his reliability in pressure situations.

There are a lot of players in the FA market that could be considered better than players the Packers have now. So, TT must select two impact players in the FA market and concentrate his Draft on positions of need. Best player is applicable only when you are not facing a dirth of talent where it is needed. The key word is "Improve" all areas of deficiency.

Ryeguy812's picture

I'm not really sure I want Peppers. He seems to have motivation issues and his price tag will be so high that anything less than 15+ sacks would make me consider him a bust.

Franklin Hillside's picture

If he puts up 13 and Kampman puts up 13, is he still a bust then?

That said, I don't really want him for the price he'll demand either.

Franklin Hillside's picture

How does he perform during nut-crunching time?

packeraaron's picture

Peppers is def not a nut-cruncher.

WoodyG's picture

Peppers has never played in the 3-4. Why overpay someone who doesn't even have the experience playing in your new scheme? Suggs would be a safer grab by the Pack. (if anyone)

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

You know Ron, I don't always agree with everything you say, but man I love your passion for the Pack. It always has a tint of Hulk Hogan in it and I mean that in a very good way. "What 'cha gonna do brother when the Green & Gold opens up a can of whoop ass on you!!!" Keep it comin' Ron

IPBprez's picture

Whoa, AIA, let's keep the man-luv down to a dull ROAR, okay?
I agree on several points -
A) Peppers will DEMAND a great deal of money because is stats say so
B) Peppers obviously has NO idea how to play the 3-4....why pay him to OJT?
C) Would Peppers be the next Jason Taylor and get inured right away, vacationing on the Bench? Hey, say it wouldn't happen since he has no experince in the 3-4.
D) My Take is the Packers "re-sign" Colin Cole, as he already knows the Players around him and with a sligt weight-gain, could be a potential for Nose Tackle, alongside Pickett. Thompson, not so much --- this cheesehead already gave Cole the Gravedigger Shovel two seasons ago (man's got heart), it's just that our previous DC(Sanders) wouldn't give him the option(s) he needed to prove he was the real deal. It could be, he gets THAT chance with Dom Capers in charge.

packeraaron's picture

AIA - I completely agree! Ron's passion is always a great addition to any CHTV post. As you say, I may not always agree, but no one can accuse the man of apathy when it comes to the Pack. :)

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

You made me chuckle IPB

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I take a different approach to the whole Peppers issue. I think you have to determine how good he is first. Is he abnormally good or not? If he is, you get him, especially if he wants to come.

This is why I LOATHE Joe Johnson, he killed this franchise.

Ron La Canne's picture

Hey Aaron and Andrew after over 60 years of being a Packer fan you have to develop passion. I started listening to Packer games on the Radio at 8 and saw my first game at 14. I saw the Packers against the LA Rams featuring Elroy Hirsh (Crazy Legs) at Marquette Stadium in Milwaukee.

My big passion in life is to partake of Packers wins as often as possible. Hence, I become very focused on what I believe it takes to win. Always enjoy a spirited discussion on startegy and tactics involved in the team.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Wow, someone older than me on CHTV! Cool. And a Crazy Legs Hirsh reference! This blog gets better every day. Thanks for sharing Ron. Good stuff

Jeremy aka TheVegas's picture

Just wanted to be the first one on here to inform that as of a couple of minutes ago, ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre is retiring for good.

Do I get a prize now, Aaron?!

packeraaron's picture

Sorry Jeremy. My wife actually emailed me the ESPN story at 9:37 am. :)

IPBprez's picture

I must rank somewhere in the middle, when it comes to longevity in packerfandom. I started watching & reading what I could in 1965, after some bearfans said that's the only team worth anything - 'course, I instantly mentioned Lombardi (they sneered) - The Ice Bowl sealed the deal. I was 13 then.
Thanks, Ron!

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