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Datone Jones Does MMA Training with Jay Glazer

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Datone Jones Does MMA Training with Jay Glazer

As shared on Instagram by Unbreakable Perforamance gym in West Hollywood, Cal. on Monday, Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Datone Jones is seen doing MMA training with Jay Glazer of Fox Sports:

Unbreakable Performance is owned by Glazer in conjunction with former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. Glazer is known for his offseason training with NFL players.

Jones grew up in nearby Los Angeles, and the former UCLA player is looking to play a bigger role in 2014 following a rookie season slowed by injury.

A 2013 first round draft choice, Jones also trained with Glazer last offseason. Clay Matthews, too, has trained with Glazer in years past.

Glazer is back on his feet after suffering through a life-threatening case of aspiration double pneumonia earlier this spring.


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Evan's picture

FWIW, both and FoxSports have Datone pegged as a breakout player for the upcoming season.

Stroh's picture

Why would we listen to them when we have CowPie to give us his "expert" analysis if Datone! LOL

COW's picture

Yeah... the "expert" that wrote that article was.... wait for it... Chris Wesseling!

You may be asking yourself... "Who the 'f' is Chris Wesseling?"

Must be someone who worked in a personnel department somewhere. Or maybe he played in the NFL. Or maybe he worked on a couple league coaching staffs.


Here's the bio (straight off for our "expert"...

"Chris Wesseling is a writer for Around the League, providing non-stop analysis and opinions on all things football. Blowing through college classes with a Blutarsky-esque flair, Wesseling spent his formative years immersed in NFL history books while dispensing invaluable fantasy football advice. He covered the league for six seasons as a writer for and a senior NFL editor at before joining NFL Media in 2013."

So, yeah...

I know I, for one, always go straight to whenever I want some in-depth player analysis...

Or if I want to know "DeMarco Murray's greatest fear".
Or which college is the real "running back U".
Or college football's 14 best stadiums.
Or when I want to know whether or not the Dallas Cowboys read mean tweets about them.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I've seen more of Datone Jones than Chris Wesseling has.

Jones is filler.
If he was drafted in the 5th round and performed the way he did, I'd be elated. But he was a 1st rounder... and he didn't do sh*t.

He is currently the Packers' 4th best DL'man. And if Jolly comes back (hope not) he'll be 5th.

Evan's picture serious.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I am really looking forward to seeing Datone in year 2.

I saw some flashes of his talent last year. I know others didn't see it but I did. I would love to see him take a year 2 leap.

Clay Zombo's picture

I know what I saw from the guy in the first 2 weeks of TC before his injury so I know the guy can play better than he showed for most of last season.

I also know that the guy spent the entire offseason in GB training, so you know he wants it. Now we see him working his ass off doing MMA training before camp starts, which is one of the best cardio workouts one can get.

These are not the actions of a guy that's just filler, I would expect to see him with at least 7 sacks this year, maybe more depending on how much playtime he gets throughout the season.

COW's picture


Stop it.

Will he be conditioned? Sure.
Is he talented? Hasn't shown that.


Prediction 1: Packers'll be drafting another DL'man in R1 or R2 by 2016.
Prediction 2: Boyd plays more snaps that Jones.
Prediction 3: No DL'man will have even 4 sacks, let alone 7, in 2014.

On another note...
Is Nelson signed yet?


4thand1's picture

you suck

Stroh's picture

Your 100% negativity, 100% of the time. That makes you a JackAss... Stop it!!!

Put that in your formula and Suck IT!

Clay Zombo's picture

You stop it Cow, Mike Daniels had 6.5 sacks last year and that was with the worst starting Safety tandem in the league and no Casey Hayward in the secondary.

Now with Julius Peppers on board and a commitment to better use of personnel on defense I don't doubt the Dline avg will be 4 sacks but 1 or 2 will have 7 sacks or more, Daniels or Jones or both.

I know you think you got Datone Jones pegged but you are wrong sir, dead wrong.

COW's picture

"I don't doubt the Dline avg will be 4 sacks but 1 or 2 will have 7 sacks or more"

Ok - we can't even have a discussion on this if this is where you're coming from. That statement is straight up comical. We are in completely different galaxies on this. DLine average of 4 sacks a piece? 2 guys with 7? All based on an over-the-hill DC suddenly "changing his stripes", a past his prime DE picking up a new position, and a second year DE who looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane.

You're out there.

Clay Zombo's picture

Datone Jones had 3.5 sacks on a bum ankle for most of the year playing in only about 15% of the total defensive snaps as a rookie.

Im not sure why you think its that far fetched to have 1 guy get 7 sacks on this D-line when Daniels had 6.5 while still playing a very limited role.

Both Daniels and Jones will see more playing time and will most likely have more time to rush the passer given our improved secondary.

Say what you want about Capers but his defenses always get a lot of sacks, with a lighter more athletic Dline a 4 sack avg is not that far fetched. Not saying they will all have 4 a piece but the unit could avg 4.

packeraaron's picture

"Im not sure why you think its that far fetched to have 1 guy get 7 sacks"

Because he's the definition of a hater.

zeke's picture

"Because he's the definition of a hater."

You spelled "troll" wrong.

COW's picture

"...on a bum ankle..."

Ahhhh the "ankle".

I swear - that must have been the MOST SEVERELY sprained ankle in the history of sprained ankles.

It lasted an entire season.

Fact is - the most cautionary medical department in the NFL allowed him to go back on the field and play.

Datone Jones' ankle injury has become every green and gold blinded homer fan's excuse for why this FIRST ROUND PICK was a complete non-factor in his rookie season.

Jones' ankle = Burnett's safety partner = Raji's playing out of position. All excuses for why these guys sucked. Maybe they just suck?!?

Evan's picture

I didn't know Chris Wesseling and Alex Marvez were green and gold blinded homers.

COW's picture

So both of them stated that he had a sprained ankle for an entire season?

Evan's picture

Pretty much, yeah.

"Hopes that Jones could make a quick impact in his rookie season were dashed when he suffered a sprained ankle during the preseason. The effects of that injury lingered well into the fall." - Marvez, FoxSports.

"Described as "nearly unblockable" early in training camp, the first-round draft pick ended up playing just 24.2 percent of the defensive snaps due to a high-ankle sprain sustained on the first snap of the preseason." - Wesseling,

Those damn homers!

COW's picture

I simply have a hard time believing that a preseason ankle sprain prevented him from contributing late in the season.

His snaps actually went down as the season progressed (and Boyd passed him up). To think this was due to a preseason ankle sprain seems a bit silly. I think it's more likely that his basic ineffectiveness was the actual cause of his gradual snap reduction.

I don't really put any weight into what national "experts" say. They usually don't do much digging. Just glance-over stuff.

I guess we'll see what happens week 1.
My guess - pretty much the same Datone as last year.

4thand1's picture

Guess what? YOU SUCK.

Evan's picture

You can have a hard time believing it all you want - I'm certainly not pretending to know the answer - but my only point is that the ankle injury is not some BS, homer excuse.

Clay Zombo's picture

Look it up man, do a little research once in a while. Some high ankle sprains can take up to 6 months to heal or longer depending on the severity. The fact that he tried to play through it probably didn't help speed his recovery either.

Ask Eddie Lacy how long it took his regular ankle sprain to heal? He tried playing through it the last 4-5 weeks of the season and still had pain a month after the season ended.

BJ Raji was another rookie who hurt his ankle in the preseason and said it was never right all season. The next year the guy produced 6.5 sacks, returned an INT for a TD and helped win a SB.

Call me a Homer or whatever makes you feel better but excuse me if I don't put too much stock in your uneducated guesses.

Stroh's picture

Comeon man... You don't really think CowShitForBrains is going to take any time to look up anything factual do you? All he does is spew his non-stop negativity and hatred of the Packers while talking about how Glorious the SF and Sea teams are!

Further proving he's an F'in Troll.

4thand1's picture

and he sucks

COW's picture

Every post, article, reader response regarding Datone Jones is either speculation or opinion. My opinion is that he was a bad pick and will be an average player at best. Packers need more impact players... not more Jones-type players.

Stroh's picture

So I guess we all imagined that his ankle injury set him back? Or that he had the best pass rushing stats in training camp last year before the ankle injury! Those are FACTS, not like your ill-informed opinion! Another FACT... Raji had an ankle injury his rookie season. How'd he do in yr 2?

Just STFU!

COW's picture

We'll shall see.
When the 2015 draft rolls around and pundits are still discussing the Pack's need for a playmaker on the DL, I'll be sure to say "I told you so".

4thand1's picture

guess what? you suck. Are u waiting for a fall flat on their ass season to acquire a top 10 pick, you moron.

Stroh's picture

And we're equally sure when he becomes a playmaker you'll be adoring him, but Certainly not admitting you were wrong!

COW's picture

Define "playmaker".

Jones is destined to be a situational player. He'll never have more than 5 sacks in a year. Think William Gholston.

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